Searching For ORANGE Photo Challenge ft. Kati Morton

– Hey there, my name is Pat. I’m a photographer and
I like to take photos with my phone and today we’re doing something called the Rainbow Challenge. I’m gonna go out and
I’m gonna find one color and incorporate that color as
a staple in this photo shoot. Yeah, I went to H&M and
looked at the clearance rack and got this shirt for $8. I don’t wanna brag or anything. Orange is my favorite color
and like the yellow video I explained yellow is an attention color. Orange is also an attention color. A lot of construction stuff is orange. See, here’s all that
attention you ordered. It says, “Hey, pay attention to me! But don’t, don’t come near me.” Orange also says, “Don’t
fall in this trench, Pat. Look where you’re going.” Traffic lights also have orange. Some say that it’s yellow but, (laughs) it’s not, anyway I love orange and I also love my friend
and model for this shoot. Licensed therapist and
fellow YouTuber, Kati Morton. I did say before that orange
likes to scream, “Back off!” But I didn’t listen. (laughs) I ignored all that after we
saw this plastic safety fence. This is an orange challenge,
what did you want me to do? Walk past it and look for
something else, I could’ve. I also liked how wavy it was. So I placed it in front of the camera and I framed Kati’s shadow. “But Pat, we want more of
Kati’s shadow, please!” That’s not how you sound. (laughs) Don’t worry Kati’s shadow will be making a come back later on, I promise. I played with the orange
fencing one more time and I just wanted this one
to take up most of the frame. There’s not much to this, I just kinda liked the motion of it. (wavy noises) You couldn’t see but
that’s what I was doing behind the picture. Kati saw a huge bug and
I got that on camera and that’s a universal sign
that you should walk away. Seeing a huge bug
transcends all languages, all cultures, all walks of life. You see a huge bug and you
get the (beep) outta there, doesn’t matter, doesn’t
matter who you are. So we continued to walk
through the suburbs and had a lovely conversation. But our main mission was
to find this orange tree, that Kati found on one of her walks. She posted a photo of this
orange tree on Instagram and I immediately messaged
her like six emojis and I just asked her, “Do you
have any orange clothing?” She knew I wanted to
do the shoot beforehand but could you imagine if
I just like led with that. “Do you, do you have any orange clothing? (rapid breathing) Do you?” But there she is, beautiful tree and there was actually
a bonus kumquat tree. Right, my lucky day, you know
when life hands you kumquats, ask Kati if she wants to
get all up in that tree. I placed the camera behind the leaves to get some depth to the shot. And I also focused on her eye. I loved how the leaves were
framing her eye in this. As you could probably guess from watching these videos, I like getting on the floor. I like, stop it (laughing). You don’t have to do this. I got under this tree and asked Kati to pretend to pick some kumquats. No kumquats were picked in the making of this video by the way. Remember, remember what I said before, leave things where they lie
and don’t let the bees die. I don’t know if bees like kumquats but, just, they weren’t my,
they weren’t my kumquats so who I, who am I, who am
I to take your kumquats? I also wanted to try this
kaleidoscope lens that I got. Obviously we needed to test it out on Kati and not just the kumquat tree. Oh, look at that, it still looks cool! Kati looks great, I told Kati here to give me that fake laugh
that you give your boss it usually always works
to get a great reaction. Okay, so after all of this,
Kati told me that there is this mural in town that
features a giant orange. And here it is, up high, way too up high. But angles exist, Pat, you can get low. (laughing) You can get low, I thought
it would be really cute for Kati to give it a little,
give it a little smooch. Speaking of holding fruits,
we found a Whole Foods. Boom, solid transition,
you know with oranges being all orange, we had to, I gotta, I mean we have to take photos of oranges. This was really the only
cool photo that I got. The security guard at Whole
Foods was kinda staring us down. Felt a little uncomfortable
so we got outta there. And shortly after we found this
orange and pale yellow wall. More light is hitting Kati’s forearm here and less on her hand, so
the split really stands out. Her hand kind of matches the orange and her forearm matches the pale yellow and the more I look at it the
more I really like this photo. After this we walked back
into the neighborhood and I’m so glad we did because look, it is an orange dumpster
and if you haven’t seen the yellow video you don’t know
why I’m excited about this! I just really thought it would
be funny if I incorporated a dumpster in almost all of
the color shoots that I did and I’m just, I was just
happy that I found it. The sun was beating down on this dumpster and it was casting my shadow onto Kati. So I took a quick photo. “But Pat, we already said
that we want Kati’s shadow!” Who is this? All right, all right,
here’s Kati’s shadow, I here I delivered I gotta give
the people what they want. I had Kati stand in front of the dumpster and we played with her shadow posing for a little bit. Originally I didn’t have
her so much in the frame but I thought that leaving her in and seeing her make the pose
made this photo more fun. And this is definitely
my favorite for the day. I’m posting all of these
on Twitter, Instagram and my website, so if you
wanna see those photos, check out the links in the description. Thank you so much to the
people that suggested orange. Let me know in the comments section below, which photo was your favorite? And what color do you wanna see next? I post videos every Wednesday. I think it’s a running gag at this point that I’m not actually posting
on Wednesday but whatever. You know, it’s probably
safely just to click the bill. You just wanna be on the safe
side so you don’t miss it. If you wanna more you can
check out one of these videos. Subscribe and like if you haven’t already. Thank you so much for watching and thanks for being here, signed P.G. (sucks in air) (clicks fingers) (relaxed music)

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47 thoughts on “Searching For ORANGE Photo Challenge ft. Kati Morton

  1. ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŠThanks for watching!๐ŸŠ๐ŸŠ
    What color should I do next? Have a favorite? Let me know now!
    Thank you to Kati for being a great model and friend! ๐Ÿงก

  2. My favourite was definitely the one with the split and Kati's arm. Maybe purple next? I love your videos ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  3. Her eye poking through is absolutely a gorgeous photo. So good! Might be my new favorite photo you've done.

  4. Yessssss ORANGE is the best!!!

    I really loved the photo of Kati "picking" the fruit from the tree.. getting down low for great pics is always worth doing. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿงก๐ŸŒฎ

  5. Absolutely stunning! I canโ€™t wait to see what you do next! I strongly suggest purple!! ๐Ÿ’œ

  6. God these photos are so amazing and hearing your thought process in taking them are like?? so cool omg. how bout go for green soon ? :0

  7. Hi Pat! My favs? Yes, the arm 2 tone shot and the last one with Kati & the shadow are my favorites too. Love the shirt

  8. Pat mocking us sounds like Rolf from Ed Edd and Eddy. Orange is also my favourite colour but I can't say that here cause I might get mixed in with some people that also like Orange and like to march a lot >_>

  9. There is a glitch with YouTube. It says you only have 1k views when its SUPPOSE to be 1 million.

    Ps, spongecake hehe

  10. So YOU'RE the guy behind Life Noggin…

    I sorry I have never seen this second channel you have or your face XD

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