Scott Galloway: Amazon Prime Subscribers Outnumber Gun Owners

A winner: Amazon. Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, blah blah blah. Anyways, the Seattle retailer has figured out how to get off the merry-go-round of high-price customer acquisition. Amazon Prime boasts eighty million subscribers, or 63% of US households. To put that in perspective, 44% of US households own a gun, 49% have a landline phone and 51% attend church. I think those are the same people. Amazon Prime customers spend $193 per month and are younger and more affluent than the average consumer. According to L2 research, the largest Prime category is household items including tissues and laundry detergent, followed by personal care products and baby supplies. A winner: Quora, the crowd-sourced question-and-answer site now valued at $1.8 billion. Quora has 190 million monthly users, double last year’s count. Most questions posted to Quora ask for career advice but most answers are given in the life advice category. Quora’s success demonstrates that even the most successful search algorithms can’t answer questions as well as another person. If you type “smartphone with the best camera” into Quora, you get relevant results. Type the same into Amazon and it doesn’t realize you are looking for a phone. My favorite question: how can Santa lose weight when nobody around him is supportive? Winner or loser? PetSmart for buying pet food e-tailer Chewy in what is the biggest e-commerce acquisition ever – a reported $3.35 billion dollars, $50 million more than the $3.3 billion Walmart paid for Chewy was the top online pet retailer last year. Chewy has double Jet’s revenue and is the market leader in online pet supplies. Chewy dominates Amazon in paid search, appearing in more Google AdWord results for pet care terms than anybody else. Compared to Jet, this looks like actually a pretty good deal. Pet care is a $63 billion market in the US. With all the controversy over Trump’s border wall, it’s worth remembering that walls never work. The Sumerians were one of the first societies to build a border wall in the 21st century BC in an attempt to keep out nomadic tribesmen. But the wall didn’t work well, as invaders figured out they could just walk around it. Constantinople also built a wall that stood for hundreds of years until the Ottomans invented the cannon. And the Great Wall of China, while you can see it from space, word is it hasn’t kept many Mexicans out. I had more jokes about walls but was worried you couldn’t get over it. Get it? Over it? Oh well, that’s the best we could do this week. We’ll see you next week.

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100 thoughts on “Scott Galloway: Amazon Prime Subscribers Outnumber Gun Owners

  1. thank you for giving more stuff to tell me friends. which further establishes how much better I am then all of them

  2. b.b.b.b…. billions, valuations made up on some backroom, are batshit crazy to me, monopoly money has more real world value over time. what happened to real revenue, real nets, real sustainability or ideally net income per employee + quality of life ( % time spent doing shit you don't want vs %time you do do what you want) over lifetime x time of sustainability.

  3. Tell ya what Scott…Give me your address. I'll come over for free and take down your walls and remove all your door and window locks. Let's see how you like it. Moron

  4. the wall sure helped san diego. business built right up to within arms length of wall. and to use your joke, I dont recall seeing 1 mexican in china when I visited hangzhou

  5. "walls never work! as long as you have a cannon."

    so if you don't have a cannon… the wall works…

  6. Little depressing Scott, did you take your meds today? I'm going to need a little bit more screaming and ranting and swearing and visuals associated with you and your team next week ok? Or I'm going to take away your stapler.

  7. Walls do work. A mexican wall would reduce illegal immigration from there by about half. That's easily worth it.

  8. Sounds like you're spouting liberal undertones in this video
    Of course the wall of china isn't keeping any LEGAL mexicans out you bufoon but try to go to china illegally and feel their wrath!

  9. You think most gun owners respond truthfully to government surveys about owning guns? LOL. You need to hang out in Red States more often… Build the Wall, deport them all.

  10. Scott Galloway, you will be quoted on the AP Macroeconomics exam next week on the free response…somehow…I'll find a way…

  11. Wha, Wha, Wha the snowflakes cry about the wall. We say build it tall then throw all the safe space, SJW teet sucking, drain the economy naysayers over that wall and let the drug traffickers pillage them out of their virginity and livelihoods.

    Oh yeah, what about that wall that Israel built?

  12. Hey Scott, either you get Amazon stocks or you are involved somehow.

    Based on the fact that from 7 of 10 videos "Amazon is a winner". Sometimes it's just the same kind of information on a different perspective!

    Anyway, great job! 🙂

  13. the efficacy of Hadrian's Wall relayed, ironically, via Quora –

  14. I remember when I first subscribed, and when Scott would say a number, and then slightly pause, before emphasizing the word 'billion', I would be like, wow, that's a lot. With Amazon trending towards a (insert GIANT pause) TRILLION (be sure to over emphasize that word) evaluation, I'm less and less impressed by the word billion. Weird, considering I'm super annoyed when 7/11 increases Slurpee prices by .05 cents.

  15. Granted, I only lightly keep up on L2 videos, but it seems like Amazon is the only company he ever covers.

  16. It is clear that you do not realize the value of President Trump talking up his wall. You come across like my political science professor who took up 5 minutes of one of our lectures to rail against President Reagan and how he "missed an opportunity to end the Cold War."

