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okay so this is basically a new identity we’re delighted to have sams 8 and his brother tard state a very bright Canadian entrepreneurs in the Arabic origin and the founders get around I’d like to start by giving a little bit of information about what’s get around and also they were that you guys want so get around is a car rental market place where you can rent a car by the date by the hour or a week through a smartphone now get around us all inclusive package includes insurance 24 hour road assistance I get on car kit iphone app and a mobile I mean a web app and that makes it very convenient for people to Carter anywhere you guys want the TechCrunch Disrupt award which is quite huge the TechCrunch Disrupt in my opinion is the largest if it’s all for startups to pitzer they’re offering and I believe was about 32 startups that pitched up their companies and I was done over the course of three days that was so that’s that’s huge so first I want to congratulate you guys on winning this award yeah thanks a lot of it was it was definitely fierce competition so it’s a great feeling that win in the end so let me demonstrate the questions don’t take so much of your time I I know you guys are quite busy right now so first question is how did the idea how did the idea of get on come about it actually came about originally we were spending some time at singularity University which you know as a school look very much focused on accelerating technologies and looking into the future and we were you know very much looking at the future of Transportation and the autonomous vehicle and and how that would change you know everything we know about cars and then you know from there we sort of started looking back no we started stepping back to like what would be this the steps along the way to autonomous vehicles and you know it really came clear to us that that owning a car is a bit of a antiquated concept and and that’s how we sort of then sort of stumbled upon the idea of get her on fantastic and how long he has been working on me before the pitch how long did it take you guys to you know of all the whole thing yeah I mean quite a while we started in late two thousand nine that’s awesome yeah you guys I was blown away with the smartphone app and you guys had the car in the back and you know you had that thing turned on so that was awesome yeah oh yeah lynnie guys how many offices you have right now we just have one main office which is our office in San Francisco but you know we have a few sort of remote satellite offices in different parts of North America our where you know one or two people work that’s awesome yeah I’m example up and up in Ottawa where the mobile stuff is being done well that’s awesome i could see the big smile on your face so that time i’m sure that’s so because i’m a great time there yeah I don’t clap ha ok so i guess ganor ons not the first business for you guys and the problem of the last tell me a little bit about that you know what the adventures you guys had started with plan 9 solutions and not mistaken yeah I mean that goes way way back I was basically just like a high-end computer reseller you know selling take computer systems and build them yourselves as sort of back in the heyday of you know the beige box pc very much and that you know i think at that point Apple was non-existent almost Sophia from lion that was one and then you know I went on after that to start another company called option which was more in the enterprise software consulting space and then bizarro which was in the consumer web retail pricing intelligence space and I mean I think that’s it for me about to Targ well I basically joined salmon is venture at option when I was in university just to get some experience and get out there in the world and start to really work as an entrepreneur after that I did a small time at at IBM where I did an internship called extreme blue which basically teaches students about entrepreneurship from by pretty much immersing them in a role of product development engineer and business like marketing type roles to to create a new product for IBM in a period of four months this is very they teach you a lot about like a lot of the principles that go into entrepreneurship after that I started a company with a couple co-founders called select star studios and we do pretty much high-end mobile development or for iOS android blackberry so it’s a lot of enterprise mobile applications as well as a consumer products such as they get around my phone up it’s all so many ads s still existing he’s still running that yeah that’s correct that’s actually what I do full-time right now is I’m the CEO at select start fantastic so Sam you know you were bored of the artisan Young’s 2009 junk entrepreneur award which is again that’s also huge at the age of 31 what pointers to get you to give to college students at an early stage to pursue their entrepreneurial dream ah yeah I mean I guess I only said two things least they were apply to me the first is to just do it like I think you just you know you you can read all about it you can you know it as many textbooks as you want but you know nothing beats just going out there and trying to do it so I think the first p surprise would just do it the second is just don’t give up you got to be tenacious I mean certainly there’s been you know a lot of down periods and everything I’ve done and not everything has worked but you know if you keep trying eventually something will work and so I think just doing it like getting started and being tenacious along the way and just resourceful and not giving up easily is probably the best advice you it’s all you need really so I guess connecting this to the Arab world you know how do you see the connection with that I mean you know I in my opinion and we’re seeing that entity that there’s a big I guess an Internet wave we’re in a cusp of a big internet wave and how do you see the you know the Arab entrepreneurs pursuing such a big dream yeah i mean i’m not very well connected into sort of their of entrepreneurial stuff outside of the US or canada i know a lot of guys down here that you know just relocate to Canada or the u.s. to really start companies um I think what’s probably important you know having been in you know I sort of I myself born in England and sort of was in and around the middle east west for a young and then relocated to Canada I think you know from least some of the perspective I’ve seen having traveled and started companies and can I think it’s really important to to have some linkage to San Francisco and it’s into Silicon Valley just because it really helps give you perspective and you know a lot of you know a lot of leading-edge a few points on things and and the ecosystem here is just much stronger than anywhere else so I think you know one piece of advice would be to somehow try and form some bonds with either you know fellow entrepreneurs or you know companies or even just have a satellite office in the values I think it will really help to accelerate you know any business anywhere in including different person at least well look thank you Sam for this comment because we just did that actually I represent NTV in the bay area and we just started the operation if he wants to go so I’m going the right track right yeah well I do I think it’s a great book awesome so I guess you know if you guys want to you know name that three top skills for you know successful entrepreneurs what would you know these skills would be yeah sure um I think visions really important you need to have a really strong idea of what it is you’re trying to achieve