ScaleMeGlobal – final contest, part1

First startup is Binie, so wellcome Binie
on the stage, please. Give him a warm wellcome. Hello everyone, my name is Marcin. For last couple of months I was working on a huge human problem of presence. This problem starts very innocent as innocent as this empty bottle. It represents the wastes that we produce
every day. It’s empty bottles, papers and other stuff, and you probably
don’t know but in Europe every year, believe it. In Europe every year we produce over 200 billion tonnes of waste, households waste. It is big number, but to give you example how big number is it let’s imagine something big like a ship, it’s Titanic, and this number means that we every year produce almost, even over 4,000 Titanic’s
of wastes, but only 15% of that volume is recycled and the truth is that
we can recycle almost 90% of our waste so the question is why there’s a 75% gap
between what we can do and what we really do? And probably the biggest problem is that we are not
preparing those waste for recycling very well, usually it looks like this, because
people are not sorting waste in a proper way. Why they’re not doing this? There’s many reason, because sometimes it is even hard to say if it is plastic or it is glass. Sometimes they don’t have
space for this. Sometimes they don’t have time for this. So there’s too many reason to count here. This was the time, where came the idea, that we should give some kind of device or somekind of help to the people. To do it in
the right way. And it was the day when the Binie idea was created and what is Binie? It is the world’s first intelligent bin. So it is the machine that for us
will recognize the kind of waste we are throwing away, categorizes, sorts and stores in special department. Everything is controlled by
the computer, so we gather all the information about what type of waste and
the quantity of waste we are storing. Those information that we have, we can
use for mobile application for the user. We also have
the application that learns itself how to deal with new products for example. We can
optimize routes for collecting companies and we can exchange data with Smart City
systems. And where is the business, because I think it will be your first
question? The business is in the product itself. We would like to sell this
product as washing machine or dish machine. We will gain a lot of useful information, so it’s big data that
we can handle and also we would like to sell the license for the technology of
recognizing those wastes, so basically that’s it. So who’s your team and why are you the right guys who are going to make this happen? We started as a IT company and then we thought that it would be very nice to connect IT with the
real life and and we gathered a few people who can do this. And also we cooperate with the University of Technology in Poznań. Okay, my question is who is paying for this, because it looks like it’s a lot more expensive than a
normal trash bin? The user can pay for this, because for example in California right now you pay $5 for the sorted waste and $100 for unsorted waste
so this is the economical, you know. Ok, so your targeting places where is something like
this when I’m in a city anywhere where I don’t have that law, that
difference in price for a for a sorted versus unsorted. Then I just see a trash bin that’s probably ten times as expensive as a normal 20 times as expensive. So where
does the money come back to me. That I say I want to buy a thousand of these
and put them all over my city. I think that it can be a few ways of financing
it, because for example right now United European Commission
acquiring from all the countries to higher the right
of recycle. So it will be also the authorities business to reach this level. Do you have a working prototype? Yeah, we have one prototype in
TRL 6 phase and now we’re producing this machine and it will be the phase seven
of the prototype. And what about manufacturing itself? Do you plan
to do it by yourself? Do you have like partner who’s gonna to develop it? No, no, no it’s impossible. It’s like producing washing machines so that companies doing it and we’re looking for the technological
partner that will be able to produce it and also probably to introduce it to the market, because it’s huge product with a huge marketing needed. One more question, what’s the manufacturing cost? What cost do you expect of this kind of a bin? Right now the costs are very highly, but the components that we’re using are not more complicated then in usual washing machine, so probably It should cost like a washing machine All right that was Binie. Give him a big round of applause. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for attention. And let’s welcome to the stage
Monster and Devices Hello everybody, well what a mad crowd. It’s nice that you’re here. So I have only 5 minutes, so we got to move on and speed up. So, Hi my name is Chris. I’m from Monster & Devices, high tech company from Zielona Góra, Base is there and I’m here with one of our project called Touch Anywhere. So few words
