Samsung Galaxy S10e vs S10 Review: Which is the Best Galaxy?

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66 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10e vs S10 Review: Which is the Best Galaxy?

  1. What Samsung DIDN'T tell you about the Galaxy S10: – which do you prefer in the battle between Samsung Galaxy S10e vs S10 vs S10+?

  2. The regular s10 is my favorite perfect size one hole punch looks cleaner than two like the plus and much easier to handle than the plus. I just wish the display was flat like the e.

  3. I've heard alot of reviews say the side mounted scanner on the e is actually faster than the in display on the s10 and plus

  4. I'm not a fan of having the fingerprint scanner anywhere but the front, plus I like for my everyday camera to be as flexible as possible, but the S10+ is a little too big. S10 for me.

  5. If I was going to get the new Galaxy s10, for me personally I wouldn't get the s10e. I would, in my opinion, get the s10. For me I don't really care about the storage expandability or RAM you get on the S10+. And for those that are going to say that the S10e is far better, okay yeah it is for the price and maybe the flat screen for those that don't like curved screens and the fact that it's easier to hold given it's smaller, but honestly outside of that, why is it a far better phone? As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and case in point. The camera, although similar to the s10 and s10 + is not the same in the S10e, and the fingerprint scanner, even though it may be faster to me is in an absolutely ridiculous location. If you were going to put in a fingerprint scanner, put it in the screen like the S10 and S10 +. Not in the power button.

  6. I went back and forth with the s10 and the s10e and went with the s10e bcuz it packs just as much as the more expensive ones.. I'm selling my ones plus 6t

  7. S10e is the best one to buy because the fingerprint sensor in the s10 and s10+ are first gen in screen sensors for samsung its still in the trial era but the e will definitely always work, as for the phones itself they are all great but s10e is the biggest suprise for me if it had the 3500mah 🔋 it would be as we say in England 'the dogs bollocks'

  8. The S10e is the Model 3 & the S10 is the Model S. I'll take the S10e because of price. size and the flat display. Two rear cameras will work perfectly fine for me. I only wish there was a red color option.

  9. Good video… Originally I was going to get the S10 e but then I went to Best Buy and compared to the regular S10 and the regular S10 is almost the same width and it's little thinner, but it is taller and I think curved screen makes it easier to hold in the hand and when I pre-ordered it I got the wireless Samsung buds … what was funny in your video is every time you showed the three phones you never showed the S10 e next to the regular S10 it was always comparing to the S10 plus which is quite a bit bigger. I think the real reason to get the S10e is to have the flat screen, which definitely would make it easier to get a screen protector.

  10. You got the Exynos version. In the US we didn't get a case or the buds for the pre-order but you get 600 points from Samsung and the Galaxy Buds cost like 560 points. So, you can get the Galaxy Buds for free if you know what you're doing. I love my s10e. I hate the curved glass and in-display fingerprint scanners aren't all that. I've used them.

  11. IMO, one of the great reasons to go for the s10e, that a lot of people fail to mention is the non-curved screen. The curved screen is not screen-protector friendly, It does not work with nearly any tempered glass protector, (apart from that expensive UV-kit one) they all end up building air between the glass and the original screen, making it hard to press. Flimsy film will look bad after a few weeks.

    With devices being so expensive these days, you really want a case and a screen protector. They are also fingerprint magnets, which looks gross.

  12. You just missed the most two important points.
    First if you're really concerned about the 6GB of RAM as being not enough which is an ludicrous comment, you can pump it up to 8GB if you opt for the 256GB version for $100 more.
    Second, people like the S10e because it doesn't have that awkward curved display that unnecessarily causes annoying light reflection from the edges, and makes it hard to hold the damn phone without accidentally activating apps that sit near the edges. Besides, why should I see your forehead curving out of view when watching a video?! That's just plain dumb in my opinion.
    A bonus point, the capacitive fingerprint scanner on the S10e is a lot faster than the in-display ultrasonic one. That's just a fact.

    You left all these points behind for some reason.

  13. I consider the differences positives not shortcomings. S10e fps is faster and more accurate. And the flat screen doesn't warp the image at the edges.

  14. I like 10e because of the flat screen and toxic colors! I don't see the point in an ultrasonic fingerprint, yes it's new but not as fast as the one in power button! And of course, it's good to have all 3 rear cameras but I think that the wide angle camera is better than the telephoto. I have a tele on my iPhone and I use it rarely.

  15. Flat display flat display flat display

    Oh and I type with one hand so it fits better then the s10 in my hand and mostly that curved display causes handling function errors

  16. I m totally ok with s10e with its size and design and fingerprint also but only thing is display Quality low thats why i will go for s10 Yeah s10 Little bigger but display pixel density is more important

  17. Cant, you show a video showing the two screens and how the videos look? I mean no offense but I came to see a comparison of the phones and what I am seeing is mostly you talking and that's not what I want to see,.

  18. Also why in all the videos of the s10 models do they reference the phones not in order of size?
    Also should have physically shown in the video all 3 phones from small to big to show the size comparison

  19. Thinking of getting the s10e for the value. I won't be using the cameras as much, and the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is ehhh, not for me. Only thing I really want is the s10+ massive battery life, but not worth an extra 250 for battery. As a min wage college guy, s10e looks promising!

  20. For me personally it’s the s10e.
    I know technically it’s the cheaper option but it’s got cute colours and it’s small.
    I think phones have got so big that I’m alone feeling like I’d like a smaller one for my next one.
    It’s also flat which is a great bit plus for me personally ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  21. If you care about sound quality listening to music like MP3 or any kind of music file. Be aware it's not good. Audio quality is atrocious. I switched from the LG V30+ to the S10e. I regret it. Battery is smaller. Also what these reviews are not telling you is connectivity issues with LTE. Also battery drain on sleep mode which shouldn't happen. Went from 98% at night, by morning it was at 64% without being touched. There are a lot of bugs they are not telling you about. Be aware before purchasing. They rushed the release. These guys who reviewed this phone are getting paid to avoid the issues. They don't know if it's hardware or software. A lot of updates. So far I've had 3 in 12 days.

  22. I'm sure they were more so saying it was the best model for for your buck. By no means is the s10e a budget phone but as most who who reviews it doesnt claim it to be, either. Sure, if you had unlimited money than the s10+ 1tb model would be the best, but clearly they arent saying the s10e is beating something like that. They are saying it is the best value for the average consumer who doesnt have $1000+ dollars to spend on a phone and spending such would be an big investment for them. They are telling them it is not worth it and the s10e is the best value snd the extra $250 is not worth it.

  23. S10 e is best becoz of flat screen , curve display doesn't hold screen protectors well and back case push the screen protectors off mostly and secondly in display fingerprint doesn't work well with screen protectors. I have s7 edge for 2 years and i have changed screen guards so many time cuz back case always pushes it off from edges . Curve displays give good feeling to look at screen but they are not practical with screen protectors.

  24. I have the s9 and am thinking of getting either the 10 or the 10e. I have read however that the screen resolution is WORSE than the s9 on the 10e. thoughts?

  25. The s10e is the best for most people that don't have a grand to drop on every new cellphone… I feel like reviewers don't think nearly enough about this Huge FACT and they should it's missed up a thousand dollars can legit by a 65in tv for the whole family. Also having more than 6gb of ram is useless and just a number if you actually know tech than you know not a single device uses over 5gb of ram.

  26. Id rather the s10 because it feels more premium and its bigger and better battery but i also like the flat display and the lower price on the s10e

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