Samsung Challenges Tesla for EV Battery Dominance – Will it Matter? – Teslanomics Live Sept 18, 2017

– Hey everyone, thanks
for joining me here on Teslanomics Live. I’m your host, Ben Sullins,
and what we do here is we recap the biggest Tesla news from the week that has passed, and I talk about any other things that we have going on with the channel. If you’re watching this after the fact, after the livestream, I will
have a comment down below with timestamps of every
different story I cover, so you can jump straight over to that. As well as in the description down below, I’ll have links to the full stories behind everything I share today. So, what I do is I have two
different segments, essentially. The short and the long. And the short is the
thing I’m betting against, the thing I don’t like, whereas
the long is the thing I do, so borrowing some terms
from the economy and markets to talk about Tesla
and Tesla-related news. So first and foremost,
I want to talk about, well before I get too far on, let’s just talk about
Tesla stock for a second. Can you imagine it’s up to
almost $381 at the moment? Which is pretty crazy. So it seems to be on the rise,
and we’ll talk a little bit about that here in a second. But I’ll start with my short. And my short this week, once I pull it up and get it on the right page for you. My short this week is about the California Car Dealers Association are expanding their
complaint against Tesla over the referral program. So this comes to us from CleanTechnica, a website that I often refer to when I’m looking for Tesla news. And I’ll read a little bit about it and then I’ll give you my take on it. So, “The California New
Car Dealers Association has “expanded its complaint
against Tesla in relation “to the modern electric car pioneer’s “use of customer referral programs. “The California New Car
Dealers Association has sent “yet another letter to the state’s “Department of Motor Vehicles “explaining how cruel and
unfair Tesla’s approach is.” I can’t believe that’s actually
a thing they’re saying. “Automotive News provides more. “The CNCDA,” that’s the
group, “claims Tesla’s various “referral programs engage
in bird-dogging practices, “enticing owners with
incentives to act as unlicensed “salespeople,” like myself. “California law states that
it is illegal for a company “to offer rebates,
discounts or commissions “to anyone without a sales
license on the condition “that they sell or aid in the selling “of that company’s goods.” So part the deal, lemme
adjust my camera here for you, is that there’s this
program called bird-dogging, this is a term that’s used
in the automotive industry that has been in place
and is still in place in many other states and is totally fine. In fact, there’s some articles here, and I have all the links in
the description down below, about how effective this is, essentially, for other auto dealers in other states. I know, being from
Arizona, I had friends that worked at car dealerships,
this was common. If you send somebody to them, and they ended up buying a car, you’d get, you know, 100 to 200 dollars. Nothing life changing, but,
you know, it’s something where, it was kinda like a
friends and family deal, where hey, you had a good
experience with this, this person or this company, and then you’re gonna
refer somebody to them ’cause you believe in it, and so, you know, they give
you some kickback on that. So, it’s very common to how
other referral programs work, but lemme get through
the bird dog piece first. And you can take a look,
there’s even a company here, Bird Dog Club, LLC who
makes software for this. I don’t know if they’re still in business. This website looks pretty dated to me. But on Facebook they are even posting, this is recent as 2014, you know, but all the referrals say it
was from their Bird Dog program and Prospector’s club in January. How many of them did you have, you know? And it has all the different brands and the different dealerships and stuff. They even have, you know,
some recent stuff here, talking about how to actually do this. And call us, make it happen, whatever. So, the deal that, the deal is, this is not something new. Bird-dogging is something
that the automotive industry has been using for a long time. According to this group,
it’s illegal in California, apparently, which I’m not too versed on, but that’s what their claim is. And the thing that I’m confused by is why they’re so upset and
that they’re attacking Tesla because still the
percentage of overall sales of Tesla cars in California is minuscule compared to all other cars. And they don’t even make that
many cars to challenge them in a serious way, so
it’s kind of ridiculous. But the reason, you know, one
thing I wanna say about this is that I actually tend
to agree with them. I agree it’s unfair. And it should be totally
legal to pay people that provide these referrals. In fact, in many other industries, it is. Think about Amazon affiliates, right? I have a solar backpack
that people go nuts over every time I walk around
with it, and they’re like, “Oh my god, where’d you get that?” Well, creators like myself,
you know, I love this product, it’s working well for me, I recommend people go buy
it and I give them a link where I get an affiliate fee from that. You know, it’s only a couple
of bucks, but point being, affiliate marketing is a major business, including you know, for
California residents. So this really isn’t much different. I do agree that maybe it’s unfair, but I just think they should
compete instead of complain. So what I mean by that
is why doesn’t Toyota or Honda or whomever is really behind this make their own referral program, right? Or why don’t dealers offer similar things? Now, to be clear, Tesla’s
not giving us money, right? So me, I’ve referred a
lot of people to Tesla and that’s a part of the
thing about this channel is that I provide a lot