  17. not your normal quality of work. totally missed the point for the us/mex wall, and other walls throughout history.

  18. I hope some day you'll be mentioning my website on your show. It'll be the first startup without VC money to make it big! LOL

  19. Uhhh… I don't think they're gonna walk around our wall, I don't think they're going to use cannons, and I don't think Mexico is near China. Your joke didn't really make sense bro

  20. Scottenegger – awesome shirt- I think you just want to show off your well-worked-out biceps!  Watch out, Arnold!  🙂  Looks like you have been working out a lot – I think you are in your Prime! ™   I remember my doc saying to me – as he cleaned out my overstuffed earwax – as long as people like you stick cotton fluff on a stick into your ears, I will be in business.   My guess is as long as Amazon dominerates biz, there will be tons of desperate brands out there looking for guidance from you to help them survive the onslaught from the Predator.

  21. Wow. An outdated old Christians joke. So Original.
    I would be willing to guarantee that a good portion of those subscribers are middle class stay at home moms.

  22. You can't see The Great Wall of China from space because its width is too thin. That's a myth, and any accounts of this have been shown to actually be a river or canal relatively near the wall. Seeing the wall from low orbit with the naked eye would be equivalent to seeing a strand of hair held up from about 30 yards away and require 20:3 vision. Furthermore, The Great Wall was a significant defense for them throughout history, although not perfect in times of their military weakness. The unfunny joke about the Chinese not having kept any Mexicans out is a lame distraction, and Israel has seen a dramatic drop in terrorist events since putting up a fortified security wall along the border with "The West Bank." With regards to seeing manmade structures from space, the Great Pyramids in Egypt can be seen from low orbit.

  23. As a balding young man I find your every video to be inspirational. Thank you Scott.

    Edit: I'm from Constantinople.

  24. I'm sure the Mexican immigrants are planning on using their cannons to blow up Trump's wall. Genius…

  25. What happened to your glib rejoinders Scott? My offer stands. I'll head right over with a bulldozer and some tools…say the word. Numnuts!

  26. These advertisements are more fucking obnoxious than the "Just bought a lambo, fun to drive up here in the Hollywood Hills" guy.

  27. nice of you to make an important political statement (even though wrong: you CAN'T see the great wall of China [Gina] from space)

  28. Hey whatever your name is. I'd like to see you huck your ass over a good sized wall. I'm absolutely sure you can't. The reality is…. Walls do work.

  29. I was a Quora fan in the early days. Lately however they've started to get picky about what answers they accept, specially short answers which seem to be automatically declined even when they're short and to the point, and I've lost my enthusiasm.

    You see, we've got Wikipedia on one end that's the scene of editing wars, StackOverflow on another that's a Heaven for upstart moderators-turned-dictators, and Quora on the other hand that seems to be going the way of 'quality answers' and 'well intentioned' posts, à la TED. All these sites end up wanting to be too nice and 'presentable' and they end up sucking. They end up putting off providers of honest, genuine (if sometimes not mainstream) content, and encouraging providers of trite, lengthy, whitewashed, and sometimes bursting with platitude and self-righteousness, answers.

    I'm past that. Behind any such user-curated content sites there's an entrepreneur, making money from the contributions of few and the enthusiasm of the many. It's, in a way, a scam. But so are any sites that are set up to capture 'consumer surplus' as you call it (it's society sucking its own breast and recycling resources and occasionally biting its own tail – it's nausea).

  30. A Hungarian inventor came up with the idea for that large Cannon you showed, the ottomans only financed the building of it.

  31. I don't know why but I love these videos, every time I get an ad I just sit and watch the whole thing

  32. I wonder if the higher spending average for Prime users is due to people using their friends Prime account to order something?

  33. you can't actually see the great wall of china from "space" anymore than you can see pluto from earth

  34. hated the jab at church goers and gun owners at the beginning of the video. you don't need it so why do it.

  35. Myopia alert! Get off of the obsession with the word 'wall'! Dude, he means barrier, fence, wall, impediment. You're dead wrong. My uncle is an international security consultant, much of which for him has revolved around border security in the middle-east and Balkans going back to the late 80's. A serious impediment, or 'wall' is the FIRST thing done by every country serious about controlling border traffic. The goal isn't to stop traffic, that requires machine-gun nests. The goal is to impede, giving security personal time to respond. This is an easy one Scott, you just need to get past the messenger.

  36. walls do works but they need be of very strong materials and have no structural errors but still need human with guns of top just incase

  37. Was going to subscribe until you made this shit political. And for the record, I hate the idea of a wall. If I wanted political information I would search for it.

  38. Also worth noting is that China ended up being taken over by the very people the wall tried to keep out.

  39. I own a gun, do not go to church and have not owned a land line since the first iPhone so this guy is an idiot.

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