Scott Galloway: The Next Facebook

Season 2, episode 1 of Mark Zuckerberg hates Evan Spiegel. We’ve seen that Facebook is a loser and Instagram is the winner. Facebook copied Snapchat’s Stories feature and placed it front and center on its interface – but no one’s using it. However, when Instagram introduced the same feature, it was a hit. Instagram Stories boasts more daily active users than Snapchat. Instagram has 700 million users, adding 100 million accounts just in the past six months – putting the platform on track to reach a billion users by 2018. Instagram has become the all-important growth vehicle to substantiate what has become one of the five most valuable companies in the world. Winner or loser? The failed content farm is reinventing itself as a collection of niche sites called Dotdash. achieved a market value of a billion dollars in the early 2000s with a simple formula: leverage user-generated content and optimize it, or specifically game it, for Google – generating traffic and the ability to sell advertising. And then what happened under the cover of darkness? Late one night, Google updated their algorithm as they do often and immediately was a shadow of itself. A year later the company was sold for $300 million and it’s likely worth a lot less now. A loser: millennials missing the boat on investing. 80% of millennials are not investing in the stock market. It is difficult to time the markets but over the long term the stock market has outperformed almost every asset class. Stock trading app Robinhood, which simplifies investing and is targeted to millennials, just earned unicorn status with a $1.3 billion valuation. Launched in 2014, the app boasts two million users, doubling in size since October. The most popular stock among Robin Hood’s millennial users: Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices, which fell 18% last week. Bottom line: you’re young, which means you’re stupid. Really smart decision, young man. We can put that check in a money market mutual fund, then we’ll reinvest the earnings into foreign currency accounts with compounding interest and it’s gone. What the fuck? The money in your account. It didn’t do too well. It’s gone. We’ll see you next week.

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100 thoughts on “Scott Galloway: The Next Facebook

  1. L2 is smart because it showcases comments that praise it, encouraging not only engagement but feverish admiration.
    Unrelatedly, Scott Galloway is handsome and L2 is the best company ever founded.

  2. Robinhood is all good as long as you realize their info live is slow which mean you probably want to place limit orders instead of instant if you are aiming tiny margin per share .
    Made more than 60%of profit off robinhood really appreciate.

  3. Love these videos, great content. Always tickled by Scott's sense of humour and these missives always end with music which give off a positive vibe. Subscribed, finally… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Fraud Street creates the illusion of wealth with ever increasing indexes whileย  the 1%ers steal fromย us retail investors. What is the value of all stock issued when compared to the market caps of all the stocks currently trading? Learn to short stocks but remember they call them shorts for a reason! As long as we all buy into the lie that future potential profits belong to current shareholders the house of cards will remain standing.

  5. I'm 21 but I don't victimize myself through a social phrase. Invested in the market, I'm in college, no student loans, credit score is in 700s, already taking a % cut from paychecks for 401k and I'm paying out of pocket for tuition from work savings.. You reap what you sow.

    Prioritize. Make no excuses. You will make time for things you care about. Period.

  6. my guess is the only lesson millennials learned from college is not to take loans to learn things for a job that has 1 opening while 10,000 people are learning the same thing…..because your debt is now forever and that was the design.

    first rule in dealing with the devil- don't

  7. For investors seeking additional sentiment on a stock: I highly recommend StockTwits, a live feed social media platform designed for sharing ideas between investors, traders, and entrepreneurs. Highly comparable with Robinhood which is an app that I would not recommend trading solely with. Go ahead and follow me on there, ChaseL_ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. That AMD chart is misleading as wel… expand the timeline on the chart please. Nonethe less! (like snapchat) AMD has been a widow maker past month

  9. jokes on you i bought AMD at $3.60 last year (up over 300%), at least my generation isn't crashing the housing market

  10. Millenials aren't investing not only because of a few other reasons on here (mainly, student loans), but because they've been "taught" that the stock market is for "rich douchebags". I'd say that's what's keeping a lot of people from getting involved in investment because of the whole rebellious nature of "the new generation".
    Other than that, it's probably all a combination of student loans and low paying jobs.

  11. Lol, when these videos pop of at adverts (which are happening weekly) they are usually more interesting then the thing I clicked on to watch! Man! L2 are paying money to get me to watch interesting videos that help me learn whilst attempting to watch videos of cats ๐Ÿ˜› This is amazing. I hope it continues and allows me to be lazy so I can keep learning without having to put any effort into it!

  12. QuakeRiley i live within my means im 20 and a business major i try to use my money to make money buyin n selling sneakers and also put a set amount in investments like acorns ir robinhood. The real issue is ppl like financial intelligence

  13. I'm rooting For Evan. IBD If I allow myself to get bullied And Get my lunch Money took by a Beta Nerd.

  14. I invest $100 into my stock account every month. It's not much but it'll add up and I can't touch it until I'm 65 or 75 I believe.