of educational information to help you understand what’s
going on and to help you, you know, I even have eBooks
on the subject and stuff. So it makes sense, but Tesla
doesn’t pay me a dollar. I get zero dollars from
them for anything I do here. So, you know, that’s
essentially how it’s okay. And I just think that if these
guys really wanna be serious and really want to, I don’t know, take advantage of this,
they should try to compete and do something similar. There’s really nothing
to stop them from saying, “Hey look, we’ll give
you a cool Honda backpack “if you refer five people to us.” But you know, chances are that people aren’t gonna
take them up on that because nobody wants a Honda backpack,
or not anybody I know. So point being, this is unfair, and I think others should compete in it and I think that they should
open it up and get rid of this bird-dogging ban or
whatever because clearly, in many other states in the
U.S. this is not a problem and in many other industries,
it’s not a problem. This is totally normal,
this is how it works. So yeah, that’s my short, is that they’re complaining
about it instead of competing. I believe that if they
really wanna embrace the kinda free market
idea, they should do that, instead of trying to, you
know, say it’s unfair, that they should just
do something about it and try to beat Tesla, instead of trying to get
legislation passed in their favor. I don’t think it’ll go anywhere. This is, I think, the third or fourth time they’ve complained. Again, whatever, it’s how it works and Tesla is doing it
by the books, correctly. So they’re just kind
of upset and you know, hey, they shouldn’t be. They should get their butt in gear. That’s my opinion and that’s
my short for the week. So on that note, I thought
it would appropriate to mention my referral
code that you can get $1000 off and unlimited supercharging on a new Model S or Model X. I get a lot of people
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transitioning over to that sustainable form of
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Tesla is helping us realize in our world. So, share that, if you’re in
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money out of this deal. I just get kinda cool perks
here and there that are fun. And of course, I like to share
those with you yet again. Okay, so enough of that, let’s get onto some more positive news. And with that, I wanna talk about my long. And my long for the week is, wait for it, wait for it, that Samsung is challenging Tesla with a long range battery technology. Now, I’ll read you a little bit here from this piece on Teslarati. It says, “Samsung SDI revealed
its latest battery technology “at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week “that could challenge Tesla “for long range battery supremacy. “Samsung’s cylindrical lithium ion cells “when grouped into battery modules “will reportedly extend
electric vehicle range “from 600 to 700 kilometers.” 372 to 435 miles for us
in the United States. That is pretty amazing and
I’m super excited about this. Samsung had some quotes
about it and they said, “Its users can change the
number of modules as they want “as if they place books on a shelf. “For example, if 20 modules
are installed in a premium car, “it can go 600 to 700 kilometers. “If 10 to 12 modules are
mounted on a regular sedan, “it can run up to 300 kilometers. “This pack is extended,”
oh I’m sorry, “is expected “to catch the eyes of automakers, “because they can design a
car whose mileage may vary “depending on how many modules “of a single pack are installed.” So, I’m long on this
because this is all about the EV revolution and
that’s what I’m all for. Tesla happens to be doing it the best, which is why I’m a big fan of them. But point being, if Samsung is doing this, if they have a battery tech that basically other companies can just buy and then put their own cars onto, kind of like Android is for phones, right? Apple has their phone, which is exactly what everything they want
it to be and that’s it, and it’s great, but
then Android says, hey, here’s the framework for a smartphone. You make whatever you want,
but here’s the framework and the operating system and everything will just work for you. If we’re getting towards that with EVs, I think we’re truly seeing a revolution and this is a big part of how I see Tesla more as a platform rather
than a specific vehicle or a specific product, right. It’s more about the overarching vision of what they’re making. And I’m long on this because it could mean that we could see a lot of
competition in the EV space above and beyond the
short-range kind of ones that you see out there today. You know, even Nissan releasing the Leaf only getting 159 miles on
a charge blows me away that that people are seriously doing this when the technology exists, and they can easily get
above and beyond that. But for whatever reason they’re
deciding that that is not. So I’m long on this. I think competition is
great for the market. And I think that if a serious challenger uses this to compete with Tesla, then that will push Tesla even harder, and then they’ll come
up with better products, and in the end we as consumers, and more generally, the planet wins because we’re doing
something good to reduce the overall CO2 emission. So I’m long on that and I
wish them all the success. I don’t really care for
the company that much, but I do love that this is the way that the technology is evolving. All right, now I wanna
talk about something else I’m super excited about. And first I have to
thank the over 500 of you that completed my survey last week. Now I know I sent a big long email and the survey was really long. And actually, I’m gonna send
out an update about that later today hopefully. But, and if you’re unfamiliar
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with a new online course. Now, I’ve been presenting information. I mean, if you think about
