SCARLXRD – interview: “My style is a mix of Eminem, Travis Scott and Slipknot” (05.2018)

at the start I would like to know like what was the hardest part in your transition from being a YouTube blogger becoming such a union in music the breaks boundaries yeah yeah hey we can’t compare it to anyone what did you John alright I guess the most difficult thing was was having such a big audience in the YouTube space because obviously I valued that to some degree but like I’ve always felt like I I was my purpose wasn’t there so the most difficult thing was you know having so many people not understand me and that was like it was a difficult point because you’d have like so many people telling you who you are and actually having no idea who you actually are you just saw what I showed you like you know me like you never saw me as me ever and you’re basing your assumptions off of that not off of what I’m telling you I’m trying to you know what I’m trying to go in the future and so what do you think about tipping people falling during music the punk music of our time yeah I’m it’s very flattering like it it’s it’s crazy because I feel like every in every period of time there is always that you know like the punk era that there’s the error there’s an anti of what’s going on in the mainstream and for people to be listening to my art and pulling it towards that like I am flattered and it’s amazing like and I don’t disagree with it like I like I totally see it and like I feel like it will go there like I don’t plan on you know like switching my style up any time soon I don’t plan on like you know letting go of what I’m doing at all planning like you know not developing what I’ve got going on and and taking it even further so like I agree with them you know like it is no Punk of this of this generation you nobody’s there is the next wave oh gosh done and what does the mask symbolize to you that’s the part of your image or does hiding behind the mask various and different message yeah I mean like it depends what they’re the week is honestly like sometimes like I have to wear the mask of us I can’t really function and you know sometimes you know I don’t really need it but like that the mask originally was I didn’t want it you know like I made more for styles and music you know and the when I threw the mask on it was like the side of me that didn’t really have a face and I still feel like to this day like it’s about the music it’s not about me it’s not about what I look like it’s not about you know and that’s kind of a lock see more in itself you know like wear a mask to hide your face with the mask creates a image like I get that but you know that’s what it was like it’s not about me yeah and when I watched you mentioned some rap inspiration yeah yeah like Missy Elliott yeah no more yeah yeah from nowadays yeah yeah yeah yeah and who was your main inspirations outside the rough life Wow okay who did you blend with Eminem and Travis to make something like this no okay yeah yeah I mean like are we talking like metal side of shit too okay yeah but Deftones for sure like Slipknot obviously I some chains fucking corn like those guys and that is like and then the rap guys like you know Eminem and fucking you know you’re a decline and shit for like the underground like all of that together was just like what I was consuming and just like what I was going through in life at the time as well and what I go through of life now like that all of that together this makes what it is yeah and you also mentioned Nelly Nelly it’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes and get in so hot I want to take [Music] different but what would you say about comparing your music – excellent – yeah I was like this yeah me and eczema cool like he’s we talk a lot like he’s like we Michael like I don’t think how music he’s like comparable and like in in any way I mean the average listener of like the average consumer of anything has a very like narrow like way of looking at things and they need comparables and comparisons like make shit fucking understandable to them and you know that the closest thing to me is X so they draw that comparison immediately even though we worlds apart and our music is totally different you know like he’s such a versatile eyes you know I mean he’s very fucking talented he’s so first artist like you can listen to our X album and I listen to a Scott album I don’t be like why the fuck are we comparing these two what is just let them be you know I mean like I have no problem with people join that comparison though because I really respect his art and like I respect him as artists and like and I think he’s I think he’s talented I think he’s great and I’d rather be compared to someone like and then fucking Nellie I guess and do you think that nowadays and there are still some boundaries or borders in music or like when we have YouTube Spotify and all of that it doesn’t depend where you come from yeah yeah so just let just like with your career yeah world wide and some people even don’t know that you’re our friend yeah yeah I mean that’s the thing man I don’t think music music is it doesn’t have area code as universal it’s fucking in some ways not like it’s not this is specifically for this this is specifically for that this is for here that’s what it’s not that you know I mean she I hit this it’s not that all it’s in my head music he’s like universal period and if you like it you like it if you don’t move on like there’s a lot of music out there like I feel like in the next few years on resort on a deterioration raised the only reason that genres right now inside the music is so people can make money you know I’m saying it’s like if you are this specifically this then people know to go to that and they don’t have to fucking look for better music you know I mean if when in a few years or music is just this fucking scale of whatever the end of every genre and everything right it will be like you know people wanna be so much more open-minded you know I mean people gonna enjoy music a lot more and it’s yeah that’s where we’re going anyway because we’ve heard every fuckin rap song we’ve heard every metal song we’ve heard every single country song that is to make you know I mean we’ve heard every pattern every floor of your melody you know I mean like we’ve heard it all like you’re not gonna be surprised in music anymore unless genres fusion and that’s why people look at me like and uh normally I guess and a lot of people look at my music is like something different because I’m fusing genres in a in a way that’s that’s interesting and a bit fresh okay so I think that’s like a good amount of doing to end and what would you like to add for your friends in Poland just between your two polish shows what when I say to them yeah oh fuck well thank you very much guys for the fucking love the the show yesterday was crazy but to do a show tonight it’s gonna be fucking insane I’m very excited about it I’ll be coming back to Poland for sure you motherfuckers go hard yeah number look staple gun to the head

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100 thoughts on “SCARLXRD – interview: “My style is a mix of Eminem, Travis Scott and Slipknot” (05.2018)

  1. Subskrybuj nasz kanał i obserwuj social-media @popkillerpl by być na bieżąco z tym, co dzieje się w rapie! 🙂
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  2. korn is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeif u haven't listened to korn then listen to them

  3. How the fuck do you compare scar to xxx like 4real they are totaly different. When a song has a lot of distortion and screaming it isnt the same. Scar is metal and xxx is more like this hype rap style u cant compare those although they are both scream rap

  4. 2:05 wy byście pewnie zajebali mele na ziemie i opluli se spodnie. Tutaj prawie pełna kulturka wsmarował sobie jak kremik i nie robi afery :dd ++ kolejny za to że kibicuje naszej polskiej organizacji cs:go AGO ESPORT ;)) :>

  5. Lol if you ever watched his YouTube videos, he talked about how he fidgets and fucks with shit. In his words he "leaves a mess" like when he goes to a restaurant or holding a peice of paper lol. I love this guy!

  6. What about $uicideBoy$ SCAAAAAAAAARRR( Yes i just attempted to hit your vocal… how tf you do this for more than ten seconds I'll never comprehend)

  7. I wanted to hate this guy but he has good taste of metal, Deftones is my all time fav band. Guess you can't judge a book by its cover.

  8. "he's so chill outside of his music"

    Scarlxrd: spits on his arm, Staples his own head, twitches, randomly has and shoots a staple gun

  9. I'm not a big fan of american football or nfl, but I want that jersey scar's wearing. Can someone tell me what jersey is that or where can I find it?

  10. 3:18 wszyscy mówią że omemlał rękę a tutaj mówił cały czas ye ye ye ye ye ye. Wiem że data jakby co

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