about us. We are specialists in the depth sensor sector. So we are
working on different projects, but all of them have one thing in common. They are using the depth sensors and all the software that we produce and create are connected with that kind of
the part of the, of the segment of the business. So we are as well called and
nominate as the most innovative academic leader 2014 in Poland and we are the polish
finalists of the first edition of Google Warsaw Campus exchange program. So
see you some of you in the next week probably in Warsaw, but talking about the
product and talking about the Touch Anywhere software. What’s the problem? usually as you probably all know we have a
lot of different interactive boards manufacturers on the on the on the
market actually. Different brands, different size they are all fuc…ing
highly priced. So if you would like to have something that you saw in the
minority report when the Tom Cruise was you know browsing through the system and you saw the movie and said WoW! I would like to have it in my house. You can have it
but you have to pay a huge price for that. The second thing is the mobility of
the of the solution because if you’ll buy an interactive board and you would like
to move it to another place, another location you have to just lift it up and
just. You know the gizmos are heavy and it’s hard. So we’ve tough about totally
different thing, something that it’s not present on the market actual. So we
are surely swim in the blue ocean not the red one if you know what I mean. and that’s Touch Anywhere. What’s Touch Anywhere? What’s doing this software so with Touch Anywhere you can easily within few seconds change any surface into a fully interactive wall. I’m repeating that once
again you can change and the wall and the table and surface into fully
interactive touchscreen. And what do you have to do to have such a solution? You have to use the standard laptop, the
standard home projector, any of the depth sensors available on the market
like Kinect from Microsoft or Backstaff or Creative for Asus. There are
different companies that produce the depth sensors and our software. And
with that combo you can within few seconds change any surface into fully
interactive touchscreen. The advantages of the solution. Firstly the price, because the only thing
that you have to buy it’s the depth sensor. If you have Xbox probably have the
Kinect already but if you’d like to have the depth sensor you can go to any electrical shop and buy it for like $50 or so that’s the only price that you have to take.
What’s other advantages the second one is the operating system so you are just
using the bare hands to operate the systems. So you’re not using the pan, the infrared sticks and so on. You just using the bare hands. It’s the most common and most natural way to interact with the system. Like the millennial sold. The Z generation, the
two year old people are using browsing to YouTube to find the
cartoon that they want so for the young generation it’s the most common
and most standard way of communicate with the software. And the third
thing the mobility of the solution, because for example imagine that you are
a young father and would like to have to play with you little son and would like
to have some educational games and so on so you can turn your
wall into in the dining room into the full interactive screen. You’re the gamer, you would like to have the battle in the Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja in the
basement, not a problem, or you are a teacher and would like to prepare the
presentation for the for the students in the class with this solution you can do
this within few seconds. Market estimation and the segments of
the clients. I already told you some words about B2C client, but there are B2B markets as well for example like the schools, universities, the shopping galleries. Where you can use the
solution instead of standard interactive walls. The markets, the hotel chains or the
agencies, interactive agencies. Business model? We already started to build a
chain of local distribution. It’s the time, 3 minutes for the jury. Sorry, as usual I’m talking to much. I’ve got the working one. Hi, great business and you didn’t quite get to your business model part so I’m gonna ask you about that Do you see yourself as a software company or a hardware company? We are under age actually because. we are working with the software because we are
not using our own hardware yet. One of the milestone is to produce on depth sensor in the future, but we are too small actually to have it now right now and we are working with the
solutions that are existing on the market. like I said Microsoft Kinect and
so on but one of the milestone for the company is to produce own depth sensor and work with that hardware but now we are supporting the technology. Software that it’s working
with all the devices that are available on the market. And you see that as a risk? The fact that you’re working with existing hardware? I mean these huge companies as essentially. Are you not worried that they gonna come in and maybe take over, have a look in your IP or something? You know, we tried to collaborate and cooperate with the companies. Some of them are willing to do so, because we know it’s a tough work you know, because we