what we do on this channel, it’s essentially I take some data and I find some insights from it. I try to derive the meaning,
tease out what the story is, and then I put that
into a digestible form. I present that to you visually here. Now in video form we have
some cool things like B-roll and effects and animations
and things we can do. But I’ve been doing essentially the same thing for a long time. I’ve been in the corporate
world for over 18 years. And about the past seven or eight is when I really learned how
to use data in my presentations as well as just how to
design my presentations to tell a story and how
the message come across and make an impact. So, I’m putting together
an online course for you, which will have lessons,
it will have a Q&A, it’ll have quizzes, it’ll
have all kinds of stuff. We’ll have discussion forums. And that’s all coming out
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the outline of that. And what I wanted to share with you today is the ability for you get early access. So if you got to, all I’ll ask is for your
email and that will get you on a list that will get you
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shape, size, and color in order to turn that image into something that they make sense. Like when you see a
line chart or bar chart or something like that. I talk a lot about, you know,
how to find the right data, how to structure your
presentation, how to deliver that. And there’s just a lot
I’ve learned over the past seven or eight years
doing this professionally. And I’ve seen like insane results. You know I mean, I presented, and I’ll go deeper into this
obviously in the course. One of the presentations I gave actually convinced a board of
directors and the C-level team of a hot tech startup to start
an office here in San Diego for me and for me to
build a team around that with essentially carte blanche,
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go to and stay tuned for more on that coming up. So thanks for that little intermission. Now I’m gonna get back to the news. And I’m gonna kinda run
through these next ones relatively quickly. And all of the links to the
full articles and descriptions and everything are, I’m sorry, are in the description down
below, so you can click on that and then I’ll jump right over to Q&A. So, next the thing to talk about is the battery swapping machines. And so we’ve seen this before, right? This isn’t new, Tesla even demoed this. But they have, lemme see if I can make
that a little bigger for ya. They have filed a patent here to enable this new technology
so they can switch out the battery on your Tesla in something like under 15 minutes. And so this is something
they’ve tried before. Apparently, maybe it didn’t work. And now if they’re gonna do
it, this would be awesome. I think that imagine
instead of sitting there and charging forever, you can
just go pop in your battery. Now I imagine the cost of
this would be pretty high and that there’s some quality issues, but like for example, what
happens to the battery warranty when you get a new battery
and just swap it out? I don’t know. So anyways, I think this is pretty cool. Link to the description
down below, go check it out. Love to know your thoughts. Next we have the police
in Denver are using a converted Tesla Model
S into a police car. Makes total sense. The zero to 60 time is unparallel. So you want a car that can
chase down other people if you need to. Also, there’s all kinda other
benefits here, so pretty cool. I know we’ve seen this also in Luxembourg, and so I think it’ll be
a trend that we continue to see more of. Up next we have Elon tweeting
about the semi-truck unveil. So the semi-truck unveil and test ride, I can’t wait for that! ‘Cause I feel like I’ve been waiting since I was five years
old to go ride in a semi. Is October 26th in Hawthorne. I was just there. And it’s gonna be fun. So I should be getting an invite. And I can’t wait to share that with you, and see what’s going on. So also, somewhat related to that, the stock has been on an absolute tear. Where are we at right now? Do I have the ticker up? Yeah, 383, I mean the stock is just on an absolute tear right
now this past few days. And I linked to this
article from The Motley Fool just from actually over 12
days ago talking about that just before it kinda went on this tear. Because I’m curious what is causing it. It does seem to be, the
timing anyways, seems to be correlated with Elon
when he tweeted this out, but that seems crazy to
me because we already knew the semi-truck unveil was coming, in fact, it’s a month later than
originally stated, so, I don’t know why that
would have that effect, but yeah, there you go, okay. Up next we have Hyperloop One is unveiling their strongest potential
Hyperloop routes. Curious if any of you are in there? Here they are, you can go
check the link in there. One I’m excited about is Mexico City ’cause that’s a place I like to visit. And surprising to me
there’s none in California. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe
it’s just harder here. So anyway, curious what
you think about that. Leave me a comment down below. There is cool map that
kind of explains it, although I would do this
differently because these lines, I dunno, just seems odd to me. Like apparently Dallas is out
in the middle of the ocean if that’s assuming where it is and, who knows what this means? Anyways, exciting that
this is actually happening. I would love to have more, you
know, faster transportation and all that kinda stuff,
assuming they can make it happen. And the last thing I
wanna share with you today before I get to Q&A is
this last known photo of Nikola Tesla from 1943. And it’s kinda crazy to see him like this. I’m not sure I love it. But this just popped up a few
