Samsung Note 7 Review

Hey everybody, it’s Brian at TechCrunch, and this is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It was announced a few weeks
back at a big unpacked event. The company, oddly enough, has skipped the Galaxy Note 6, gone
straight from the 5 to the 7. The reason they’re doing
that is to unify the line. You’ll notice that the design
language is pretty similar to what you see with
the S7 and the S7 Edge. It’s actually got this really nice edge to edge display on the front, so the glass itself is curved on the side. It’s got really nice viewing angles now because of that, and also, a little added functionality on the side. You can get some notifications, it’ll light up when you get a call, you can check your apps
and things like that. But mostly, just it’s
a nice-looking device. It’s also curved on the back. Same Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and the back that’ll make it durable. You can theoretically drop this thing about 1.6 meters onto the ground and 80% of the time
won’t break, so the odds are certainly in your favor on that front. The screen itself is the same that you’ll find on the Galaxy Note 5. It’s 5.7 inches, Super
AMOLED, didn’t update it this time, but you know, quite frankly, I mean it’s a really
just big beautiful screen and it’s one of the
highest pixel per inches that you’ll get on the market right now. And of course along the
bottom you’ll find the S pen. Really good for taking notes. Got a few new features as well. You can hover over for previews, you can do text translations,
things like that, you can actually draw around an image and create an animated GIF. It’s also a little bit smaller, probably, I would say the largest edition on that front is that you can’t accidentally insert
the thing backwards, which was a huge problem
with the last generation. A lot of people just basically broke their phone by sticking
their stylus in backward, so good on you Samsung for fixing that. It’s water resistant, it’s dust resistant. I guess you could theoretically take a shower with it or dunk it in water, but probably more pertinent to your daily life, you know, if you get caught in the rain or something, it’s gonna be just fine. You’ve got a USB-C jack on the bottom so it does quick charging as well. A few additional security features. So there’s a secure folder on here. You can actually just sort of stash anything you want in
your super secret folder, so if you share your device with other family members, they’re not gonna be able to find all the gnarly stuff that you stick in there. Quite possibly the coolest feature of all is the new iris
scanning technology. So this is the first
Samsung device to do this. In addition to the fingerprint reader, the patterns, the
numbers, all the different ways that you can unlock this handset, it also does iris scanning. Pretty futuristic as
far as these things go. I think Samsung was calling it their Minority Report technology, but you quite literally just hold it up to your eyes and it will unlock in a few fractions of a second. 64 gigabytes of storage, that’s standard. Actually, here in the
States, you can’t buy any other configurations right now, but it does have a
micro SD slot at the top so you can expand this
thing pretty significantly. I think I’ve got a 250 gigabyte card in there right now, so
you’re gonna have all the storage you could possibly
need on this thing. Really just a really
nice piece of hardware. A really great screen,
a lot of cool features on it here, it’ll, good for multi-tasking. Of course, all of that’s gonna run you, so this thing’s coming out August 19th. Depends on which carrier you buy from, but the starting price for this phone unlocked is about $800 and up. You get a lot of features and
you’re gonna pay for them.

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20 thoughts on “Samsung Note 7 Review

  1. This dude sounds like he's bored from doing this review LMAO…i bet if it was an iPhone he would be more hyped Lol

  2. i cant justify me paying that much for a phone anymore. i have the note 3 and it is super duper, but i bought it new back then and it cost me an arm and a leg. I have almost never used the pen and it's way more powerful than i need, I just got it because back then there werent many options if you wanted a massive screen.

    today id probasbly buy a xpreia xa ultra or whatever it's called, something massive and cheap, youtube and internet browsing and I'm happy!

  3. You look at the difference between the Note 1 and the Note 3 and it is HUGE, night and day, compared to the increases going from Note 3 to Note 7.  And Note 3 was only two iterations from Note 1 while Note 7 is now three iterations from Note 3 already. While Note 3 is certainly not as good, it's not holding you back from too much either.  Note 7 is sick looking but it's kind of like Samsung just retreads over previous designs. We get dual edge display, duh ok. The return of micro SD, gee thanks.  Latest current cpu gpu, duh ok. Micro improvements in features over previous Note model, yeah.  Now my used, $200 Nexus 6 is not a better phone, but good money says it'll be running Nougat about six months before this Note 7.  Not to be too negative as it is a beautiful looking phone and I'm sure would be nice to have.

  4. how people gonna talk shit about galaxy note when I phone 6 plus or 7 is a galaxy note phone with apple features lmao

  5. Yes, but T-Mobile won't allow the Samsung phones to use the add on memory card to the on board memory, which really sucks! – via @haystacktv

  6. this guy was definitely reading from a card. not excited at all and very robotic. I highly doubt he has actually used the device. terrible "review". more like a hands on impression, really.

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