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They want to revolutionize swim shorts. 3 young entrepreneurs have created a highly technical garment for your comfort, gentlemen. They are among the most promising startups of the French Riviera and could become a success story. On the beach you can see very different styles. Be them short, long, close-fitting or colorful your swim shorts, gentlemen, have issues. I sometimes have irritations due to the inside mesh lining. We have to wait for the swim shorts to dry so we can put on another dry pair. Based on those observations and its personal experience Bertrand has decided to solve the problem. He created more comfortable swim shorts. Our swim shorts used to look like this. They did not look very nice and we had this comfort problem with this inside mesh lining. So we decided to create the first swim shorts with integrated boxers directly attached to the waistband. These shorts also have elevated aesthetics and use technological materials. You can see the little drops stay outside the fabric. Our components come from everywhere our fabric comes from Spain the button is made in France the zip is made in Italy it is then cut and sewn in Tunisia in a high skilled workshop specialized in technical materials. The company from the French Riviera is a startup. They have a home office and the entrepreneurs are 3 friends. Sophie is the designer. The 2 others partners are taking care of the sales. Matthieu is now in Paris with customers. It is very different from our previous jobs I used to work in London as a banker far from thinking I will be selling swim shorts on the internet.

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