minutes ago and I thought, wow, okay so, you guys
might be interested in that. All right, last but not
least, let’s do the Q&A. And if you wanna get on the list to get your question submitted,
go to, get on the email list
or join us on Patreon. Go to And once you get on there, every Monday before I
put all these together, I post, I send out an email,
and I give you the link to submit those, and
then I go through ’em. I don’t get to answer all of them, but I try to get as many
kind of the broad themes together as I can. So for example, Daniel is asking, “What are your opinions
on the 2018 Nissan Leaf? “Would you ever purchase one?” So, on last week’s broadcast,
I talked about this. I think that it’s great that
it is becoming more mainstream. I like the progression
that they’re making, but I am disappointed in
the actual performance. Now, people have told me that, that they’re gonna be coming
out with a longer range one instead of a 40 kilowatt-hour
pack, a 60 kilowatt-hour pack, which would put them over
200 miles on a charge. I think that that will
be pretty compelling. And depending on the price,
yeah, I totally would. In fact, before I bought my Model S, that’s what I was looking
at because it really was, probably is today, the best EV
on the market besides Teslas. Originally, I had just
basically excluded Tesla from my brain because I
assumed they were $100,000. Then, after I found out
that you can buy a used one for almost half price,
that’s when I realized that it could become a reality
and that’s how I ended up purchasing my Model S, so there you go. All right, thanks for
the question, Daniel. Next Warren asks, “Will there be all wheel “or front wheel drive
for the Tesla Model 3? “When will it be available? “What will it cost?” So, disclaimer that nothing
officially has been announced. There will be all wheel
drive, we do know that. Front wheel drive I would
say is extremely unlikely. If not, I’m just gonna say
no, that’s not gonna happen. ‘Cause second off, I want my frunk, and don’t be messing with my frunk. And so all wheel drive,
definitely gonna happen. We do know that, Elon’s confirmed. And I think if you go
to the website it says sometime early next year is
when they’ll start making ’em. We don’t have an official
word on cost, but I do believe that it will be cheaper than what it is on the S. And the people that I
know that are the smartest about these things are telling me $4,000 is what it’ll cost, so that’s
what I’m gonna go with. Again, most of that’s
speculation at this point until we have an official word. But a lot of those things
should be pretty close. Dave asks, “How do I find out where I am “on the wait list for the Model 3?” Okay, so I’ve answered
this question before and like a large number of you
continue to ask every week. And in fact, people ask me about, hey how come your Model 3
delivery estimator isn’t updated? And here’s why. So let’s go, lemme just double check that this is gonna work, yep. Okay, so lemme show you here. Lemme pull over to my
browser so you can see. ‘Kay, so I’m on I’ve already signed in. And then I go down to
Reservation Holder Update, I click check your estimated delivery. And bam, it shows you
exactly where you are. Tells you your dates. So this is how you find out. You go do those things and
yeah, you get your answer. So there you go, Dave. Go to,
click on that, sign in, and Bob’s your uncle, as they would say. Joe asks, “Do you believe
that Tesla will be coming out “with more Tesla models?” Yes, absolutely, in fact I
have a video later this week talking about the Tesla Model Y, which I think is gonna be really exciting. Also the Tesla Semi and just recently, Elon has hinted that there
will be a pickup truck coming potentially after the Model Y. So yeah, I think down the
road what we’re gonna see, and in fact what he said was, how ’bout a mini version of the Semi? Which, by the way, I think
is a tremendous idea. You know, until I started
researching semis and trucking, which I would’ve never done
had Tesla not been doing this, I didn’t realize how
much, like what percentage and how big of a market it was, the kind of smaller commercial
delivery trucks, right? So there’s the big long haul stuff, and apparently something like
85% of anything over 500 miles goes by train instead. So there’s a huge chunk
that comes below 500 miles. But then also there’s a huge
chunk of the shipping industry which is from the local
distribution center to you know, the store or whatever. So yeah, they’re gonna be
coming out with a lot of models. I think the semi, obviously,
we have an unveil announced. The Model Y, we have a
little bit of detail about and I have a video coming out on that. And then, maybe a mini
version of the Semi, or more of a commercial type truck. I think that they will come out
with a pickup truck one day, but that may be a little
bit down the road. Thanks for the question. Mike asks, “Has Tesla
released any Model 3 delivery “production numbers since
the original 30 in July?” Not officially, and in
fact it was 50 in July. Just to be clear, the
20 were made for testing and those kinda things
for the manufacturing, the engineering team. And those weren’t test vehicles, though, they were production vehicles. So 30 were made that were delivered. Now in addition to this,
there were some photos, I think a week or so ago and I
think I covered it last week, where somebody saw a VIN number that indicated they may
have produced 150 in August. Now whether or not the VIN numbers add up in the same way that we think they will, different kinda story, but
yeah, nothing official yet. I would expect to see some
update at the Q3 earnings call, which I don’t believe
has been scheduled yet, but should be maybe
some time late October. Wayne asks, “Any update on CA Bill 1184? “Would be great to have this EV rebate “when I pick up my Model
3 in February 2018.” So you should be good