  15. AMD is not a bad investment. It's had a fantastic product launch and It's also the dominant graphics platform for all the major consoles.
    Long-term investors waited until AMD turned a profit then abandon the stock– in less than a week.

  16. I've used robinhoid for a year. made money on TSLA and BIOC, lost money on MNKD and shitty gold ETFs. Now I mainly trade crypto currency.

  17. Robinhood is fantastic. As a Millennial I use both Robinhood and other investment platforms like TD Ameritrade.

  18. When you say millennials are the losers for not investing in stock market, what age range were you talking about?

  19. At 1:32 you show a graph of theoretical growth of $100k, but not all the lines start at $100k. Why is that?

  20. millennials missing out on investment opportunities… when I graduate, I'll be $100,000 in debt and when I pay it off I'll be about 55 and have payed $300,000. I also enjoy having a roof over my head and eating.

  21. Metrics at this point in time – 1552 likes on 23123 views- that is 6.7% likes.ย  WOW!ย  I usually glance at the ratio – and it the like ratio is 1% – that is pretty normal.ย  A 2% ratio of likes to views is outstanding.ย ย  I have NEVER EVER seen a ratio this high – 6.7%.ย ย  Hopefully it is real and you haven't hired a Chinese "click farm" !! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  (my guess is that this is a real number – you and your production team have evolved to a higher plane of existence!)

  22. these are the only ads i ever watch & i don't even care all that much about the shit he talks about… respeck

  23. how about some unheard websites that no one talk about but still being a winner, still the best youtube channel to watch after working minimum wage job. lel

  24. What I love about all this digital crap is how easy is it for all these giants, to engage in petty wars copying each other, trying to eek out a small advance in user engagement to appease investors.

    I'm so sick of adversting based businesses, and predatory UGC based businesses, what happened to basics of connecting real people with what they really want?

  25. Gaming google will just get you relegated off first-page search results, maybe not today but soon.

  26. I bought AMD as soon as it dipped, going back up nice and slowly ๐Ÿ˜‰ almost %10 in a week. not to shabby

  27. People are investing in and because their recent chip release ryzen has shown they are able to still innovate and compete with Intel. They hit a drop because their ryzen release was in the middle of q1 and it made their earnings report less than predicted. People aren't always stupid Scott

  28. well and isnt exactly a bad choice at the moment seeing as ryzen and the upcoming Vega as well as the 5 series GPUs are releasing or have been released

  29. I totally agree with Robinhood. If younger people, like me, learn risk management and stick to one or two asset classes, they will make money. Because the younger generation has less money to invest with, the $0 commission from Robinhood makes investing manageable.

  30. "Millennials are stupid for not investing, but the millennials who do invest are stupid for investing."

  31. People should not be investing in industries/companies they are not closely familiar with. This is especially true for millennials who have negative wealth. Forget the BurningMan selfies, SoHo brunches, and Miami boat parties: millennials are a generation in debt that is still partying like it's 1969. The reckoning day is nigh, and when the hammer falls down, it will fall down hard.

    This latest trend of millennial investment apps is just the latest wealth transfer scheme cooked up by frat boys from Wall St and Silicon Valley, and millennials are better off opting out of it. Save your money children, this economy is not for you!

  32. Millennials have no money to invest:( I hope that's obvious. I'm 23, work 30 hours a week, and I'm a college student. I have to have 3 roommates in order to make rent. Now reread that. I don't have roommates to save money during college. I have roommates just to make rent, just to be able to live somewhere. I won't have any extra money until I'm almost 30 and done with grad school. So I'll start investing when I'm in my early 30s. And that's not weird, I don't throw pity parties for myself because that's what most people I know are also doing.

  33. Yes, youngn's don't want to pay fees of any kind, so they just don't invest. They let the fee-tail wag the dog. Stupid!

  34. Oh so that's why that ugly facebook bar was placed on top. I was wondering how to get rid of it but then I remeber it's Facebook. You can't get rid of anything.

  35. Video cut out at 1:01 mid sentence. Any help on where to find the rest of the video. I know there's more since the comments are discussing topics not in the video.

  36. Tad convenient to show an 8 year chart rather than 10 which would include a slight bump in 07. Makes me wonder if your heavily invested in businesses they are most likely to invest in and your waiting to pull out

  37. Do you know why Millennials aren't investing? Because back in 1997, $1.50 buys you a Metrocard (Subway fare), a slice of pizza, 2 hotdogs, 6 small bags of chips, 6 small barrel bottles of juice, a wash at a laundromat, a dozen eggs, and a little more than a gallon of gas. Federal Minimum wage = $5.15/hr. Today, in 2017, $1.50 buys you… 1 bag of chips… that's it. Minimum wage = $7.25/hr. Average student loan = $60,000. Median house market price $190,000 (U.S. Nationwide). Case in point, we're not on an even playing field as our predecessors were. We're being asked to do more with less, and it gets worse every year.

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