spend like over a year to work with the ituration of the software to have it
right now, right here. You can just check how the solution works. We are having our
demo down there at the Startup section and you can’t just came and saw,
because the product is out of the pipe. It’s ready to scale. It’s ready to be sold
and we will link to kick off the the sales within a few weeks probably. We are
building the chain of distributions around Europe and around the world. We
will be at the CES in Vegas at January. So we want to just kick it off hardly in the big bang. Hi, so what is your bussiness model, couse you didn’t get to that? and the other part of the question I understand that as an individual user I can buy your solution. How much would it cost? The business model we are losing the chain of distributions but we are willing to hit the end customer the
standard projector owner. Like if you have the project in your house and many
people just choose the projector instead of LCD and new Plasma TV and now having this projector you don’t have to just watch the movies and eat popcorn play the games
on the console you have other feature like the interactive wall in your home. yeah and that’s the end customer and
that’s the business model. We would like to hit B2C client and with the lifetime license
actually so we are not putting in the CES or we are not putting in like the
one-year solution and you have to buy it regularly and pay for that. It’s like
Microsoft Windows model just by the license and have it with all the updates on the
customer support and so on and the price we set it on like four hundred euros
for the end user so that the price and As I said you have the lifetime license for the stuff. All right Monsters & Devices thank you very much and
let’s wellcome to the stage JadeZabiore HI I’m Peter from What does it mean? I think our global name explain everything. Global name: Drive and Collect. At the beginning I
would like to tell you a short story it’s a story of two guys enterprising, resourceful, very ambitious these guys about few years ago were in
England in a car full of stuff that had that they had to deliver there, but on the
way back the car was empty. So they told that must be someone who would like to
send a package to Poland, but how to find him? where to look? There wasn’t a place, so they decide to
create it and this is how was born the These guys were Wojciech Szulc entrepreneur with 20 years of experience. For the 10
years he’s sending package to germany or UK. The other guy Łukasz Starowicz is a Polish representative at the Winter Olympics in snowboarding in Nagano now his hunger for some sport success is
turned it into hunger of business success and about year ago I joined the team.
Peter, I work in digital marketing for about 10 years. I worked for companies
like McDonald’s, Microsoft Dynamics, Toyota and many more. Together we work on a solution that will
solve a couple problems, but in general 2 the most important for us are two
issues. First the high cost of deliver the same day
if you are going to send something that should be deliver the same day it’s almost impossible or very expensive or if you are going to send a package that
its custom like dog, like something oversized it’s hard to do. So our solution is the first
Polish social economic network that connect drivers with a package
senders. How does it work? Very simple, if you are going to send a package go to
the, add an offer. Maybe you will find a person who take
your package and deliver it on even the same day. If you are going somewhere add an offer, take a package and reduce the cost of your travel. Our market is home
market of packages in Poland, but our main market is the market of same day
delivery that in four years will be worth more than four billion dollars, but
there’s a potential market, because 70% of consumers will send package in the same day delivery model, but they don’t want to pay more. Where are we now? We are here from about a year now we’ve got more than 2,500 users. They are adding more than one
hundred and fifty offers monthly, but for us very important is that we are
creating the network the big network of people that are searching for a
opportunity to reduce the cost of the transport. For us very important is that we have managed to engage a polish media like Forbes, Onet, Polityka, AntyWeb and even many Polish
influencers like Sadek thank you. Paweł Tkaczyk, Michał Górecki , Juri and many others. Our competition, our competition is very
simple our competition are the post or the professional couriers, but we can deliver
a package same day they can, but it’s very very expensive and on the it cost the same as a normal packages and our business model. I hope you know
it because it’s very simple and I hope, I’m sure you are using it. It’s
a uber business model so if you are using our platform you are paying for it one part of your payment is going to us.