to get the full $7,500, and the $2,500 California
rebate should still be in place. I actually haven’t been able
to find any news on this. So thank you for everybody, I think we got over 1000
signatures on the petition to try to get them to pass this. But in case you’re, you know, lemme put some context around this. This bill originally proposed that EV rebates in California
would go up to $10,000. That would be in addition to
the $7,500 federal rebate. So it would be essentially
half price for a Model 3. Now they changed it and
now they’re issuing, what they want is a study, to figure out what the cost would be to essentially level the playing field. So I still think this is a good bill, and it still has verbiage
in there to talk about basically eliminating
price as the differentiator between EVs and non-EVs, and I think that’s a big step forward. I think in California,
this’ll be huge for us. The big question, I think,
that the reason they changed it was ’cause they didn’t know how they would exactly pay for it. So we’ll see how that goes. And if and when we have official updates, I will definitely share them with you. So thanks for the question, Wayne, and thanks for keeping me on top of it. Isaac asks, “Do you think we
will see the Supercharger V3 “or the Next-Gen Roadster
at the Semi reveal?” It’s hard to say. I don’t know, probably
not the Next-Gen Roadster. They probably have a
separate unveiling for that. Maybe the Supercharger V3, which would make sense
’cause it would coincide with maybe how the Semis are gonna charge. So, if anything, I would
say Supercharger V3. I doubt they would combine
the Next-Gen Roadster because that sounds like a
totally separate fun event. Thanks for the question! Bob asks, “When I travel
I don’t feel comfortable “without a spare. “Does the Model 3 have
a couple of anchor rings “in the rear trunk that I could
tie it down a nylon strap. “My current Prius has
them for this purpose.” Bob, I don’t believe so. There were some folks,
who was it, Tesla Geeks? Somebody got some pretty
good footage of the trunk. They wouldn’t let me see
it when I got my test ride. So, yeah, I don’t know, but essentially you can’t put it underneath, obviously, that’s where the battery is. And the trunk doesn’t look very big. I mean, you could just throw one in there, but it’d be, I dunno. You may be able to fit one in the frunk. But again, that was pretty small. So yeah, sorry, but I
think the answer’s no. We’ll find out more, obviously,
as time goes on here. Rick asks, “When do you think
the $7,500 federal rebate “for the Model S will
begin to be reduced?” So, this is known as the phase out. I estimate, and I did
a whole video on this, and I actually used a statistical model to come up with this stuff. This wasn’t just kind of
you know, finger in the air. This was you know, as good as
I could reasonably estimate. And I estimated that Tesla
would hit the 200,000th car sold in the U.S. by the
end of Q4 this year. That’s assuming that their
production ramp works how they are predicting it to be, and the Model X and S sales continue kind of on the path they’ve been. Now, Elon has stated however, that they will do the right thing regardless of short term
profits or short term gain because they think that,
obviously, this could help ’em bigger in the long term. And so there’s a lot
of people speculating, and I’m one of them,
that instead of actually selling their 200,000th
car in the U.S. this year, and by selling, the way
that the IRS defines it, you actually have to take
delivery of the vehicle. So they can sell them all they want, but this is how many
actually are you know, you hand the keys over, sign
the title, blah blah blah, that kinda thing. So, I and many others think
that they will hold off and potentially early as possible January is when they’ll hit that number. Which means the phase out
will begin two quarters later, so that would be Q3 of next year is when the phase out would begin. And I think it would be Q2 of 2019 before there’s no more rebate at all. But I could be wrong about that last one, but go check my video on that. I have a video, you can
search for it on the channel. So hope that helps. Larry asks, “I spend six months in Florida “and six months in Illinois. “Would it be safe to
have a Tesla plugged in “for that length?” Yeah, it should be fine, Larry. You know, assuming it’s indoors of course. Would be the best bet. But there’s kind of a saying, you know, a plugged in Tesla’s a happy Tesla because it’ll do updates and things like that. And so not having it plugged
in could be a problem. Or you know, wouldn’t be as good. So yeah, should be fine. And the reason I say that,
unlike your phone or whatever, the charger for the Tesla’s
actually built into the car and it’s highly intelligent
type system, right? The battery itself has
these therma cooled system where it keeps the cells
at the perfect temperature at all times. All kinds of stuff, so they’ve
really designed it well. And yeah, it should be totally fine. So thank you for everyone
that has joined me today. I am going to wrap things up here just by mentioning the videos for later this week. Stay tuned on Wednesday? Should be Wednesday. I’m having a, talking
about the Tesla Model Y, everything we know. And then Friday I’ve got
another little surprise for you. And by the way, thanks to
everybody that left a comment on last Friday’s video, which was about my kinda story of how I got
here, how I became a data geek, all those kinda things. It’s taken me actually a
long time to make that video. And the response was
overwhelmingly positive. So thank you to everyone. And don’t forget, you know, if you wanna ask questions
or anything like that, go get on the email
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76 thoughts on “Samsung Challenges Tesla for EV Battery Dominance – Will it Matter? – Teslanomics Live Sept 18, 2017

