Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max DROP Test!

– Alright it’s your boy, EverythingApple- pray
for these phones, because (Laughs) we’re about the destroy them in Machine Gun Keaton. Lets go overboard, lets
destroy these bad boys. This is the first time
I’m ever collaborating, so work with me and what
an exciting subject. The Samsung Galaxy s10, its tenth year anniversary today. – So what we’re doing
is finally collaborating on a durability test,
we’re going to be doing a drop test between the
iPhone 10X Max, of course and – And the Samsung Galaxy s10 plus so lets dig in, take a look at these bad boys and yeah, as you can see we
went a little bit overboard but our mistake is for the
benefit of you guys, we’re going to be doing a
giveaway as a part of this video 5 Galaxy s10 pluses? – Yeah, 5 Galaxy s10 Pluses
giveaway will last two weeks, Everything you need to know
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both of us on Instagram @phonerebel, @techsmartt – Yeah
– and you’re all set! Like the photo too, comment on there – And this is separate from the Arun one with Mrwhosetheboss – Yes
– Just so you guys know – 5 new phones we actually have in hand, we got them early,
these things come out on On March,8th, so you’ll
have them basically right before everyone else gets them. – Anyways, whats, ooo. – That’s in green, there’s four colors. – Whoa that’s beautiful, wow
– It looks like a blue! – That is beautiful, I like that a lot. – You guys know what
the 10x Max looks like – I did not get to see this
color at the pre-briefing, and we got to see it early, cool! (clatter)
(laughs) – It, eh, it survived.
– Get it outta here! Alright so basically what
we’re doing is of course the customary drop test. This is Samsungs most durable device ever, in fact this could be one of the most durable phones on the market right now with Cornering Gorilla Glass
6 and the specs are basically 15 drops from 1 meter, 3.3
feet, survived all of them. That’s what Corning says. – Compared to the iPhone 10x Max which has dual ION glass, I mean; we’ve
both done drop tests before. – Yeah, they’re pretty
durable, I would say. – We know what to
expect, but we don’t know what to expect from the s10
and really that’s 10 plus – Yeah, it’s going to
be an exciting one so – 6.4 inch screen,
imagine if you break this, a thousand dollar phone,
like, would you ya- – Ohh yeah, honestly – Checking out the features,
this is Samsungs phone with the Infinity-O Display. – I’m a little scared for this
if you were to drop it here would that effect the driver? – We should definitely test that – Alright, lets get set up and lets start Damn, this thing is sleek. – A big thing a lot of you might think is that I’m really short
and Phillips really tall but actually it’s the other
way around, I’m actually around 6’3, how tall are you? – 5’11 – 5’11 and why this matters
is how we’re going to be dropping it and from what height. So we’re going to be keeping
it even by going from – About right here, yeah – The pin, like the little
ribbon on our pants. – Honestly I’m so afraid to drop this – I know!
– It’s so beautiful! – Every time we do these,
don’t you ever feel like, why? – Terrible, terrible.
Honestly, like if you guys think I
enjoy doing this, I don’t. I really hate, but I wanna
know how durable it is. – But we know you like watching it – Okay
– Alright – Here we go! So waist height, so this is
where most people probably are gonna be dropping their phones from and we’re just gonna
give it a corner drop. 3, 2, 1.
(clatter) – First s10 drop, flawless. – Ahh
– We’ve got some plastic, I’ll take that off, but, I
doubt that will help much. – Now for the iPhone 10s Max
with the duo ion x glass. I mean these things,
you know how they fare. – Just for reference – Dropping in 3, 2, I hate doing this, 1. (clatter) – There it is. – If that happened on the
s10, it could be lights out. Lets check for damage,
little bit of scuffing there, at its impact point. Screen is perfectly flawless. – I’m adding another step to this, and this is the drop from the top, because there’s a camera here
now that might change things. I’m curious to see so,
waist height, top down 3, 2, 1. (clatter) Ooh. So that one went a little bit forward – That didn’t sound good! – Okay there’s a nice
healthy guage right there – Alright so top down
on the iPhone 10x Max Here we go, in 3, 2, 1. (clatter) – Nice, good drop, you’re
good at this stuff! – You’re good at this stuff! – It’s like you do this. – Alright, any damage? At the top, I mean, you guys
know how this is gonna be. – Yeah – We need to actually do some tests. – Okay, so I say back
now, this is gonna be a little more scary, you’ve
got a larger camera lens on this one, this protrudes more – This camera, not as bad as it used to be – Waist height, in 3, 2, 1 (clatter) – Ooh jeez. No! – That’s gonna be broken for sure – Alright. (clatter) – Ooh
– Woa – This ridge sticks out, just barely and that captured the fall first. Very cool, thank you Samsung. – And that’s green, but looks blue! (Chuckles) – Cool – So – So, seal of approval for s10 lets see what you got. – Back first?