Thank you very much. Ok so first question from my side. I like the business model, but the question is about the risk and the legal
things. what happens if somebody passes a package that contains I don’t know alcohol that’s forbidden on some countries or something like this, when you scale it? What happens in this case? Well, security is for us very important so all of our users are verifying in four methods: ID, scan of ID, bank account number, Facebook account and telephone number. So if you are sending
something with We would like you to be sure that you are sending with someone that is like your friend and you know him that is
verified. So this is the answer. And in the worst case that someboy disappears with the package who is responsible for it? In this case fo sure we will take it and yet but we are verifying users, because we have to
know who was he. I have a question this obviously is great on paper if
everybody’s using it right, because then there’s no problem I need to send a package and somebody will
take it. The question is how are you going to get to that point where you
have the critical mass? Now you say you have a 150 offers put in every
month what does that mean an offer? An offer it’s an offer of someone who’s sending a package or who will who can take a package. Ok, and of those that put in a package that they want to get transported somewhere else what’s the percentage of packages that actually can get delivered through your
platform. Now it’s about 30%, because now
we’re on the way were we are building we are just building a
network of drivers, because now the drivers are for us very important,
because if you will not find a person which will take your package. You
will back once the other time but you will not buy it. so now I have to say that we
started about a year ago so we are on the beginning on the way. I would like elaborate more a bit more about on traction. You mentioned 150 packages or offers. How many packages have you send and in what period? Now it’s about 30 packages a month with private users, but also we’ve got couriers panel where we are connected with professional couriers. So the number 30 or 40 it depends on month it’s for private users and there are many, many packages that we are just connecting people with professional couriers. I get it. How many in total? Monthly? I don’t know, because professional couriers we didn’t measure yet. All right thank you very much JadeZabiore big applause and welcome to the stage Band Barian Hello everyone! My name is Bartosz Jędrasik and I represent team Band Barian a group of passionate developers who have a fresh idea for a mobile game that might just rock the world. Our game, well let
me start with the problem first. The problem is a very simple very
straightforward: childhood obesity. Now that we have the problem out of the way
let’s talk about how, what we can do what we can do to fix it with a mobile game. Band
Barian tells a story of a warrior from a fantasy world who acts as a virtual
avatar for a player. We blend the lines between the real world and fantasy with
the user’s smartphone, fitness tracker and even virtual reality goggles. The
game character progresses, He develops and grows stronger along with
the player’s physical activity. Our goal as developers is extremely
simple, all we want to do is to make our players move. It’s how you make progress
in our world. The core mechanic of Band Barian is
overcoming challenges basically. This can be issued by our friends or family and even the
game itself like in this case we get a random task to walk 1000 steps and
now a real journey begins. We must grab our fitness trackers and get moving. Any sort
of exercise is fine as long as we are burning calories completing activities gives us energy
which is a sort of currency, which we can use to buy a randomized reward crates. If
we’re done with training for the day we can still gather more energy by relaxing
to one of Band Barians mini games. There is few, there are few things so motivating as healthy rivalry like in this case. We have a friend Olaf who is challenging his friend Oliver from across the world. He’s essentially telling him I’m
going to exercise now try to surpass my score. so Oliver receives this challenge and he has the option to either accept or deny it, but she’s
competitive by nature obviously so he will try to he will try to match his friend
score. In this case his using on technology we’re experimenting
with by combining an IOT enabled gym machine with a virtual reality
environment. Once the challenge timer expires the winner will
get showered with energy along he will get albo the bragging rights. Avatars will fight each other and we
will get some rewards crates which we can use the customize our character. We
reward all kinds of activity with customisation items which make us more unique and stand out more in the game and if we’re satisfied with how our character looks like we have the option to have him 3d printed along with his
outfit and delivered to us as a figurine. To do that we teamed up with a
distributed manufacturing service called Printalies. They basically handle all the
production and distribution of those figurines and that’s only the beginning of our business model. We operate on blue ocean which means that basically we are free to
explore new possibilities and shape the unsaturated as of yet market without any
direct competition, but we are surrounded by the red ocean. Which means that we
have indirect competitors in the form of fitness apps and also games with an
avatarisation focus, also worth noting or the currents running between those. We
can see that game more and more games are trying to include fitness awareness,
while more and more apps fitness apps are trying to have more gamification in them. Right but because we are fighting with childhood obesity we still need to
engage adults because only 2% of children make in-app purchases. To do
that we develop a separate companion app called Band Barian Parent. What it does?
It allows a parent to link his account to the account of his child and
issue him challenges with customizable rewards. So for example we can say that I
will give you two additional hours of play time on your xbox, if you burn 500
calories and he does that. Obviously the parent has also the option to use the
standard Band Barian reward scheme, so that the game choose the most suitable in-game reward by itself or choose to invest a small sum of real world money for even more powerful in game
incentives. Also what about what about people who do not possess a
fitness tracker that we currently support? Well for those people we offer
the convenience of getting our own brand fitness tracker in a box version. The way
we managed it is we negotiated the ball cost about $13 for white label fitness
tracker unit. The branding itself costs us $2.00 and we sell with a $25 markup.