  1. Tesla will be nothing 10 years time. As eletric car become more mainstream less of tesla will inovate in my city i3 are everwere and in certain parts thera are 1 i3 for every 10 other cars meanwhile model 3 its all boocked up they just cant produce enouth only bug companys can like bmw and nissan

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    // SHORT – CA Dealers Referral Program Compliant 1:23
    // LONG – New Long-Range Samsung EV Batteries 8:58
    // Get Early Access to Presenting Data Effectively 12:13
    // Tesla Battery Swapping Plans 15:46
    // COOL – Denver Police Tesla 16:36
    // Tesla Semi Event 17:00
    // Tesla Stock on The Rise? 17:25
    // Hyperloop Routes 18:10
    // Last Photo of Nikola Tesla 18:57
    // Q&A 19:16

  3. re: N Tesla photo: I believe by this time Tesla was himself under attack in various ways and had been bankrupted. There is apparently some internet meme that Trump's relative, a former MIT professor, was tasked to receive and interpret the remainder of his private research for the FBI and other agencies, who it is claimed, seized his papers and effects following his death. Whether this is true or not, I think he had been 'frozen out' of the intellectual and cultural life in the USA via his conflicts with the dominant political order, a conflict of ideas. Super interesting character for certain.

  4. Re Samsung's Challenge: Samsung announced – “We will keep leading the battery industry with our unrivaled technology.” (I believe Tesla leads today) Their 2170 based package mentions nothing about battery management or cooling. My guess is large quantities of this package will not be seen until 2020 at the earliest.

  5. My long–really love the show. My first short–having to listen to the explanation of what your long and short nomenclature means week after week over and over. I have to believe that the bulk of your target audience already knows what long and short market positions are. My second short–…dude…take a break and get some sun man. How can you be in Southern California and be that pale? The black T-shirts help but not enough to overcome the bright white studio. Get outside and have some fun from time to time =)

  6. I don't get the Samsung thing.
    If this is the best thing since sliced bread, where are the car makers using stock Cosworth engines? They have them right in the catalogue I'm sure. Nicefor the conversion shops but areal brand will expect a bespoke battery system, surely?
    Should Samsung offer this stuff at below $150/kWh, there will be takers probably. But They will not be the big brands with models they have big plans for. Also key will be C rate (dis)charge and volume and weight per kWh. 20 units will first have to physically fit in a car and not make it require school bus suspension. Stock units will not be as easy to stuff in an existing chassing, so you'd be building it around the battery units. Might as well get bespoke packs. Unless Samsung is crazy affordable with it, corners the market. Battery specs vs price is more importan there than the convenience of the idea.

  7. Nikola Tesla was more posessed than an investor. Woke up with a new idea, and started drafting the patent pretty much.
    He was born around the corner from what would later be discovered to be the Bosnian Pyramids, the largest and oldest in the world. And guess what, some of them have been found to emit "his" scalar waves. Crazy. Makes me more sensitive to wandering into the spiritual world seeing this story unfold.

  8. If the phase out is tied to volume then why does it matter whether that volume is reached in Q4 2017 or Q2/Q3 2018? The Model 3 has a waiting list in hundreds of thousands so, anyone signing up now is out of the program, regardless.

  9. Tesla is changing the world , and everybody in the future will remember Mr.Musk, and you guys well be remembered with him keep up the good work.!!!

