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Hi this is Tammy and Barry with another
video from family with purpose technology, technologies is a blessing but
sometimes it can be a curse especially when technology takes over
and you never even really have a real conversation with your family or those
that you want this happens all the time whether it’s the phone whether it is a
Playstation or Wii or Xbox by the bad computers and then there’s the phone
which not only is a phone because of all the texting and snapchatting but it’s
also a phone because of all the games that thousands and thousands of
thousands of games and apps that are on a phone and it is just purely time
consuming and takes away from the family in major ways it’s not that it’s bad
it’s just it’s so much others so what do we do about it
so we try really hard to set limits and when we’re just gonna home like we need
family time we gather up all of our technology including our phones we put
them in one place on our kitchen counter I do you think that we shot our kids dog
it’s so terrible to take their phone away for a little while that time that’s
the key it’s a set time so we call it no tech time or no tech zone even though
that we’re watching tech on a movie or playing sometimes we play card games or
board games but the whole point is that you’re born no one has distractions with
their technology and we’re all focused on each other and actually have a fun
conversation and laugh oftentimes that happens sometimes it’s not like that or
we’ll just watch a movie in jail but we’re together and it’s intentional
that’s what we’ve been trying to talk to you guys about for so long is
intentionality and even if we’re just watching a movie together we’re doing it
together and we’re all watching the same thing and talking about the same thing
so when you see that your family needs some initial focused time together try
it out no tech time no tech zone for a set amount of time everyone follows it
and everyone will be blessed by it you’ll be glad you did and don’t forget
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