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What are you up to? Don’t mind me I’m just working on my masterpiece with my new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. That’s amazing.
Thank you. Not you’re drawing, the tablet.
Well you’re not wrong. This super sleek smooth and seamless tablet allows you to have a PC
level performance but something as small as this. No way, it’s incredible.
How perfect is that if you’re on the go? And for work or travelling. So not only is it driven by a powerful new processor that makes everything super, super fast and super sleek, but it also comes with DeX mode that allows you to drop and drag and multitask just like you would on a PC. You simply attach the keyboard book
cover and complete the kit. Or you can turn it into a creative
canvas or notepad using a Bluetooth S-pen. So no need to lug around your laptop?
Exactly. This will do the trick?
Yeah. And you can just pop it in your handbag and off you go.
Yeah it’s incredible. It comes with up to 14 hours worth of
battery life. You know if you need to get loads of work done or whatever you can get so much done. Or get through a whole season on Netflix.
Yeah. That is pretty impressive and I mean I’m huge on mobile entertainment and I love to watch an episode of something when I’m on the train on the way to work and at work, lunch time. I love to have a little game. So entertainment is completely
maximized here with the Super AMOLED screen. And it also has speakers from AKG, it is kitted out for gaming too which is really really awesome, so no matter what game you want to play it runs so smoothly and really comes to life. Just so impressed that this can do all of that. And one of the things which makes it look so great is that the fingerprint scanner is actually built into the digital screen, which is really cool. The bezels are tiny, it’s actually crafted with a metal back here, and not only does it look great but you can tell it’s so comfy.
It’s just so slim and sleek. Yeah. And seriously lightweight. Yeah it’s great, and it’s also part of the Galaxy ecosystem which basically links your smartphone, tablet and watch together with your Samsung Account. So what happens if you want to log on in the same account, but on all your devices? So it gives you access to Samsung’s call and message continuity, which basically lets you make and take calls or texts with devices other than your smartphone. It keeps you really really connected
to your friends and family. You’ll literally never miss another text or call.
Exactly. Pretty impressed. Have a little go?
Why thank you, I shall. And if you would like to know more visit Curry’s PC World in-store or online. This is so cool.
It’s very good actually.

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