Selling My iPhone XS Max To a Machine at Walmart

It was good guys welcome back to tech smart for a very special video I have waited almost a Year to see a police officer come right behind the car So that might be happening. Wait. Are you serious? Like Loki that’s a Fed So this is a really special video because ten months ago I made this video if you haven’t checked it out It’s right up there in the iCard. Everything will be linked in the description But it was selling my iPhone 10 to a machine at Walmart and the whole idea with this is I saw this video Keep popping up in my recommended feed of these new machines at Walmart where you could sell your old Devices whether they work they don’t they’re cracked whatever so I wanted to take the new iPhone 10 that cost $1000 last year to it See how much we could get, you know, like whatever what’s gonna happen right now in that video. I also had a fake phone I wanted to bring to to see if the machine could recognize a fake one You guys saw it if you watched it too many you guys saw right the video went craz my name Jeff hi my name Jeff It just rewind of why I’m making this with the brand new iPhone 10s max So we honestly flew here you guys remember the first and second video we did not fly here We have mad LA traffic, but this cars almost out of gas. So I’m gonna pull over to the gas station I’m gonna give you guys the plan we pulled over we got some gas We can finally make it to Compton but the number one comment that I saw on the video and real quick why I’m doing this is thank you guys so much for 3 million subscribers This isn’t the big giveaway Don’t worry But the number one comment was why don’t you give this phone or giving this bone to? Someone and somewhere and I’m just like not having it anymore. So here’s what we’re doing I’m gonna give away another three iPhone 10s Macs and it’s super easy. I did one before you guys miss that video It’s right up there in the iCard. So three iPhone 10s maxes this one, right? Here is the one that I’m going to bring the Walmart Three iPhone Tennis Maxie’s new gold the color you definitely want the new size that I know you want So here’s our you enter and anyone in the world can win and this giveaway will end on October 31st And I’ll announce it on Instagram with techsmartt but here’s what you have to do So this giveaways actually brought to you by my clothing brand strange check it out for sure Here we go with the rule so all you have to do is make sure to subscribe to this channel and you share the video and then follow at techsmartt and strange on Instagram and you’re set that’s all you have to do as long as you’re following both accounts and Instagram you guys might already be following Texmarq, so you’re good and you subscribe and like this video and share it and you’re set October 31st. This giveaway will wrap up I’ll post the three winners anywhere in the world these three iPhone Tennis maxes and it’s dead simple Thank you guys so much for email We got some gas in the car rules are in the description if you missed them. Everyone’s looking at us in Compton So we’re gonna get to Compton you driving to the Walmart right now, and I want to address some of the comments That was the biggest thing to like to dislike ratio on the first video I think it was like eighty thousand likes to seventy thousand dislikes like something crazy And obviously you guys saw it and most you guys didn’t think it was real and that was the number one comment This was fake. This was not real. He switched it. He had two phones. I’m not Colin’s key. I’m not a magician I can’t do sleight a hand. So don’t think I’m a magician. I haven’t tried anything at Walmart So like normal or just taking some phones? See how much we can get for and another comment was you have such a punchable face and honestly, like thanks mom and dad I mean I couldn’t agree with you more if you guys want to punch me in the face though The price is a brand new iPhone 10s max. I’m gonna give it away to you guys But hey this sweet face, it’s all for you. It was pretty sweet and this is why I loved working with ecoATM on the second video is the phones that Can’t be resold or just too broken to sell they should recycle which is cool. And I’m done fighting this traffic Um, I’m driving we’re driving off the highway I’m done. I gotta beat this traffic So here’s the plan We are five minutes away from the Compton Wal Mart the video of all videos where we’ve always gone to see our favorite kiosks I’m excited to see Bob dude. It’s been a minute since I seen him haven’t seen since earlier this year So I hope everything’s good excited to see how the kids are doing. We’re going in there I have a bunch of phones some different phones some surprise phones I want to see how much this machine will give me for an iPhone 10’s max some other stuff and to see if it changed because if it did you guys Know Apple makes gold phones. Now. They’ve always made them. So here you go next year. It’s even got a light at the top Camera on the back It’s brick Bracken. Good pretty sweet, right so that’s me. The first one we try out The second one is actually more of a real phone This is the Moto Droid and I want to see what the see will get me on this. I’m Guessing maybe 100 bucks. I don’t know vote up in the iCard, by the way How much money do you think we’re gonna get for what we’re obviously here for the iPhone 10’s max boat up there You guys saw with the iPhone 10. We got three hundred seventy bucks. So this phone I was like a week ago That’s gonna be the grand finale. I also want to check out the iPhone 10. So this Somewhat turns on and works. It’s cracked to crap So you guys know this from the iPhone 10 dropped us if you missed that video Right up there in the iCard the new iphone tennis tennis max have new and glass So as you guys probably saw in the video these things are durable like crazy So that’s what we got going on and what I’m also gonna throw at it is a surprise So this is the new Google X 3 XL. I got it a little early for you guys Man, this is crazy. Someone sent this it showed up and I’m just kind of chilling on it didn’t really know what to do but I want to see if that machine in there will