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100 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: Future Imperfect

  1. I'm gonna miss MR. Mobile from Boston but I am very much excited about Mr. MOBILE from Brooklyn!

    This review was amazing in how it appreciates and acknowledges what the galaxy fold actually represents! A damn good effort to nudge us all towards the future of smartphone computing!

  2. I'd rather have 2 regular screens on the inside. I could get used to it. Many times he uses the large screen split in two anyways to display several apps. I wouldn't mind reading with a (horizontal) line across the screen.

  3. Having to put it away in the rain is nagging on a higher level. I mean you're not gonna stay in the rain anyway and a few raindrops aren't going to hurt the phone even without proofing.

  4. My opinion in a nutshell – f*** this phone! 😀 I feel there's a limit to what a phone's screen size should be, and this is way bigger, whereas the outer screen is too narrow. Not practical AT ALL.

  5. Best review i have seen so far. l love it that you gave the pros and cons from your prospective with out telling us if to buy one or not, also i agree total that the fold makes smart phones exciting again.

  6. Smartphone companies push for bezelless designs and curved screens because some people (Tech Reviewers) think the average consumer want that. Sure notches are and have always looked ridiculous, but tear drop designs like OnePluse 7 or even the Essential Phone are perfectly fine. We simply want a device with a great screen (tear drop is fine), excellent camera, clear audio and a battery that will last at least 2 days.

  7. Yeah it’s cool but I still can’t get over those bezels that are like bigger than the screen? I know it’s needed for folding screen but how did they get away with that?

  8. This channel is great and objective but you can do with less exaggerated facial expressions, it's like those game mods where they crank the facial expressions to a 1000

  9. I can't wait for about the 3rd or 4th generation. That's when I will buy in. But then they will have the kinks and software smoothed out a lot more.
    I have used Note's excludibely since the Note 4 because it's the best screen and the stylus.
    So this phone has the ultimate screen for media so I will save up for one when they are ready for me.
    I just hope by then they have a great stylus.

  10. I completely disagree.
    It's a gimmick for only few who would appreciate it, nut so are a supercars.
    Having all this power that you'll necer use unless you want to loose your licence.
    For an average Joe to spend all that money and loosing an ability to keep this device comfortably in your pocket is just not real.
    So now you can watch your YT videos or check maps on a bigger screen… maybe you should just get some glasses or stick to a device called tablet and allow your phone to fit in your pocket.
    It's a gimmick, not a future.

  11. I wouldnt say they broke the mold lol but they broke something. Its not a ground breaking device but its a start i guess…ill wait for someone to perfect folding devices before i buy another!

  12. When flexible glass arrives, this category is going to explode. It's so obviously the way forward for the now boring phone format. I can't wait. Well, actually I am waiting. 😁

  13. So glad to have finally run into you before you moved. I'll miss seeing Schrafft's Center in your videos! Goodluck in the Big Apple!

  14. Great review. Please get the Huawei Mate X for review even if its not going to be sold in the US (as least not yet).

  15. Yeah, I don't think this will take off quite like the Note did. As goofy as it was at the time, The Note was basically the same as the other phones but bigger. With bigger phones, you also get extra room for a bigger battery and things like that. With folding phones, I feel like you lose too much for too little gain. They're more than double the price of a regular phone (I wouldn't say $1000 phones are normal), but you have to be so careful with it because of it's frail design. If you want extra battery life, they just have to make our extremely thin devices a little thicker which most people probably wouldn't care about. I would prefer if my phone was thicker and could house a bigger battery and it would also just be easier to hold. If we can make bezels so thin that they're not really noticeable, you'd think that someone could develop a dual screen phone that accomplishes the same thing as the Fold but for way less money and is also more durable. Or even that new LG phone with the secondary display that you can attach onto the phone, there must be a way to delete that bezel between the screens if you absolutely need a near seamless display.

  16. BlackBerry Passport was ahead of its time and still probably one of the most optimal options in terms of productivity with big screen

  17. The Fold is an incredible versatile device. Practically 2 devices in 1 with mobility a major upside. Imo I prefer to carry less weight and bulk with 1 device rather than a phone and say notebook/tablet separately.

  18. Fantastic review! It's been delayed on my carrier in Japan until December though!
    I'm not so sure about the ingress protection complaints. It's definitely more fragile, but using your phone in the rain? With today's large displays, the water quickly gets on the display and makes the phones unusable. The only exception are those with active styluses, and there's what? The Galaxy Notes, the newest Moto Z, the Huawei Notes, one other Chinese brand I can't remember, and that's it.

    Not so thrilled about your move. Boston was great to see in your videos. New York… meh, I've seen enough of that and it's not as nice. But hey, I'm sure it's a great move career-wise and you'll have much more to do in your free time. Not so much, perhaps, in terms of building quality and price though.

  19. Terrible screen as a smartphone, fragile plastic junk as a tablet..this Fold is nothing I would ever want in a foldable..

  20. u felt it was surreal when it started raining & u had to put the phone away 🤣 lol yo we are really spoiled nowadays

  21. $3000 AUD price tag will never compel me to buy a phone at that cost! Just fucking ridiculous as you can get a return european airline ticket during peak season from Melbourne. Don’t get sucked in people and be sensible with your hard earned money!

  22. The first foldable that matters? Probably not, in fact I'd say it's probably a major setback for the upcoming foldable. All the problems and reliability issues with this phone have been hurting the concept.

  23. Wow…here we go again. We are about to enter new era of communication tech. This phone reminds me of Nokia Communicators which marked the end of mobile phone era and begining of smartphone. Beware, folded phone is a sign of humankind once again will have new definition of phone!!

  24. Didn't use the Fold all day and was surprised it still had charge? Used the Pixel 4 all day and was surprised it was dead?

  25. 3yrs ago…,i am following this guy since he use to be in pocketnow….. thank god he left n started his own channel so now i dont follow pocketnow this days n only mr mobile big fan of this guy …..kuddos

  26. Mr. Mobile, I love that you always inject your love of Star Trek in your videos. You should always subtitle your videos with episode names from Star Trek. E.G. Amok Time for the number of android phones competing for attention, or Redemption for Apple’s iPhone 11 comeback. Well, you get it. Thanks for being one of the best tech reviewers on YouTube. 🖖

  27. I genuinely don't understand this man's excitement over foldable phones. Yes it's a gimmick, no it's not the future. Just because you're different doesn't mean you're actually good.

  28. When is said, this is the first folding phone that matters, and Apple is nowhere …multitask is so slick on this phone. As Michael said, Samsung has done again!!!!

  29. This is such an awesome review, I love my fold its amazing and I enjoy it for the games for my school. For my friends and people who have never seen it before.

  30. The mocking of the Note 1 is a perfect example of how clueless western reviewers actually are. I was in Singapore when the note Note 1 hit and immediately adopted as the west bitched on it… a metaphor for west vs Est if there ever was one…. (yeah i'm western, just no delusion). That being said love this guys reviews (recall him from pocket now).

  31. has anyone had trouble with fold front screen I have been using the fold for a few weeks now. Really disappointed with it. Samsung didn't realize the camera in IG FB & Snapchat hasn't synchronized with the fold images are seen different on everyone else's feed. The images are uploaded differently on fold open and closed. the filters are all shown cut when uploading from the fold open scree. I discussed with Samsung Online support via phone support and even went to the store. They said Id have to wait at least 2 – 3 months before being able to use FB IG & snap chat like the rest of the world. I am a loyal Samsung fan. But unfortunately, I feel really let down.

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