  10. The bird dogging topic-it's big gas on the rise and they want to get their way on the cheap, that's no surprise. The cheapest way to do this? Pointing fingers at other companies and whistle blowing. Sure it's not "fair", but really, who are the real entrepreneurs? The ones who offer the incentives or kick backs. People don't just trust the tv or the ads, natually we will think they are going to puff up their products anyway to bring more followers (ie. less calories, less salt…etc.). People's word of mouth is the best thing and has been around since the beginning of time. I say Tesla continue what you're doing because the haters will always hate but they never will follow. 🙂

  11. Ben, the stock is crazy! Remember, they are reporting Q2 earning after the close on Wednesday. Clearly there are lots of glowing news and lots of upside (strong model S and X sales, huge wait list for the model 3, good progress with the gigifactory) to the stock, but the issue has been the huge spending, the burn rate is through the roof! On top of that, there is lots of short sellers on the stock, the recent tear has put lots of pressure on them, but there are always someone out there that thinks the huge run up an opportunity. Then there are profit takers. Think about it, there are many money managers that have Tesla stock in their portfolio and considering the run, the have to sell some every time stock hits a high. Remember, they might be holding 10,000 shares or 100,000 shares at any given time, when time is right they sell 1,000 shares or 5,000 shares just to lock in profits. Then when the stock is down, and it will go down, they buy more. Cheers, William

  12. It's a lot harder to make a industry standard battery module that all cars can use than it seems, which is why every EV has significantly different battery specs. Even with an industry standard 18650 cell, there are many variations depending on if you need high drain, high capacity, or the best compromise between the two for your specific application.

    For Samsung to make modules that can just be hooked up on parallel, each module will need 96 groups of cells in series, a BMS and thermal management provisions. They can offer these modules in high drain, high capacity or a few choices in between, as well as super cooling and marginal cooling.

    The beauty of this is when the day of EV modding comes around, and everyone is upgrading motor, inverter and batteries in there EV. Right now, even though possible, would be expensive. Imagine if you rebuilt a P100DL battery using the best 18650s currently on the market. It would become a 120 kWh pack and also have higher power than the existing pack. With a few more mods to the motor and inverter cooling the car might be able to do some track racing.

  13. If it is a law in only one or few places in the whole world then rule of thumb is, that it is nonsense.
    Do harm to random people – illegal everywhere. Direct car sales – illegal in only few places in the world.

  14. HEY Mr SULLINS its tyron from south africa im a big fan of your channel m from the same city as Elon where he was born in PRETORIA SOUTH AFRICA

  15. I have no problems at all with companies competing for technology supremacy in this field. They used to say 'necessity is the mother of invention", but today, economy is the mother of invention, and I'm ok with that. It perpetuates a technology this planet needs, and keeps the other companies from getting complacent. The good side effect of this is, of course, the rapid growth of the technology.

    Keep it up!!

  16. What Samsung is saying doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless you have some kind of voltage regulator as opposed to needing (for examole) a pack that can output a nominal of 160 volts and 10 needing modules at 16 volts to do it, well you can't take books off that shelf then

  17. Ben, the Samsung development is actually BAD news for ICE automakers. At best they will use the Samsung battery for range extenders on hybrid vehicles.

  18. I want Tesla to make a competitor to the small cargo van like Ford's transit connect. would need minimum 250-mile range as my techs can’t go off site to charge.

  19. Quite sure Samsung SDI is working on deals with burgeoning automotive companies like Lucid Motors to supply their BEV Cells. Quite sure Samsung SDI only builds the Cells not the entire battery packaging.

  20. Yeah Telsa's are cool. but where can i buy one tomorrow? If i salvage one can i still supercharge it and where do i get it fixed? (even for a minor bumb) There are not as cheap to run as they appear!!

  21. I signed up for your "Presenting Data Effectively" course! I've been so busy lately that I just triple the price of my quotes and everyone says "Great, when can you do it?" so obviously that's not working. I think with better presentations I can just go after the larger jobs/clients. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  22. I would think that adding several, heavy battery modules would change the weight distribution of a car. The lighter the vehicle the more this could be evident.

  23. Ben, can you do a segment on fining insurance for the model 3? I just got a quote from Allstate for $553 a month for my model 3 and I have a perfect driving record!

  24. Concerning 'bird dogging', it appears to be the common practice of many big corporations who champion the idea of the 'free market' that they will use any underhanded method including bullying and financial coercion to avoid having to compete fairly. Lobbying to crush upstart competitors rather than upping their game seems to be the MO of dinosaur industries everywhere.

  25. They're complaining because they are spending millions to advertise Honda, Audi, Toyota, and BMW. Tesla spends nothing. Tesla rewards owners with merchandise worth hundreds of dollars that people want for referring a customer. I don't see nothing wrong with that. Referrals will happen whether people are rewarded for referral or not. Also that battery tech has not been long-term tested yet.

  26. But I don't trust Samsung with my expensive devices eversince the exploding battery incidents that we have not forgiven them for. I would rather deal with Tesla or LG.

