Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Hands On

I’ve had a week to live with the Samsung
Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and they’ve stood up well to my demanding phone addiction. Stellar battery life is the big, bolded 900
pt headline of this release. The major capacity upgrades on the S7 line are joyously evident
after the first day’s use even with the Edge’s larger 5.5 inch screen. The differences
over the s6 line are measured in multiple hours. After a week of pretty heavy usage
of the S7 Edge, pushing Netflix streaming, VR gaming and hours of full brightness web
browsing I’ve yet to take a mid-day charge, in fact I haven’t hit 0% at all which is
fairly mind-boggling to me as I’m usually charging my iPhone 6 by 3pm most days. The feature I was surprised to appreciate
the most was the new always-on display. When it’s sitting on my desk it’s nice to be
able to glance at the time without having to fully wake the phone. It’s definitely
a small feature but really useful and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up saving more battery
life than it costs with my usage. The Edge screen has still yet to really prove
its usefulness and it’s actually kind of a pain to swipe up the edge to summon the
new Edge tasks screen. That being said it does look really nice. The superior ergonomics
of the edge is alone enough to make me choose the device over it’s plainer sibling. the
new curved back and reduced camera bulge really highlight the killer build quality of this
device that made the s6 edge feel more blocky. The water resistance is a welcome return and
has improved in its absence. This is really only optimized for when the phones takes an
accidental dive, trying to take photos underwater using the physical shutter button wasn’t
all that plausible and the touchscreen is of course not usable at all under water. For Gear VR experiences, the new snapdragon
820 will be sure to improve performance as the chipset is optimized for VR gaming. Where
the S6 would start to burn up after heavy usage the s7 line remains cool under pressure. It seems like Samsung actually listened to
the gripes from customers regarding the s6 line and addressed almost all of them. What
results is a phone that may not be thinner and lighter than ever but packs the actual
user functions that people rely in daily use.

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8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Hands On

  1. Publish a detailed review or don't upload one at all.
    The reviews are the basic source to make decisions to buy these $700 phones.
    Will you make this decision over a 2 minute video?

  2. I get such a charge out of the idea that all this is somehow acceptable. All of these phones cost far less to build than they are sold for, yet society has for some bizarre reason accepted the idea that a small device can cost more than a laptop computer, yet has absolutely NOTHING in it that can justify this cost. Compound that with the idea that for some reason we think we need a new one every two or three years and its clear there is real disconnect between those who understand technology and those who are clueless.

    Then there is this battery issue, it is a well known fact that phones come with the lowest budget batteries they can. How can we be sure this is the case here and not think Samsung knew TechCrunch would be reviewing the phone and made sure they got after market batteries? After all if you purchase an aftermarket battery, you will get the same results shown here on ANY phone or device that requires a battery to operate!

  3. so you think I Can reach 6h Screen on time if I stay always on YouTube on Wi-Fi with only social apps in The background ?

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