Scott Galloway: In Marketing, Creepy Means Relevant

A loser: Facebook, which has messed up ad metrics ten times since September and is refunding advertisers for its
miscalculations. To their credit, they did learn about crisis management: they are acknowledging the issue and overcorrecting. In contrast, Google’s advertising products keep getting more sophisticated – and creepy. By the way, creepy is synonymous in the marketing world with relevant. The tech giant can now tell when someone who clicks on a search ad makes a credit or debit purchase at the corresponding physical store. Think about that. The ad world has finally figured out attribution, which traditional advertising has never been able to do – which is the reason for their success, because you don’t know which 50% of your advertising budget is wasted. Well, now we know. Google can tell you. According to the search giant, people who click on a search ad are 25% more likely to buy something inside a physical outlet. Google will also begin tracking YouTube to see if video ads trigger retail visits. We here at L2 have implemented the same technology and have found that our viewers over-index on Abilify, downloads of Cheap Trick at Budokan and Pusheen. A big winner: Best Buy, which is proving to be an oasis in a desert of bad news in the retail sector. The brand’s US online sales grew 23%
year-on-year, offsetting declining in-store sales. While online sales represent just 11%, if they continue to grow 23% a year, it’ll be a pretty big business pretty fast. There’s a huge opportunity here to change the tenor of messaging from the retail community. Rather than reporting year-on-year store sales growth or declines, they should be talking about the sales growth of their new core business: online sales which in many cases is growing double
digits, supported by this incredible marketing vehicle that oftentimes breaks even or makes money: stores. A winner: Airbnb, which is now drawing more traffic than any hotel brand or metasearch site. We predict Airbnb will be worth more
than Uber. Their valuations of $30 billion and $70 billion respectively may in fact flip. Airbnb is a global demand model that cannot be easily replaced. There’s liquidity for Airbnb globally, meaning you need supply globally to get reservations to fill the demand in Austin whereas you and I could likely start with $10 or $20 million a ride-hailing company in any one market because you can build supply and demand in just one market. Airbnb has global barriers of entry versus regional barriers of entry. Just try deleting your Airbnb app and see how easy it is to find a replacement. It’s not. Versus Uber can be taken off your home screen and replaced with any number of local
alternatives. A winner: ayahuasca. The hallucinogen is gaining mainstream
appeal. Okay, let’s try it. I feel deeply insecure and angry so
nothing’s changed. I feel the same. So the things that I thought were really the obstacles to true self-actualization in fact don’t exist. Fear of what other people think of you, fear of failure, these aren’t real things. they’re made up, they’re perceptual, they’re intangible, they don’t really exist. The only thing that stands between me and true self-actualization is knowing what I want. Who do I want to be? I want to be Cher. We’ll see you next week.

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100 thoughts on “Scott Galloway: In Marketing, Creepy Means Relevant

  1. A loser: that Intro………..i dont like changes, dont mess with my daily fix
    A winner: that Outro……….Keep em coming, bald Guy…WIN

  2. who ever you lost in production of these videos you need to get back – you are not Caitlin Jenner and no one cares how much you love your mirror

  3. Still not liking the new intros. This one is a little bit better but it's still too long. I do wish there were more content in this video though. The long Cher segment is funny but should it be such a large part of this video?

  4. Who can give you important information while being entertain wow 5 stars your subscribers growth is proof keep it up

  5. MOMO is the Chinese Facebook, from what I gather, it's a stock time-bomb waiting to sky rocket. What you people think?

  6. Who else is beside themselves with excitement to hear what Scott Galloway has to say about Amazon buying Whole Foods?

  7. There are two reactions to this video, either you piss your pants in fear or you piss your pants from laughing. Either way you guys are topping yourself every goddamn week.

  8. HOW ARE YOU NOT AT A MILLION SUBS YET!? Advertise your channel. I want to you guys get the success you deserve!

  9. I wasted 7 years studying marketing in Malaysia 🇲🇾 and in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 and one course with this teacher worth the whole thing, what a waste.

  10. BTW the CD ad in the middle of the video, the free stuff made me laugh 😂 i liked it and then i was like wait! The creator is a giant in marketing, Da! of course

  11. I saw an ad for this channel and I never click on ads, but for some reason I did with this channel. At first, I had no idea what it was about and everything which scott said meant nothing to me, but his dry humor hooked me on the Winners & Losers series. 1 year on, I can now say that I have learnt alot from scott and understand everything he says in his videos, all the while enjoying the comedic aspect. I never thought that I would find business, marketing, advertisement, and everything else discussed in these videos so interesting. The editing is also incredible for videos which are meant to just provide information and analysis on business performance. It would be great if there were more channels like this for other educational purposes. I find channels like CrashCourse too annoying and child like, whereas scott provides a straight forward and easy to understand video format.

  12. your end of video scenes are so dumb that they surpass human understanding and become transcendent. transformative. trans.

  13. Great casting on the children and you played the disinterested father perfectly. It could have been a little more realistic if you had a Scotch in your hand but, that's just nitpicking.

  14. Good video again – but, the new intro is truly very irritating. I guess we all had the previous L2 brand affinity and don't like change. Scott, not sure what's going on but the 'over the top' was subtle and funny in the past. Not so much any more – in your more recent videos you seem tired – what's going on???

  15. Here I thought you couldn't get any better than striking a pose like Madonna. But damnit, Pusheen AND Cher in the same episode?! Keep it going!

  16. Interesting – I wonder how successful Best Buy will be in arguing before US Tax Court that the IRS should take all their brick-und-mortar as a 'marketing expense'.

  17. better every week!! Though, I can't help second guess the ongoing thesis re: death of brand in previous weeks… with voice search and Alexa, brand will be MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER going forward… while I can just order batteries, why would I do that if I know Energizer is the best? branding has never been more essential for FMCG especially in the age of voice.

  18. You are fuckin' awesome! Anyone who can educate me about markets and make me laugh while you're at it has got me hooked.

  19. So much content! Spongebob meme, check! Bare chest, check! Cat toy, check! Drugs, check! Oh and some useful tech stuff.

  20. Previously, you've stated that the future of ads will be relegated to the poor and the technically illiterate. We have just seen the most expensive house race in Georgia and I am wondering, how will this impact political advertising? It seems that it will continue to cost more to reach a diminishing audience…is this area "ripe for innovation?"

  21. This guy is giving up all the game. Nobody caught the subliminal and clever marketing plugs. This guys getting paid for advertising while showing you the future of advertising. I don't even listen to Cher or own any of those stuffiness.

  22. Madre Aya 💥I drank a handful of times in 2013. Powerful shred to the ego self. MDMA and trucker speed (afterwards) I found anyway. #gr8epsscott

  23. Scott your videos are way to enjoyable for their own good! Just the right amount of humor, usually, that Ayahuasca and Cher piece was way to much. Haha I am laughing way to hard right now!

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