Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be the new Galaxy Note?!

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100 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be the new Galaxy Note?!

  1. The folding note makes total sense, S Pen will be perfect. Rebranding fold as Note removes the stigma attached to the "fold" branding which has taken an initial hit

  2. This rumor should've been dead at the beginning. We all know how stylus affects plastic screens …and Samsung's S-pen isn't soft.

  3. With that plastic screen, i dont think pen will work because "it scratches at level 2 with deeper grooves at level 3", and the plastic tip on the s pen is level 2 or even 3. And imagine your display always scratched. No. Folding phones wont be a thing until they put something as strong as glass. Until then, nothing.

  4. What’s interesting here is how the screen is changed to support S Pen input. It must be a more durable screen than we had this year.

  5. Samsung have to figure out how to protect screen from 4000 levels of pressure from the SPen when even fingernails are causing damage on Galaxy Fold

  6. If the screen is made of both glass and flexible oled, then I'll buy it. But it must have protections in place.

  7. The price though. =(

    They should still have an S-pen version of the Galaxy S that I could buy for $1,000.

    The Fold needs an S-Pen but it shouldn't be their only mobile phone that has one.

  8. With prices of the note series reaching a 1000 bucks and the fold series 2000 bucks, would a fusion with an s pen make it 1500 bucks? The price is.the problem 😬

  9. Unless they can make a hard screen for Fold 2, (very unlikely this soon) there will be no SPen there. If a Fold comes along with an SPen and a tough screen, I'd buy it.

  10. i'm sure they will review the tip of the pen. My biggest concern is about the plastic screen , i wish it could be more durable

  11. till the durability issues are not fixed on the Fold (meaning a version with bendable Glass) and the bulkyness is reduced it will not be able to replace the Note.

  12. De facto. The galaxy one or s11 is set to bridge the gap between the two models while simplifying and freeing up their product line for more exposure. This is a smart move if they don't want to put the fold beyond most consumers reach. Hopefully the work on screen material durability and the price. I'm sure most people would find a 999 USD fold more appealing.

  13. When I saw the Galaxy Fold, I thought immediately on how cool it'd be for it to have an S pen, that's probably the perfect form factor for the system, and as a Note fan, I want it to happen.

  14. Love my Apple Watch 4 .. the new os really was a great upgrade but the 5 just isn’t worth it to me just to have the screen on all the time.

  15. 1) catalina. For the umpteenth time, boring.
    2) galaxy note fold? Until they resolve the os update and bloatware, it’s a waste of time.

  16. Can someone please give me one solid reason why there is no Apple Pencil Support on latest iPhones? With so many drawing apps, IPhone NEEDS pencil support!

  17. I work in an dusty environment, the note has always been a durable phone for me.. I could never even daily drive the new fold, so I hope they figure that far as the dirt tolerance for the folding hinges.

  18. I'm not sure about it. Note is a product for masses while the Fold is just a cult.
    This technology is still too young

  19. I don't think so… That galaxy fold can take place of Samsung Note series… Because it can be replacement r a new generation of a tablet but not a NOTE.

  20. Galaxy fold with S-Pen, yes please… But… Will it only work on a larger outer screen or will Samsung have perfected that foldable glass they patented not to long ago so it will work in unfolded mode as well????

  21. A note fold with pen? no,still like the phone we get. and in time the fold would not last as long as the note line will.

  22. Galaxy note fold? No thank you I cant afford to pay $2000 US dollars which is even more when converted to Canadian dollars, too expensive

  23. It will never happen , the note line will stay separate from the s series and the fold . And an S pen on a soft screen wouldn't be a good idea. I'm a long term note user ,but I wouldn't buy a foldable one, it's not any where near robust enough ,and I don't want a crease through the middle of the screen.

  24. If it is, then Samsung will definitely be killing off the Note line basically. The Note 10 is almost as much of a disaster as the first Galaxy Fold that came out.

  25. That fold will be smaller than the original fold with an spen when open, sad, very sad. If it had the same size as the note 10+ unfolded, then yes.

  26. I probably won't consider a Galaxy Note Fold. I am not an early adopter and I want the tech to be perfected, also as long as it's as huge as the Galaxy Fold, it's a no go for me. I would only consider a Galaxy Fold when t's like the Moto Razr fold, making a phone a lot smaller rather than making a big Phone even bigger when unfolding it. The Razr concept with an S-Pen would be ideal for me.

  27. 4:23 I had been dreaming of a "Samsung Galaxy Fold Note" for some time now. However, it'll probably not get some of the features I already miss from Note8 and Note9.

  28. That's what It should of been from the start. It would have intrigued alot more people with more display to write and draw on.

  29. Using a modern spen on plastic is terrible. I had a plastic screen protector and it made dents on my note 7. They'd have to go back to a note 4 style spen… Which was Terrible

  30. Amazes me how little people know about future tech? Samsung has invented foldable glass! They will implement it on the new Galaxy "Fold" Note!✌

  31. That’s a no from me for a number of reasons but the biggest being that I hardly ever used the stylus pen that came with my Note phones. I’m certain that I wouldn’t use it with the Fold either. I own a Fold and it just ain’t happening for me.

  32. I have a note 10 plus with a sillicone screen peotector and the marks of the spen is VERY noticeable. Now try to imagine the galaxy fold with the marks of an spen? No thanks. I will stick with the note

  33. If they can make the screen tougher and can withstand s-pen input, then yes. As of right now, I'm skeptical, with the current Fold, you can even scratch the screen with just fingernail.

  34. I wish Samsung could somehow fuse glass and plastic…. you know like make the middle plastic and the sides glass oh well i guess we'll have to wait until 2025

  35. Galaxy Note 11 should open up to a 10-12inch screen come with an s pen and come with a dock that props it up. Market it toward professionals. Side accessory could be keyboard/mouse and bam you have a portable laptop/tablet/phone in your pocket.Would love this and support for windows.

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