Searching For PINK Photo Challenge ft. Miles Jai

hey there my name is Pat. I’m a
photographer and I use my phone to take photos and today we are doing something
called the rainbow challenge this is a series where I go on an adventure and
find one specific color around me and incorporate that as a staple of the
photo shoot. Today’s color if you haven’t guessed is pink and I need to sit down
because I’m tired. I’m sorry. Where’s my hat? My model for this video is the
talented Miles Jai. His room is covered in pink. He told me in a DM that his room is
covered in pink and I thought it was gonna be a couple of things on the wall,
his whole room is pink, like if we wanted to we didn’t have to leave his room.
Miles was doing his makeup and and as he was doing his makeup, which looked
amazing by the way, he was watching all the Mortal Kombat 11 cutscenes that like
make up a full movie, and the contrast just people getting their heads
like f***ing crushed as he’s just like yes [FIRE BURNING SOUND EFFECT. PEOPLE SCREAMING IN PAIN] so what’s your process like for taking
photos it was awesome he had these pink curtains in his room that were really
capturing my attention I wanted to play around with that somehow, and I don’t
mind the fact that these are overexposed in the back the light was just beaming
through I think it really adds to the softness of this photo I wanted it to
feel soft. Okay, so, normally I would not bring a prop to one of these shoots
because it’s all about using what you have and finding what’s around you but I
found this at Target and I had to get it right you understand right like you can
let this slide? I asked Myles to do an eye roll and I like to think that he’s
channeling the fifth dimension here to talk to the spirit elders. Something I
will never be able to do I understand I had him stick out his tongue a little
bit as I thought that was fun. Nothing more to that just kind of fun. It does
add a smidge more pink to the shot though. That’s not what I was thinking at
the time but just looking back it’s like a little Ya know? The f***? I tried to get some
overhead shots and it’s just, I wasn’t satisfied with the angle I thought it
wasn’t like playful enough does that make sense?
Anyway, I tried kneeling down just getting a lower angle and yeah yeah.
Everything about this is stunning. Yes I also got bubbles. I know that’s another
thing that I brought to the shoot I wanted [jibberish] What if I just exploded. I wanted it to be a bubbly shoot. Okay so now it was time to move out of the apartment
and start walking around to find the color. Normally we would just walk around
to find pink but it was so hot. I’m breaking a lot of my own rules here I’m
such a bad boy. Miles knew about this pink wall in LA that’s just like the
pink wall in LA that everyone knows about but it’s this this one’s less
crowded. I had Miles hang his hair down and I wanted the pink to just fall over
his face. The blue side of his hair really pairs well with the pink wall and
I love the look that he’s giving in this photo I asked Myles to smile as if your boss told a joke that you didn’t want to
laugh at but you don’t want to lose your job so you feel like you have to. That’s
the laugh. Okay so we started walking down the street from that wall and we
turned the corner and we see another wall that’s very pink, but this time it’s
got a frickin face on it. It was like the heavens knew that I was doing a pink
shoot and they said You like that? You little bitch, and I was a whoa whoa yes I do but, whoa Look at the little kiss the wall is giving to Miles. I love the way the
light is hitting him in this photo and in this one I wanted to get a little
lower just so it wasn’t so straight on Originally for these photos I had the
nose on the wall in frame, but I thought it was too distracting. My eyes kept
going to the nostrils and not to his face just wanted to say sometimes you
don’t have to use the whole thing don’t be afraid to get up close as we were
driving around we found this really nice restaurant it was covered in pink and
we’re like okay we’re probably gonna go in there we need something to eat anyway so
let’s park in this parking garage, and as we pulled in the parking garage, the
first floor, was just all pink. So, we parked on the second level which
we have to walk down and I just need to show you, Miles was in heels, and was
walking down this hill like a champ. I was so impressed I was just like no I know I
need to capture this. We found these pink walls that I think were right under some
steps. It was really good lighting had to take advantage of it
I had miles go into the corner and the ceiling was pretty low here and so I
wanted it to be like oh I’m sure wrapped Oh
whoo I’m I’m walking through place and it’s I’m taller than ceiling! sometimes I
wish I was a little more eloquent but I’m gonna let the photo speak for me. So we found this other pink wall nearby and there was a guy in his car and who had
his lights on and there was this railing that was in front of the lights and the
the way that it was hitting the wall the way the light was hitting the wall it
made these really pretty pinks and purples I don’t think he was acting here
the light was very much in his face but I loved the poses so we went into that
restaurant we saw earlier and it had these pinks and whites and browns all
over. I would say sips tea here but it was a latte and I don’t want to lie to
you all right I’m including this photo in
here pretty much exclusively for the TV in the background. I mean I like the
framing and Miles looks nice it’s just the commercial that’s playing it looks
like a cheesy adult film from the 90s is your deck too hot? By the way YouTube
it’s not an adult film from the 90s okay? Okay? so to the right of us was this bar
and the bar had these really cute pink stools. This whole restaurant was so cute.
Miles looks really cute. I like the reflection, there’s a little reflection
there. There is a lot happening in the background, but I do think it all works. Huge thank you to Miles for modeling for me in this video. Go check out his stuff
links are in the description. Thank you for the color suggestion the shoot was
really fun. Let me know in the comments section below what color I should do
next I will see you next Wednesday with a brand new video thank you for
subscribing and liking it really helps me out, and if you want to watch more why
don’t you check out one of these videos Thank you so much for watching and
thanks for being here. – Signed PG

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22 thoughts on “Searching For PINK Photo Challenge ft. Miles Jai

  1. Thanks for watching! 🙂 I really appreciate you being here! What color should i try next? Don't forget to check out Miles' channel in the description! <3

  2. I can't believe how much pink you found in the restaurants and everything! I bet you're still hardwired to look for pink and yellow. OH! Your last video should be looking for rainbow! ^_^

  3. This is so inspiring and I really want to join in but I live in a small Cornish town so it might be a bit harder to find big pink walls. But I'm gonna give it a go!

  4. Its really cool watching each of these come out and seeing you get back into a groove, ur doin gr8 and the photos are amazing.

  5. PAT! PAT! PAT! MY CUTE FRIEND! MY NICE FRIEND! THIS TURNED OUT SO WELL!!!!!!!!! I am very excited for you and for more videos from you, my talented talented friend patrinkylidkshfck Gazzidsafoiwadsfhoadisfjxcjasdlkfjdsoiflkxmn 🙂

  6. The photos a good, but you could do so much more with a DSLR camera. Because if you say your a photographer, but you use your phone. So, that already put limits on your photo settings. Like you can’t change the ISO, Shutter speed, aperture, and focus. Anyone can call themselves a photographer if they just used their phone, and it does seem like you know a lot about photography, that’s why I’m so surprised that you are using your phone. Like there’s a huge difference when I shoot on my phone and on my DSLR. Especially shooting in RAW, it can give you so much control over your photos. And I know you can download your photos, that you took on your phone, on the computer and edit them. But there is still an element your still not getting. Anyway, those are just my thoughts. They are good photos, but you could do so much more if you had a DSLR

  7. I can totally see any of those photos as the cover of a magazine like Cosmopolitan XD especially with the 90s coming back

  8. Orange is my school color and was the color of our graduation gowns. Orange is hard to pull off!! 🧡🧡

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