Sen. Rick Scott: There can’t be a deal with China

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100 thoughts on “Sen. Rick Scott: There can’t be a deal with China

  1. Rick Scott is correct, we cannot make a deal with the CCP. They will lie, cheat, steal, and worse, no matter what deal you make with them. The CCP is even more of an enemy than the USSR was. I like Trump and I hope Trump WAKES UP and realizes these F____Kers cannot be trusted period. WE should boycott China altogether and CRUSH them economically

  2. WTF There is already a "deal" with china (and most other countries), Just look at the labels on the products you buy. What he is going for is a BETTER deal.

  3. What a disgrace. Chinese students have fueled western innovation and have long contributed to western science since even the 1930's when Qian Xuesan help found NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Wong Tsu help father Boeing. The United States should be grateful that despite the overwhelming social racism that Asians (Chinese) experience from humiliating Hollywood propaganda and political fear mongering Yellow Peril tactics, the Chinese have continued to support America's top STEM research institutions. MIT, Cal Berkeley, Stanford, CMU to name a few have plenty of talented Chinese students and professors who will continue to contribute to western innovation. Stupid America is now alienating, arguably, the largest contributor to its own tech sector. Once wages catch up in China, how will STEM-averse America keep those tech positions filled with qualified researchers, engineers, and innovators?

  4. Who wants to do a Deal with them anyway all the sell and manufacture is junk nothing lasts for more then a month just buy U.S. products they are more reliable. 75 79 84 [89] q

  5. Does aqnyone but me see all the money wasted on these fake investigations could have paid off our debts to the defisate? and what we give to other countrys like Nancy just gave to the climate groups in other countries, going over our Presidents say on the matter? She gave over trillions of dollars for this, but won't help her own country safety on the wall or own healthcare ot living conditions.


  7. I agree that China, just like the Arabs would be next to impossible to have a real agreement that meant anything. We must attempt to get something in writing so that when they break the deal we can actually do what needs to be done, separate from them the most we can. They don't have a moral bone in their body or any conscience to speak of.

  8. That is too simple to say the Chinese are locking people up for religious reasons! They are locking up Muslim insurgents who are agitating and attacking the Chinese people then hiding behind religion! China has no freedom of religion rights and that is a fact!

  9. We should never make a fair deal with a tyrannical country who uses trade as a weapon to undermine our economy and security.

  10. The real problem is, the Americans will not abandon freedom, and won’t kowtow. If they are willing to obey and kowtow, the world will be at peace. Xi is like almighty lord, the world must kowtow to the lord.

  11. this President is truly for the American people. Evil will not prevail. everything he does is for the good of the American people. I wish I was an American. God bless Pres Trump, VP, his family, his fabulous team and all the Americans who know the truth and support this president. SA

  12. 美国建国不到三百年,没什么历史文化传统,还有脸对泱泱华夏五千年指点江山,也是现代世界的奇葩,希望中美两国贸易战上升到冷战或者热战。加速世界秩序重整😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  13. It's time for America and the rest of the Western world to reduce, if not stop, trading with a repressive and totalitarian communist regime of China which has not been
    playing fair on trade (even after becoming a member of the WTO), has a terrible record on human rights and environment protection, incarcerates minorities like the
    Muslim Uighurs and Tibetans for brainwashing into communist ideals and beliefs, forcibly harvests human organs from prisoners, steals intellectual properties, forces
    technology transfers, cyber-hacks servers of government agencies and businesses of other countries, spies on governments, belligerently bullies its smaller neighbors
    in South East Asia, and illegally claims sovereignty over 90% of the South China Sea building artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago and militarizing the same with
    impunity, and now threatening to do a “Tiananmen Square 2.0” in Hong Kong and threatening Taiwan with military invasion. Western countries can always source their
    consumer products from friendly ASEAN countries, Bangladesh, India,Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Countries who believe in independence, freedom, democracy,
    and protection of human rights and religious liberties should band together and CENSURE China at the United Nations for the above abuses and lawlessness.

  14. We don't need a trade deal, we need a trade embargo. And a total internal purge of all subversive Chinese assets. Long live Freedom, love live the Republic!

  15. Statement by the South Korean presidential aide
    "If the US withdraws, no war will occur by entering the Chinese nuclear umbrella"
    Can only be considered crazy.South Korea is likely to go to China.

  16. The evidence against Trump is not complete because Trump is refusing to allow the relevant members of his administration to testify, which is itself an impeachable offense, and the Republicans are enabling this outrageous situation by backing Trump up at every turn.  Make no mistake about it, because of the actions of the Republican right wing, the American republic is teetering on the brink.

  17. F**k China, I want a war with those scumbags and anyone who’s agenda and sole purpose is to take away individuals freedoms will be met with our 2nd amendment in full force!
    🖕🖕🖕F**k China & Communism 🖕🖕🖕

  18. Rick, you need a hair implant in Istanbul, Turkey.
    Maybe after that it can help you to tell some truth to the American people instead of this non sense propaganda.

