Self-Inflating Bicycle Tire!

The tire that will pump itself full of air;
in-ear ear buds that won’t fall out and no more rentals for you. I’m Cali Lewis,
welcome to GeekBeat.TV number 232. This episode of GeekBeat.TV is brought to
you by Gazelle. I’m currently in Berlin, Germany for IFA,
can’t ya tell. Actually, I’m pre-shooting this. If you’re not familiar with IFA, it
is one of the oldest expos. It started in 1924, I heard that even Albert Einstein keynoted
there. Later this week, you’re going to see all sorts of awesome gadgets come through
from the conference. Enjoy. But for now, let’s get on with today’s show. Over the weekend, Apple took the ability to
rent TV shows off the ITunes store. You can still buy stuff; you just can’t rent it
for 99 cents. A spokesperson indicated that the majority of customers preferred to buy
anyway. The decision probably won’t even move the needle for Apple. I’ve only ever
rented one thing on ITunes, and it was a movie, which you guys can still do. My gut says most
of you don’t rent either, but let me know. Leave a comment or a tweet or Google Plus
me, especially if this decision has you in tears. I’ve been trying out my new Skull Candy
FIX ear phones, and here’s what I thought. I’ve been using the FIX in-ear headphones
since we unboxed them on GeekBeat live for you all to enjoy. They are from Skull Candy
so, of course, you’re going to get the little logo on each ear piece right here, right here
on the microphone, right here also and ok, no that’s it. When you open the box, you’ll
see that it spells FIX right inside, so some nice packaging with the window here. The ear
buds are actually attached to the FIX little logo, of course I’ve taken the ear buds
out. What’s special about these is they use a hook design to keep it, well fixed,
in your ear. No falling out mid conversation or while you’re jamming out to a favorite
song. Let me tell ya, these things do stay put. You get two silicone gel sizes, I had
to switch to the smaller size; until I did they fell out just like any other buds. But,
if you get your correct size on there, oh my gosh, I actually got a little freaked out
with something that’s so stable in my ear, because it sounds vey different. When you
are on the phone, that person is very present in your ear, in your head really. You can
see the entire review at GeekBeat.TV/fixearphones or go subscribe at
to get all our product reviews. So I have a perfect match for you, you’ve
got gadgets you don’t use. Gazelle buys old gadgets. You two should totally get together.
Gazelle buys more than 200,000 kinds of electronics, movies and games for fair prices. They pay
fast, and most of the time, cover your shipping. You can go right now and lock in a quote,
especially handy for that old Iphone you won’t want anymore when that Iphone 5 comes out.
Go to, see how much your stuff is worth and get paid. If I had a bike, I would want this next gadget.
Well, can a tire be considered a gadget? Anyway, it’s the pump tire system, a kick starter
project. There are three parts to this thing: a tire, a detachable valve and an inner tube.
The inner tube will clip into the tire, and when the pump is active it moves air from,
well, the air, through the valve and into the tube. When the appropriate pressure is
reached, it closes the pathway to stop air from flowing. It will even work on existing
rims. Sounds pretty cool, but they haven’t reached their goal just yet, so if you are
interested, a link is in the show notes. Thanks so much for joining me and remember
lots of gadget awesomeness coming from IFA later this week. If you are in Berlin or can
get there, join us for a viewer meet-up, there will even be other Revision3 shows there.
Details at GeekBeat.TV/IFABerlin. I’m Cali Lewis, bye bye.

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14 thoughts on “Self-Inflating Bicycle Tire!

  1. I guess I'm the rare person that would rather rent than buy. I'll only watch it once or maybe 5 times at most. This would work out to always be cheaper in the long run.

  2. @ramgarden I think most people rent. I know I do if I find a movie or tv show i like. It's cheaper and i only watch once. Seems like the just want to charge you more for a movie.

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