go ahead and Give us a value can’t even recognize the new pixel 3. I mean this thing comes out tomorrow But you guys can see Yeah, it’s the real deal. So we’re gonna head in we’re gonna take our five phones inside Walmart See how much Bob the kiosk gives us hopefully we get some money and the good news is is any money we get from this I’m gonna donate again to the Boys and Girls Club here in LA so we’re gonna see what we can get and hopefully Get some money for the new pixel or the iPhone 11, right? Maybe iPhone Elevens gonna get more Five hours later So we’re at the Lakewood mall now and this is a third ego ATM for what? Could have been an easy one the second one was available, but the right the right people. Um That just did not want us there. Hopefully we can get this done at this point. I just want to be safe I just want to sell some phones donate it to How often do shop with this location never ever Alright, I think that’s it closed door Oh, wait, really, I thought it was gonna take a photo of $20 it found it. So it’s Motorola cell phone. Yes. I wish you could tell us an actual name if it’s like the z2 z3 But let’s hit Sal Boom, we just got our first twenty bucks No one wanted to buy it on eBay Another device Won’t be able to get it back. We only have one to one shot Only one shot we only got four minutes but for four minutes, let’s do it He’s gonna stack me up with Matt’s read name at the end We’ve got the iPhone 10 here. It’s cracked but it works Nate. How much do you think? Hey guys, comment down below how much you guys think we’re gonna get you get it right. Let me know We’re hoping this finishes. What are you ever gonna get for this app? I Gotta say broken broken. No wait does not turn on serious physical damage for an hour You’re right. Dude, my man, Nico and you hey, we got a connection so bird phone 3 you guys are seeing it barcode Tries to stick but can’t because it’s cracked Sworn out it’s not broken Boom detach how much I’m saying 100 bucks the rent 120 over a hundred percent opening it What do you think he’s gonna find when he checks it you think he’s gonna see it’s worn out or broke So hopefully he doesn’t check the history okay, bro, Wow, they’re gonna do that to me here in Lakewood row and With a man he goes about their money I love these machines You don’t want it we’ll get it back to wait Justice, 100 hundred fifty five bucks. It’s broken. I mean that and it’s only valid for today I mean, I’m gonna take it I would take that taking it We’ve still got two more closer. So let’s add another device Go back you guys ready? Whoa, let’s try out So now one of the big surprises but not the video surprise This is Google pixel three XL you guys can tell it’s got that mad power button. I need more time and I’m gonna see We can get some money for a phone the tide. No. Yeah, but the difference is I didn’t find this in a lip Someone said please so shout out. So whoever sent it in the Bo box Will see this words anything. What do you think? I think we’re in good shake out the Mac camera cameras clean phone me phone button clean bottom clean Not clean it’s going all right here Stores for a device that I mean people have seen all over the Internet But no one knows how much an eco HCM will give you for the pixel 3xl Connected sets is connected to charging on this What if it doesn’t give it back I’m not gonna sell it I just want to see how much it costs unless it gives me like Maybe like the car You Might sell the pixel three XL Door in the appraisal no going back now. No there is it going back? You’re serious not bad your phone still has pretty good resale value. This comes out tomorrow Like return my device The reason you’re here is just a brand-new phone there’s a moment is freedom. I’m just gonna tell you boom All in one don’t even care, let’s see how much we get headphones just fell Crispy let’s turn this bad boy on add another device Apple iPhone Wallets absolutely flawless Here we go Nate, are you ready brand new? iPhone 10s max Let’s take the protective sticker off it cuz this phone Get insulted. Alright I’ve done I just want to sell this Are you guys ready? For to see how much we get over here the reason we made these videos Thank you guys so much for making it up to this point. Let’s find out. Whoa, bro I could set this up using its Wi-Fi I never knew about that. That’s actually really cool So if you get a phone and you quickly set it up like me or you’re trying to sell the new iPhone 10s max Welcome to iPhone here we go Hey, it’s still new it’s still new don’t worry it’s still new It’s charging trust Keep those numbers grow still the same phone This is crazy Put it down Try again EKOS having trust issues Are we even gonna get paid? Oh my god, no way Let’s just touch so close. You almost saw it. That was so something blocking my door my phone my hand Why didn’t it work You saw it? Yeah, you know try it one more time. Yeah, I’m not sure. I want more time All right, Eko doesn’t want the iPhone tennis max, but he’s getting the iPhone tennis Max and he’s dispensed the money Sell this device wait, really Really so this is sweet, actually that’s SpaceX Number 10s max I’m shocked I’m shocked as well man. I Mean there’s other people watching this right now Will not recognize you The good news is we were able to sell an iPhone 10 and emotive disease, so 175 bucks go into the Boys and Girls Club of La so this video has been crazy. You can hear the cops They’re definitely coming for me I’ve been to too many Walmart’s and too many of these Eco ATMs and I hope you guys enjoyed this video is one of the bigger ones but there’s a Lot of madness and a lot of mystery because this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to sell an iPhone to a Walmart and crazy That we ended up back at the Walmart. Yeah, hit the giveaway link in the description of you guys missed any of the rules That’s it for this video. Thank you so much if you guys like to make sure to slap a like on it and make sure to click the subscribe button right down there if You’re new so you don’t miss any more. Thanks again for 3 million guys. I gotta go do grocery shopping at Walmart now

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