  19. There would be no Communist China if the globalists hadn't empowered it by cannibalizing the West's industries and jobs market.

  20. Since the CCP took over China they've lost whatever honor they used to have. Now that is a quasi capitalistic communist Society. Just ingrained within each and every one of them to chase the almighty ymb. Chinese folks rarely do anything that doesn't directly benefit them or their closest Family. I'll give you an example. A whole apartment complex that used a single elevator the light bulb in the elevator burned out. You could not get the tenants to agree to each give up a little bit of money amongst them to buy that light bulb.

  21. Rick…. Knows that no country can do business with China and the CCP…. He even knows about the "Organs on Demand" program…. Smart man and not afraid to speak out about it… Could make a great president in the future…

  22. I Still Believe that there can be a customized both side beneficial Deal. NoOne wants a commercial or any other kind of "Cold War"

  23. What has Congress done this year? As a citizen I can't remember one useful thing the Congress has done congress is utterly useless why should people elect the same useless people.

  24. Finally!!! A politician that agrees with me. We should absolutely nothing to do with China. No trade, no communications, no anything. Why would we even try to strike a trade deal with a country that has been plotting our defeat for decades!? Cut off all trade and completely isolate them. If they choose to starve their people, that's on them. It will go with all of the other crimes against humanity! These communist little pricks deserve nothing from us… nothing at all!!!

  25. China is a enemy of America so why pay them? When the enemy of your enemy is next door, you go to them. Trade with India and send China to insanity.

  26. The major issue with this is that a lot of other political rhetoric is mixed in with anti-chinese sentiment.
    He covered like 5 issues in a sentence, really condensed.
    But I guess he's a politician and that's how it goes.

  27. Countries are so short sited. They all want to come here and be safe, but they dont treat us the same way. Its outrageous.

  28. Please stop dealing with this dictatorship. The Chinese Foreign Ministry threatened the United States with 911, a government that is even scarier than a terrorist group. They attack and squeeze their own people. We need a new China without CCP. God bless the Chinese and the Americans.

  29. switch all business to India, at least there a democracy and neutral. what ever doesn't work there can be done at home for jobs.

  30. The DEMs are making a Mess of things So When They're Voted Out the Reps will be SO busy that they won't have Time to Prosecute Them!They think They'll be BA..ack in 2024!

  31. The way China has treated the good people of Hong Kong is every reason NOT to have continued talks with a COMMUNIST COUNTRY like China!

  32. And how many Chinese do we have hear in OUR Country and they are doing the same!
    They take CASH and do NOT report everything they make and PAY taxes!

  33. America gonna support which party to penetrate the communist party for their natural reserves, country capital reserves and armies reserver.? China already open up, if not how an company could be open in China.Taiwan, Japan and Europe investments? It's more or less among these countries only

  34. F*ck China. We don't need to do business with a country like China. The sooner our last purchase from China is made the better. Down with Communism!

  35. I don't understand why the US allows $300B+ trade surplus every year to a hostile country like China. China and the Chinese communist party want to defeat the US since its creation 70 years ago. Makes no sense at all.

  36. No deal what so ever with China. Cut them out of our markets all together. And make better deals with EVERYONE they deal with. We Can make better deals with India then we have with China. We NEVER have needed china. They need us. Cut them off 100%

  37. The Chinese leadership can't be trusted to uphold any kind of deal because they are a bunch of lying communist comparable to liberal democrats.

  38. The Chinese leadership can't be trusted to uphold any kind of deal because they are a bunch of lying communist comparable to liberal democrats.

  39. Hey Rick! attend any classroom from kindergarten to college and you will find socialists teaching our kids how to be un-American!

  40. Oh, oh, something happened today somewhere in the US and China is mad again. Deal off. Kiss Xi's ring finger. Kind of like a petulant two year old prone to fits.

  41. Rick did not realize that China does not trust the US too. With violent embedded into the US's DNA, China is nauseating at the way the US treated the Muslims in the middle east. In one year alone, US dropped 26,000 bombs and China did not even fire a single bullet since 1988. That's the huge difference between the violent US and gentle China.
    US should learn from China on how to re-educate the Uighur instead of killing them which is the easiest way to do it for the US.
    It's clear that Rick is a killer and a warmonger.

  42. China just imitate the way usa deals w all nations in the world. Cheating, spying etc. And usa don't like it for china has been doing better than the teacher…ha..ha

  43. How can you make a deal with a guy that says hes gonna crush protesters bones to powder if they dont comply.

    You cant un say that.

  44. To all CHINA HATERS it's an ultimate wake up CALL to STOP. CHINA IS getting stronger n stronger by day n with no end in sight with your hate n bad Mouthing comment.

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