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at segou we believe you deserve better vacations and for that you need better swim shorts but first let me tell you our story this is me two years ago I used to live here and work there and this is my friend from school he used to live here and work there just like you guys we used to wait all year long for summer holidays to come and that day the moment that changed our lives forever happened my friend looked at me and said dude my shorts are hurting my book so bad and I was like yeah me too and then he said why did they put this mesh inside our shorts I wish I had something as comfortable as my underwear so we did something crazy we left our jobs in that home to the French California and we call her our fashion designer friend with her help we drew sketches tested fabrics selected colors made prototypes testing them again and again until we engineered the shorts of our dreams introducing the two-in-one swim shorts by seagull the world’s first swing shorts with swim boxes attached to the waistband for optimum comfort made from the most technologically advanced fabric on the market it’s lightweight breathable and has amazing stretch it’s also water repellent meaning the shorts will dry superfast the invisible Ziploc pocket keeps your valuables safe anywhere you go and the tailored fit will make you look good in every situation these shorts are for everyone whether you enjoy traveling dating partying kite surfing or simply napping these shorts are so versatile they will replace all your other shorts we figured out that in designing the best swim shorts we ended up designing the best shorts period so Bacchus tell your friends and together let’s bring comfort and style to the beach I wish I had something as comfortable as my underwear

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2 thoughts on “SEAGALE Kickstarter Campaign

  1. Nice idea. Does the pocket protects IP smartphones meaning you can swim with them, and how does the inner boxer does with sweat and heat?

  2. The inside pocket is not waterproof (it doesn't protect from water).
    The inner boxer is breathable et dries very fast – no problem for heat and sweat.

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