You don’t have to buy your child a fitness tracker that will drain 40% to 80% of your Christmas gift budget just so that he can play one game. If you don’t have one already. Our option is cheaper
and it is guaranteed to work with your child’s fitness game out of the box. So
we utilize the free-to-play models of the app itself is free to download and
you can play it for as long as you want None paying players are regularly rewarded with customisations items. That’s it? That’s 5 minutes? 2 minutes for jury. Is the game finished and are people already playing it? Not yet, but we have beta testers. Who are testing it for us.
We obviously have the limitation that we need to supply a fitness tracker for
all of our testers so it’s it’s mostly a group of our friends and family right
now. We’re planning on releasing the game in the first quarter of 2016, and I guess that answers the question. Do you have any results from these beta testers that you could share with us? Version of the game that you saw is
actually only the latest actually not even the latest it’s actually
a bit older footage. The game looked wildly different back when when we started developing it. We experimented with certain features that
never made it into the final product. Like the initial idea was just to make a game that will be controlled with a fitness tracker, that’s it. We didn’t really think
about the competitive aspect and that’s what’s what people
were always telling us that the competitive aspect when they just see on
their phone that hey this guy he ran like a couple of more kilometres than we did that day. So what can we do to surpass him. And they found
that engaging they found that exciting so we focused on the player vs player
aspect of our game. That’s as an example of how we adapt the feedback we get. I’m and rather do you have any data
about the actual kids being engaged and losing weight. That’s something we…
let me think of about an answer for this one Because from my perspective many
kids they have this problem with switching apps really constantly and lack
of engagement is an issue here. So my questions do you have any feedback from
kids doing this on a daily basis and gaining some results? Ok, we have a couple of young testers who are actually engaged in the game. We can’t really tell
for sure if it’s because we told them to or if they really find the game fun.
However the facts the still stands, as you noticed, children are still glued to
their to their electronic devices and that’s why we did we develop it as a as
a universal Android iOS. Basically we use the Unity engine to leverage all
mobile platforms, so that no matter what kind of device the child would
have on hand. He will always have the option to play the game whenever he
wants. Hi, so the entire business model is based on inner purchases or? Not exactly, the inner purchases are just one column of it. We also are going, we are also
have plans of selling our own branded fitness trackers as a toy on store
shelves. We already have a partner who has agreed to enable a
very certain distribution channel for us. Through the polish media store chain
Empik. And also not only not that, but we also have the 3D printing feature
that we mention this is actually something we burrowed from World of Warcraft. Time’s up so. Thank you very much! Band Barian! And let’s to welcome to the stage DeskDo Hi everybody, I’m Adam. I’m from DeskDo. I’m CO-founder. In DeskDo we revolutionize the way of work for
distributed teams and remote workers. This is the solution for the small and
middle-sized enterprises and also for the big enterprises as well, and also for
the government agencies if they like it. Let’s start with the few basic facts on the
beginning. First, based on the survey on the global survey in economics shows that 2/3 of our employees wants to work from home instead of raising salaries. And this is
this is a very strange situation you can think that but this is the reality. The
people are less stressed, working in the home is sometimes better then in the office, where you have comitisation and you don’t have to stand in traffic jam really, but and this is the global tendency visible all countries. About the last year
there was a performance about 25% in the in the working remote offices, but the
there is a one serious problem. the Serious one the problem is that the performance
in the for remote workers as much much lower then expected and the business may suffer that’s why. And this is what we are thinking about and
we think that the technology can help in that area. And that there is a six areas
where the technology we can think and very simple way. In every single
organization can help by using that one and our solutions covering all of those
and our solutions and so on which called One Virtual Cloud Desktop which is
calling all these application and there is the possibility to file sharing and
collaboration tools inside at one. So how does it look? Imagine that you have like the Windows
operating system, but is running on the web browser. It’s possible, it’s possible
but virtual is not the Citrix technology you can use it HMO technology is growing up the
JavaScript is mature enough. There is a plant of Frameworks we can use it, but it’s not easy to make it right? Alright so in the very same simply,
typical scenario. There is a four simple steps how to make it run it. Just to register the organization personalized by choosing the application which you want to use like the food market. And access to resources like the file sharing and the invite orders. By inviting orders you can invited the your team from your organization but you can also invite you partners and you can also
invite the customers which is completely new on the market. It’s very hot topic,
because you can engage the customers to be really the part of your company.