– Hold on 3 – 2, 1. (clatter) – Okay. – And also clean, impact point? It’s not not far from camera. – Okay, so they’re tied – No problems – No winners yet. But of course, one has to break. Which one is it gonna be here? 3, 2, 1. (clatter) – Woo (clatter) – And, wow. That’s- – That’s it!
That’s it! – Baby that is it. – And that’s a pretty big
problem if you don’t have a case. We’re making a video later,
because of the curved edges I mean you can see it
right there, if your phone lands face first, – Wow – glass first dude. – It is so important to
have a case on this phone. – Would the screen protector of saved it? – No, that little thin one?
No way! That was, not even the glass one. – Just the distribution of weight there, it landed there first – No, it’s bad too it went everywhere. – Does it cut your fingers? – It doesn’t, so that’s the
one thing about Gorilla Glass I always appreciate, is you
can run your finger on it, use the phone just the same
way and nothing really changes. – But we are not liable
if anything happens. (laughs) – Ayy I’m disappointed man! I expected, that was what?
That’s three feet right there Like not even, if; when
they said fifteen drops – Okay, this is the most important part It’s actually not working. – Oooh! – Like that’s only where this matters. – Will the finger print work
once the screen is broken. – Dynamic duo. – Okay so I guess at this
point, I’d like to see how bad can the screen get. – It’s working, it’s still working. – Thank goodness! How badly can we crack this and still have the finger print work?
That’s a challenge in itself. – Or will the iPhone 10x Max crack? – Lets see. – Here we go, dropping in 3, 2, 1. (clatter) – Good drop Nice little spin. – It’s like a tech deck! – I love those!
Ayy! iPhone won this round, sadly. I was really rooting for
the s10, just so you know. I wanted this thing to win. – I think we root for the
new devices every year man. – Man – It’s gotta be how it is! – But honestly
– I know! – They push the envelope
too much, it’s too thin! The glass is simply too thin,
you can see how thin it is. – The higher up we go, if we
hit some of the other edges, I think this phones gonna be toast. – Okay, so from this
point I guess, like I said let’s see what kind of damage,
what extend can this go to and still keep the finger print
alive and then the back too so, next step is head height. You know, we’re obviously
different heights, we’ll try and match this up as much as possible. – It’s gotta be the
second most popular way of dropping your phone. – Just so we know where we’re at. Hold it there.
I’m gonna drop mine, and then, you drop yours. In 3, 2, 1. (clatters) Here we go. – Dropping in 3, 2, Who am I kidding, I
know this will work, 1. (clatter) – Good drop!
Good drop. – Whoa! Alright, lets put them side
by side and see the damage. – Okay – So I think, it cracked there before. But it’s starting to really
come to the center of display. – It’s spidering a bit more. Oh! Somehow the back has not broken yet. We got a nasty gauge right there. iPhone somehow, like I just, I don’t know – Oh!
Whoa! – Oh no way. – We got it! (laughs) – Ohhh – It’s so hard to see unless
you look at the right angle. – Wow – Hope you’re getting that? Okay yeah, that’s through the glass, – That’s bad huh
– not the LCD For the record and, it
started right there on impact. So, not so much damage
on the steel here. But, – Let me see – Woo – So the back is perfectly fine on both. – Okay well. – It’s a challenge accepted! – Here we go.
This is back glass now. So again, Gorilla Glass 6, I don’t know how this one has lasted this long. Lets push it to the edge. Literally, in 3, 2, 1. (clatters) – Oh my! – Without a doubt broken. – Alright, Alright.
What do you think? – Five dollars. – Five? Done!
– Here we go. – I don’t think it’s broken. – Alright, five dollars
if that doesn’t break. Let’s go
– Fair enough Alright, dropping in 3, 2, 1. (clatter) – Oof, nasty fall. – Well he have, more cracks on the front. Now we double check OH!
– OH! (shrieks) – Woo!
(both laugh) I won that bet! So looking at the front of
the iPhone 10s Max here, you can tell that it’s
cracked a little bit more and then on the back – Wow!