  27. Long story short California Texas and like 3 other states have laws on the books from the 1930 if you can imagine it prohibiting direct sales from car manufacturers directly to customers. These laws were put in place under the pretense that it wasn't fair to the "customer" not the dealership that the "customer" should have to deal with all the procedures and paperwork involved in the purchase of a new vehicle. The laws are total and complete BS. Lobbiest, bribes, and campaign donations got these laws in place and keep them in place. This is paid for by conglomerations of dealerships in these few state and for them it is heaven on earth because they don't have to worry about someone getting on the internet and ordering up a new tesla or even a ford without paying them their cut. By that I mean I live in texas. If I get on the Ford website and order a custom Ford vehicle I MUST by LAW purchase it through a dealership which will increase the cost by several thousand dollars. Ford literally can not legally sell me the car directly and have it delivered to my house. They also can NOT legally even tell me that I could purchase it directly from them and simply travel to Louisiana, Arkansan, Oklahoma, or New Mexico to pick it up and avoid the extra cost associated with purchasing it in Texas. When ford did try to do this they were fined $120,000 dollars.

    How the [email protected] did these laws get the power to first of all tell me who I can buy a car from and second how did they get the power to overrule the constitution on freedom of speech. I mean WTF. You can tell the president to F-off if you want. A woman can walk around topless in public if its in protest all based on freedom of speech but a Ford motor company representative can't "legally" tell me that I can buy directly from them in Oklahoma?

    So these incredibly IMO illegal laws about buying direct from a manufacturer only apply to about 5 states out of 50. Apparently the other 45 states politicians couldn't be bought out (hope for the future). The laws are left overs from the 1930s when most people didn't have or want a car. The idea of choosing custom options for a vehicle over the internet and having it custom manufactured and delivered in the next month wasn't even in the wildest dreams of sci fi yet. Even now the vast majority of citizens in these states doesn't even know about these laws or how many BILLIONS of dollars its costing them annually for vehicles. They have no concept of how filthy rich these car "dealerships" have gotten from it. And they have no idea how cheap cars will become once these laws are done away with and most people are ordering custom cars directly from the manufacturers whether ford, tesla, or whoever.

  28. Getting tired of listening to the begging of referral codes. It's all the channels, over and over sometimes three times a video. Enough already. Enjoy watching Tesla videos but getting "short" on all the begging and groveling.

  29. Referral programs are flawed at the personal level however because it will be abused by personalities with a following (for example this YouTube channel) it needs to require a lot of referrals to be worth bothering with referrals. Not to mention that people will be "referred" by somebody without going through the official referral program. Thus somebody who will probably only ever refer 3 people to Honda will not get a reward, and it's extremely likely that the 3 people "referred" won't tell Honda they were referred.

    The only thing referral programs benefit are content creators, every single referral program has already shown this in action, take the League of Legends referral program. I "referred" 10+ friends to play that game but only 1 of them actually used the referral program so I wasn't properly "rewarded" meanwhile a content creator made a video and got thousands of referrals and he didn't even play the game but the company had to spend a bunch of money to reward him for it.

    Referral is just paying media (and social media) personalities to do your marketing for you, referral links are basically sponsored content, at the end of the day it would be more transparent marketing if they just had you do sponsored ads for the car that were disclosed. The non-media personality referrals are being done in an exact replica of a pyramid scheme, and many people destroy family and friend relationships due to these things.

    So please, don't support referral programs, it's a shitty way to do business.

  30. I don't know how Tesla will be able to handle model Y and the semi truck production if they can't even handle model 3 yet!!!!! They will need to build a new Mega factory just for the Model 3 which is becoming very popular every day.

  31. hot swap warranty-

    As simple as an embedded charge/discharge datalogger.

    consumers simply pay a fee or are reimbursed for the lifespan differential of the swapped packs.

  32. "leveling the playing field"-

    State tax credits to financing institutions for financing small margin income customers Devs. It sounds like a Freddie Mac scam… but unlike homes, repossessions are easily recycled into the market.

  33. There is nothing "unfair" about marketing. Marketing is how companies sell their products. If Tesla is violating state law, it needs to challenge the law.

  34. If you intend to offer courses, you need to dig deeper into who the leading industry players actually are. An extended battery from Toshiba is already deployed in both Suzuki and Mitsubishi cars in non-USA markets, the Samsung story is just PR for a late comer.

  35. SAMSUNG : " I Challenge you in battery Market"
    TESLA : " Let's working together to make Battery more efficient & more affordable"

  36. I want to see conversion kits. Remove internal combustion engine and without all the tricks a simple conversion from gasoline to electric drive.

  37. Teslam is likely already building its new batteries, a variation of a carbon-sulfur/anode-cathode that will extend the range to 5x and uses less rare metals. I'm sure they're already working on the factory to build them.

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