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Between shorts and briefs until now men had to choose their style. Things might change this summer thanks to 2 entrepreneurs friends from school and coming from Toulon. Hey, look what I just found our old swim shorts we used to wear these back in the days. I remember those ones I wore them a lot. Remember this mesh lining inside those shorts? I don’t know who had the idea of it but it’s the worst invention ever created. It makes the shorts so uncomfortable! I could never wear them for an entire day! In order to solve their comfort and support problem Matt and Bertrand engineered the first 2-in-1 swim shorts. These are our swim shorts. They are super comfortable I can stretch my legs very easily and inside you have got the integrated boxers that are like a second skin. They are highly water repellent To rise among the competition they bet on innovative materials. It has been finished with a water repellent treatment so it will dry super fast. Last year, they sold hundreds of pairs directly through their website. To help them develop the brand they count on a rising star of their region. Axel Mazella is a kite surf world champion and accepted to play the model. The conditions are perfect to kite here you can tell the shorts are made of high quality stretch fabric. What if the perfect swim shorts were the ones in which you feel comfortable in?

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