Right so how does it look? How does it look? This is running in Chrome browser and its embedded inside the Chrome browser. You can obviously you’re run the full
screen even if you liked it. Right we sell it in the two models in SaaS
model which is for small and middle size enterprises, and also for the Private Cloud for the big
enterprises which is very hot topic because you keep all your data on your
datacenter, it’s not leaking for the US guys. This is very hot topic in Germany.
Alright, so this is size of business aplication inside at one.It is obviously
the Google apps in very simple you can imagine. You can also we have a project
management tools in the grand chat. We have a CRM invoicing, multiple
scenarios you can use it there is a collaboration tools we can chat which
each other with your team inside the workspaces of the projects. There is a good new market for the end and we are offering our solution also for the data
centers, and also for external vendors which won’t talk with us and want to
integrate their own solution that cloud solution inside our system. There is
new revenue market for them. The market absolutely is huge. It’s three
hundred billion dollars on the on the table absolutely. That’s thirty billion dollars on the cloud. This is the very hot topic and it’s rising very fast and SaaS model, there is 28 billions already, but only on the three billion dollars is for only completing
new tools which are we think we are. You can buy it. This is the company you are
spending. Alright so how does it look from the
rising possibilities? This is very good for the good
opportunity for the VC. Can you spent about only $100,000 it’s our investment, That is already invested there is no debt by in the form for these companies, live product. 1000 users early adopters they are using
everyday, daily and we are ready for the Series A. Now we are knocking on a door for the VC. Now we have a plan how to spend our money. How
to do to grow up. Alright we in the 3 years we want to be
a positive return for the VC and that it would be. We hope that
we deliver for them the positive return for the investment. Alright so there’s
also possibility to run this solution in the TV. It’s a smart TV
that the boxes like that one and thats which already have done it. Thank you very much. now 3 minutes for the jury. So this is uses a very deep and complex solutions so how do you on
board your users. How we what? How do you on board them? How to make
sure that they know how to use everything? That is a very good
question, because we build specially and we foster the same behavior which is
already known for the user, because it does look like the typical operating
system. So there is no learning curve for them and this is very advantage for
the users, because it’s very easy to get in to the system see how you can copy between the folders can copy between the file sharing different folders is very useful for them. After 2 minutes after you login, you recognize how does it look like. How does it work with that one, it’s very
easy, it’s natural. You mentioned that 82% of the
home workers failed to deliver their goals and 83% based upon the age.
It’s a lot of people. So how does this software solve this solution because there wasn’t clearly clear answer to that’s question. Right that’s
a very simple reason I’m entrepreneurs for about twenty years. This is not my
first company which I’m doing, and I mean IT. Most of my employees are working remotly. I have a lot of people around you know Polish market this is different cities. And that most of them fail, because we do not do we do not know what they are doing really. This way I must for instance I’m the owner of the company. I know what people are doing,
because I see that activity. I can react very simple, because the reaction of the
owner is very important to be this company running. If you see the people in
the office you see what they doing, but if they sleep in their houses you don’t know what they’re doing. This way if you observe what they’re doing we know what is going on. So the pitch is
more about two bosses tracking the activity of your workers rather than inspiring. Trust, believe but recognize what is doing right. This is what supposed to be the boss is doing. You mentioned you have a thousand users and you said they use it all the
time and can you give some actual data on that, how many of them use it every day, every week. It’s good
question, because most of them came after we launched the project in Germany.
