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People meet me in real life and they say,
“Shit. You’re such a passive guy.” And it’s like, “Yeah.” ‘Cause I released the shit I’ve got inside me, you know? Fuck knows what I’d be like. I’m really spilling my fucking brains on
the pad right now. Shit. I’m really going there. This is how I feel, but it’s such a good
release to like… What inspired “6 Feet” was I had no electric
in my apartment at the time. It’s mad. Like, I was really down. I was fucking down man. It was horrible. And I found this beat on SoundCloud. So I’m in there with no electric and shit,
feeling hella dark as fuck and just, I’m writing this song and I patterned it out in
like 10 minutes. A lot of my songs, I can’t listen to. I can listen to them like, “Okay whatever”
vibe, but if I just sat down and read the lyrics and shit. It’s dark as fuck. I’m a pretty resilient guy. I can handle a lot. It’s just like, you know, when shit builds
up that’s when I start to crumble and break at the edges. And you see me fraying at the seams. I’m like, “Fuck.” Demons are watching me do this. You know it’s like, “Is this coming from
me?” “Or am I fucking crazy and it’s coming from
somewhere else?” All my demons know what’s up. The delivery on that is like, “I’m hurting. This is my release.” This is what’s gonna help me. What I’m doing right now. The way I am up here, the way I am in here
I can’t give advice. It’s important for people to know I’m
not preaching. This is my release. Music is my release. This is not a guide book on how to be Scar. No. Fuck no. I always think, “Does she hear this line?” “Has she heard this line?” When you’ve had your heart broken into a million
pieces by someone, rather than be the man and be like, “You know what?” “I’m going to take that shit on the chin. I’m going to keep it moving.” It’s easy to say, “Fuck you, I hope you
die.” And for me, that’s where I was right there. A dark headspace. Again. “Fuck it. Bitch, I hope you fucking die.” I hope she’s not dead. Fuck. I’ll feel guilty as shit if she fuckin’… Oh wow, that’s not good. I’ve been working on this music shit for
a hot one. I used to be in a band. I been making music solo for a while now and
it’s like this time, I really felt like “Okay, I’m going to give my all into this
music. Like everything.” Every part of me is going in. Every part of my brain. All the shit I’m afraid to say or the shit
I’m afraid to feel is all going in this right now and I’m gonna fucking blow. It’s time. Dr. Dre is the guy. I’m from the UK, so I’m looking overseas
and I see Dre and I’m like, “Yeah man.” Diddy too. But Dre got the plaques, you know? I see these rappers with their jewels and
I’m like, “Hell yeah!” “That’s nice.” I want nice things, too. Yeah, I’m sad sometimes, but fuck it. A chain might make me feel better. I was so down. And it’s like you can see it. When you are actually there you see it and
you say, “Wow.” “I totally understand why niggas rob and steal
now. Holy fuck.” You get desperate. You want all these nice things in life and
you feel like they’re there, but you just can’t get it. So how you get it? You get up and go fucking get that shit. When you see someone fucking die, they go limp. They hit the ground and that’s it. They don’t get back up. We bury them. We make a hole in the fucking dirt. That’s the inevitability. Where your spirit goes after that okay that’s
a whole ‘nother fucking conversation, but we’re not with the fucking spirits here are we? I’m with other human beings and when someone
dies they fucking die. It may sound very dark to be like, “6 Feet,
6 Feet,” but no. Let it inspire you. Let it inspire you that, you know this is
the inevitability. You began and you will end. All this is totally up to you. Totally up to you. Please make the most of it.

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  1. 95% is people talking about how he looks like a anime character
    3% is people talking about how he’s dressed
    2% is about the song

  2. "Instead of being a man and taking it on the chin, it's easier to say "Fuck you, I hope you die.""
    how it feels to lose a 1v1

  3. If you compare this to the head gone you can tell how depressed and anxious and angry he was here I'm glad he feels better now

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