– It’s still perfectly fine. – Wow.
– Further impact though, on the steel. – The glass here actually
got scuffs on it. – That’s what I’m so confused
about, why would the front break so easily, and it’s a thicker glass – No it’s still working, still good. – But it’s glitching, and you
have to sometimes power off. – It definitely is, it definitely is. Okay it’s taking the
destruction even further let’s just break this thing all the way. In 3, 2, 1. (clash) – Ooh – Okay, in 3, 2, I feel pretty good. 1.
(clatter) – Oh
– Ooh (clatter) – Honestly, I think that deserves a redo. – A re drop? 3, 2, 1.
– Okay. (clash) – That is how we do it!
– Ooh Oh we got, this did happen
so, we just broke the back, didn’t even realize that. – We finally got the back to break. – Okay – Cracked at the top, and on
the front. That’s gonna do it. – That’s gonna do it. – But compared to the s10
plus which cracked first. – Ohh, you got some major lacerations. It’s bad, but can you
use both, lets find out. – No match.
– Face ID works, surprisingly though, there are cracks. – Oh, looks like finger
print sensors busted. – Ooh. – I can’t get into the phone anymore. – The good news is
though, you can use your Galaxy Buds to make you feel better. – Oh, Okay.
I got it to work. It’s very erratic, and
it doesn’t like to work. But somehow, still
hanging in there, lagging. – So it’s not that
accurate, with the cracks. – Definitely. And that’s why screen
protectors, even on these, there’s only certain ones that will work – You’re probably gonna need a case, – For sure.
– and a screen protector. – Alright it’s your boy, EverythingApple- pray for these phones! (laughs) Because we’re about to destroy them in Machine Gun Keaton. Let’s go overboard, lets
destroy these bad boys I don’t know how the
backs have survived but, another head height. Here we go. 3, 2, 1. (clatter) Okay, that’s gotta do it. I think that’s got it. – Are you ready for this, aw.
(chuckles) 3, 2, 1. (clatter) – Lets see what we got. – Oohhh man, jeez.
– Ohhh Kill shot! – Oh and on the back. – So I would say the
s10 is not as durable as the iPhone 10x Max from our initial tests. This screen, the front
one broke way too fast, and another factor in this is
that the finger print censor becomes way too difficult to use. Like you literally, it
doesn’t work anymore. The accuracy gets lost,
and I have to scan it, now its not even working at all. – Face ID still works for me. – So this is what we’re
seeing with the camera test, this camera may look okay,
but we can’t tell because this display is all obscured. That ones foggy because- – Dude is that a new
lens or a filter on snap? (laughs) – All in all, the iPhone
is truly the survivor here, you can use the phone as a
normal phone without having to compromise with this garbage
right on your display, so. Samsung great try but I expected more from the Gorilla Glass 6, honestly. No hate, no hate
– I mean, I expected more from this video so, lets
do uh, a few more tests. – Lets just destroy the crap outta these – Of course – What does it take to completely stop the finger print censor from working? – And face ID – Ten foot drop, bring
you over the ladder. Alright here we go baby,
this is the killshot so, pretty much as high as I can go, ten feet. 3, 2, 1. (clatter) Oooh – That hurts (clatter) Ooh, it still works! – Okay I think we can
erase the doubt that the finger print censor won’t work because now your screen doesn’t work at all. – Well, sort of does. (both laugh) – Yeah, that’s it. – That’s a big repair and
I’m honestly curious to see how much it costs right out of the gate to get one of these fixed. – It’s not even worth fixing, period. – You have to buy a new one basically. – No way. – And now the iPhone 10s Max 3, 2, 1. (clatter) Um, not a face one, can
you give me that again? I’m doing a re-drop. – Ooh. – Ooh baby! – I think that
– We don’t need a re-drop! – Honestly, these have had enough, we’ve put them through too much. – Gee, does it still work? iPhone still is the clear winner. – Yeah.
– And works – Hands down. Like, if you’re gonna beat
these things up completely, the iPhone will at the end of the day – And we did it!
– Yeah, still work so. Thanks for watching guys, just want to say hope you enjoyed it, thank
you Keaton for coming, – Of course
– all the way here! – Make sure you check out
the playlist link down in the description and up in the
iCard for all the s10 videos we’re doing this week. We’ve got a water test,
ecoATM, everything you guys know us for, we’re teaming up to do. So that’s it for this one,
catch you guys next time – Peace out guys – Rip (clatter)

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