We get many awards for this project and they speak about us. And there’s so
many users worldwide came in to us and log in and check if it’s useful for them or not. About 25% of this users are still
working. We do not charge them because we want to see how people reacted? How they
adopt it. About 200 bucks fix it every month, before we started to charge it. We want to start in January. Obviously will you get that many drop off, but finally
we have the product on the live, and the product suits for people needs. Just one quick question before he does the gong. So how’s the productivity of the thousand people, because you said
you know with norm assistance 80% of people don’t do anything how the productivity measures? yeah, honestly I have no clue. If they are using. I’m happy with that one. The productivity it’s hard to measure right we must I don’t know so make a
survey something like that. How does it feel, but we didn’t do it. Thank you very much DeskDo. And let’s welcome on the stage Elephant Door. Big round of applause for the Elephant Door. Hi, I’m Ada. I’m from Elephant Door and I’ll start from my short stories so I’m 30. 11 years ago I started to rent
apartments and rooms. And you know a lot of my stuff were stolen. And when i come to guy to my landlord say hey whats with my security and she said like hahaha, no, no, no, no The true is that no one is thinking about
security for tenants. And you know there are two and half million home intrusions yearly only in us and 85% higher risk for tenants. This is huge thing. And I was thinking about something what is totally easy and this is Elephant Door. Simply, smart alarm system which you can install in seconds on every door. And how
does it work? It’s totally simple. You have to install it in seconds on your door and it’s working and it has special identity system which can predict
a burglary before it happened. So now how does it work? So when someone is trying
to break in. We have three different sensor sound, vibration, motion. Which is all the
time checking the data. And we have artificial
intelligence which is telling you that something is wrong. Through 3G we are sending notification. Then we are also turning loud alarm siren. And if you are around you can switch it off by bluetooth or do it through 3G notification. You also have all data
storage on your computer. So now how the competition looks? Of course there are traditional system which use kinda similar. Not really similar, but let’s say for example use gyroscope, but they are only in banks and
museums and cost like $1000 bucks. All smart alarm system going in visual like this, no innovation let’s go with visual and does great, but when you are tenant and you have your camera in your home what you are thinking like what is my landlord doing there and Elephant Door has everything. So regarding market we
are in IOT. Twenty billion dollar last year on Smart Security and it will grow. It will grow hugely 50 percent year-to-year. And it will rise to 80 billions in 2019.
So this is huge space for us to act. And 80% of the market do not have alarm system yet. Regarding our business model of course numbers are big, but the most important thing from it. That we are below our direct competitors with the price. Regarding our market strategy. We are
after one and half year of R&D this is our fourth generation prototype. We have a working
prototype and now we are starting pre-production process. For next half year
will make customer validation and production process and the most
important thing. Next year we are starting with a Elephant Door, Elephant Window and then we’ll have whole complete system in better prize then everyone. So regarding our team we are people very very smart people. We are working with Polish Technical University from Poznań. Our CO is owner of real estate development and I am the branding person. And we have more of smart people police, strategic agency, real estete development and security experts behind
us. So thank you very much and looking for questions So how did you all Kick Starter campaign went? Because I saw it was just a monht ago. It was, I think It failed of myself. We cancelled our Kick Starter campaign. 2 reasons. Last week razor coolest cooler and 3 nano campaigns and companies went down crashed and all media are now from two weeks saying. We are not covering
kick-starter campaigns any more and we decided. Okay, we have to, we can do it
to the end, but for what? if we are already receiving not good feedback that
we are on Kickstarter, because no kick-starter company is doing
business. We want to make business, so we decided to cancel it and make it better
by ourselves. We just made we just came back week ago from a silicon valley. We made our first customer
validation. We spoke with Stanford University and security experts from there were saying oh give me 50 now. I want to test it. We want to make it by ourselfs. So the tendency market is your first
entry market, but tell me how much of this twenty billion dollars part security business is
actually in this field more, less to be see This was the number from only a smart
security sector in IOT and it’s just all B2C if I run number correctly it is from BIA intelligence I think it was all for B2C. So all the other
systems use cameras? Is there not another system that uses just vibration and
sound like you do? We are the first who are using three different sensor in this
way. And of course there are sensor which you can combine with other cameras and with other system
and then you’ll have some kind of complete system, but you need a lot of
pieces to do it. We are one piece device and we heard that in silicon valley they telling that we are like nest for smart security. Cause we are like one piece. One strict and we want to protect people. You mentioned you have some method of predicting the burglary at the beginning. how does that
work? Yeah predicted, so it’s working like this .You
have three sensors which are working all the time and someone, when it is trying, let’s say do something with the lock. Then our ANN make recognition. So we have artificial
intelligence which can say like ok this kind of movement it’s connected to do something not really right. And this is the reason why we are before everyone. all right thank you very much open doors

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