Samsung Gear VR Review

Today, Samsung’s $99 Gear VR accessory hits
shelves and doorsteps. We’ve been playing around with it for the past week and we’re
going to tackle whether it’s just an incremental step towards consumer virtual reality, or
if the future is here…a bit early. If you’re intrigued by this device, ask
yourself what would I use this for? For an immersive experience with content,
including games, video and photos, the Gear VR is right up your alley. That said though, Gear VR IS the most portable
virtual reality experience out there, it’s still not something you’re going to wear
for hours on end or break out in a bar to check photos….yet. As for high-end gamers, Gear VR might be a
“light” version of your VR experience, with a more powerful Oculus setup being your
preference. You’ll need one of these devices: Samsung’s
Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, or Note 5. If you don’t have one already, and are in
the market for a new Android device, now might be the time to switch to Samsung. Snapping your phone in for the first time
might take a few tries, since it’s made to fit four different phones, which vary in
size. Once you figure it out, you’re set and you
slap it on your face and WARNING: you will see this Oculus warning message every time
you strap this on. The key for this release is the content that’s
available right away. Some are things you’ve never done, some are enhancements on things
you’re already doing. Both are pretty cool and immersive. Will you want to Netflix and Chill? Hulu and
Hang? Climb mountainous landscapes? Jetpack around a 3D-rendered city? Float around in
space? Scuba dive? Shoot guns at tanks? Solve a murder mystery? Watch an NBA game from courtside? It’s all there waiting for you to try out
in the Oculus Store. The new Gear VR at 0.62 pounds feels much
lighter than its predecessor, which weighed around a pound. Since it’s lighter and has
a bit more cushion for your face to rest on, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a
huge pair of obnoxious goggles. I wear glasses, so the extra room and sponginess
is appreciated here. Honestly, most of the weight you’ll feel is from the phone. Samsung has made the trackpad easier to use…thank
goodness, because in previous versions you had no tactile feel as to what you were sliding
towards, or tapping into. I mean, it’s essential to the experience,
even if you have an optional controller. So far, I’ve noticed that I can hop in between
apps much faster than before and with less issues. If your phone’s on a contract, you can easily
stream content to the Gear VR from anywhere… Enjoying the world around you is important,
but picking this thing up to explore something else isn’t exactly a pain. Since you’re
completely untethered, you can throw it on your head, check something out and take it
off when you’re done. Just get yourself a nice little bag to keep all of your accessories. While it might seem awkward, and probably
is at first, to be playing a game by yourself in VR while your friend or significant other
is sitting right there on the couch, passing the headset back and forth is kind of fun.
Like sharing what you see on your phone. Even if you’re home alone, I highly suggest using
some kind of headphones, because you lose an important part of the immersive experience
when you’re listening to the sound coming out of your phone. If you’re not worried about what other people
think about you having a contraption on your head, you might get lost in a fun 3D world
and miss your stop. Oops. For VR, there’s a few different directions
you can go. If you’ve never tried an immersive experience,
I suggest you pick up a Google Cardboard and check out a video or photo. While it’s not
“real VR,” it does give you a quick taste of the sensation of blocking out the world
around you to explore a new one. The Gear VR is most certainly the next step
up, and the Oculus Store rates content based on what you like to do, or what you can tolerate.
It does take time to “stomach” playing a shoot-em-up game for 30 minutes or more.
You can get a bit dizzy, so sitting down is optimal. At the end of the day, if you want to be able
to freely roam around your world and jump into a new one at any moment, Gear VR is for
you. Leave the cardboard, cables and monster PC
at home. The holidays are coming, and gifts that inspire
imagination and creativity are always the best ones. It’s $99, requires a Samsung
phone which you can get on a contract and will give you hours and hours of enjoyment….and
the feeling of being in the future.

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100 thoughts on “Samsung Gear VR Review

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  2. got mine today, purchased thru Amazon for $65.00 LOVE IT, highly suggest getting a cooling fan at the same time as your phone will heat-up very fast! oh and it works with the S7&S7edge also.

  3. Bruh All the good shit Cost Money And still are bad i Own One and You can only play about 20 min then The popup Will come "You're Gear vr Needs to Cool down"

  4. i got this and dont recommend! its a cool party trick but nothing more. i will probably never use it as after 5mins you feel dizzy af. it is in my opinion pretty pointless…

  5. The only problem is my Galaxy S7 gets hot real quickly and after 15 min it tells me to take my phone phone out and let it cool down.

  6. It say's that it requires certain galaxy phones to run, then what will happen if i put a phone that is not compatible with it can I see video on my phone through it? I mean I just need the lenses of it and not the full functionality of Gear VR

  7. Bought it and returned that bitch instantly… here im thinking ima really be feeling the "virtual reality" lmao all i was seeing is pixels. Its a type of toy you use once a month when you have nothing else to do.

  8. Wait can't you just get a VR for free when you buy a phone also why do you have to be 13+ to use VR

  9. Does it looks like that 4:17 when playing games? It totally ruins the experience that big partition in the middle.

  10. can you say a best VR headset with wide fov , good quality, a clear view and a controller like Google daydream's compatible with Xiaomi note 4 , supported with many VR apps , with I max theatre under 100 dollors

  11. I just brought my Original Xiaomi VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses from gearbest at $11.59
    Check it out if interested

  12. I want to buy one BT I'm not sure its good or bad for my s7 edge
    clearly I want to know will it kill my phone for overheating ??
    n how it works
    satisfactory or average

  13. I really enjoy this videos, but I don't know how amazing to use 3d samaung Vr box,Do you gave me 3d Samsung vr box

  14. I'm disappointed, this is more an advertisement than a real review.
    Many fancy clips about the games you can play, some funny scenes about the use, but nothing interesting.
    Nothing about comfort, nothing about how powerful it is, nothing about how good/bad the motion tracking etc. work, no comparsion with other VR headsets, nothing about the experience.
    Nothing important in this "review".

  15. The ironic thing is watching vr stuff in 2d is more immersive than it is watching on on vr. May be it's just me but I don't find vr to be any more immersive than watching something on a big screen tv. It's just a picture up close in your face.

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