if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want to get in the end it’s it becomes difficult along the way to realize what your objectives are and what you need to do to to get to that that final and vision as well as you know to realize when you need to potentially pivot if you know if you run into hurdles along the way so I think vision is important perseverance of Sam mentioned previously is is huge I think that’s probably the most important one which is just don’t give up right no matter how hard it gets it you know being in business isn’t easy and if it was easy everybody would be doing it I know you hear that all the time but it’s true um you know I know when I when I started select start i started initially to make our mobile gaming technology which which was very difficult and you know we got we never ended up getting to market with the product and to be honest our competitor openfeint did before us and well I mean look what happened to them they got pretty big pretty quickly and so anyways we had to pivot quickly so again vision important and perseverance you know not giving up and trying to find a way to make your business fit and that’s what we did turn it into a professional services start up but it’s going very very well and we’re doing a lot of really really cool technologies now we’re in the process of spinning out another another company in in the M health space called adaptive get adaptive calm it’s a clinical EMR viewer on the iPad for large health organizations so big hospitals essentially and a third one hmm it’s a to go give me a minute to come back that I’ll think of London ah ah yeah right so I mean I guess you know this is one of those weird questions where I’m not sure if there really are just three top things I think one of the things about being entrepreneurs you have to be good at a lot of things not necessarily great it all of them but you know I’ve had to pick 3 i’d go with passion because that’ll inspire people around you tenacity because if you give up everyone else will give up and resourcefulness because you’re just going to have to be very agile and adaptive you know as you start a business absolutely it got to be a fighter I mean otherwise it’s just gonna crumble down it’s been feel ya so I guess described uh you know how would the daily you know life of get around them and select starts at you know how fun is this is a you know house in the working and I guess how many hours I guess put in the day yeah I’ll go first so I mean we’re we have a pretty fun like easygoing culture so it’s a work hard sort of culture but you know nobody takes themselves too seriously so you know there’s a lot of you know poking fun at one another shooting people with nerf guns or whatever on it what have you right but the work hours were pretty long I’d say you know me myself I try to work at least 12 hours a day probably end up putting 12 to 14 hours each day and putting time in on weekends too and I you know I think that generally everyone at quetta run puts in much more time than than they would otherwise but as partially part of the culture and just passion people have for really what we’re doing and it’s fun it’s not like you know I think it feels too much like work people won’t do it but if it feels like you know it’s it’s it’s fun and you’re you’re you’re really doing something that has meaning and not i think almost anyone would put any more time for it not time to spare now you said the magic word passion and if you have passion then you know you won’t actually you know consider this as work it’s just part of your life you know that’s funny when pursuit yeah absolutely yeah I was definitely going to say the same thing realistically I don’t even know how many hours a day after all I like I am I’m a sniff MS office I’m not really can’t count that’s why yeah maybe a five hours a day how’s that no realistically I’m not the office you know during standard working hours but but outside of those hours i’m answering emails and I’m you know I’m reading up about new technologies or you know really cool products or coming to market or just out you know at a social networking event and meeting new people that are doing different things and you know so to me I don’t really think that it ever really stops and when you’re really passionate about what you’re doing doing I it’s always on your mind how do you guys go up off the funding and raising funds you know as far as pitching and I think there’s lots of good resources for how to how to pitch I really like David roses you know sort of how to pitch a VC TED talk that he gave I think it’s a really good one it’s a good model for a lot of entrepreneurs sort of short to the point touches on the core concepts the investors are going to look for so it’s sort of my reference framework for pitching a investors it’s this quite helpful can you tell me both parks and Sam like the I guess the a moment that you feel that was the most satisfying moment in the I guess life’s I’m business up to this point I personally award because I know that’s that’s quite huge I’ll say that’s like that it needs your 14 so you know I think it’s not that one and it’s probably you know when we got our first rental get around is sort of like you know before that everything was very theoretical sort of like you know our people even gonna do this is an emotion crazy idea and then you know what people actually start doing it you’re like wow you know like what I sort of drew on a whiteboard you know whatever number 12 months of 12 months ago is actually sort of becoming real now and that’s I think that’s a great feeling when when something you do becomes tangible moments people actually pay you for it you know it’s just a great indication and so for me that’s always in every business I you know a great a great feeling sort of that first first sale so to speak absolutely about to tart so specifically to get around a be when the first time I saw a car actually gonna walk with the iphone that I was pretty pretty interesting really cool and definitely started to really make you feel like this thing would work and you can really illuminate key exchange and make it hassle free ruin someone else’s car on the sly start side of things it would be the pilot that we did at the Ottawa Hospital where we put iPods into physicians hands and got rid of clipboards where they would normally be using those to diagnose patients but participation records made everything just completely digital and integrated in the dirty Mr so you know seeing seating positions that were happy to pick up this technology and felt like it was really improving their ability to heal people was was pretty a pretty revolutionising for me before we close that I wanted to ask you guys about you know what are the big plans know in terms of strategies you guys have plans to you know go beyond the North American market and again I want to plug in the Middle East as much as i could but i understand it two guys uh now to you know plugged in with that market but you know what sort of times you guys half of the future for both businesses yeah that’s always a good question um so definitely have aspirations beyond sort of us borders and north american borders you know where we go from there i don’t think we’ve really determined yet you know we’re certainly interested in in everywhere for through europe middle east you know out of the Far East and you know we really feel that you know a lot of kid in a lot of areas or get around really can work and can help people I know I’ve seen how many cars existing Cairo for example and you know how people drive down there so who certainly would be good to take a few cars off the road in in that type of environment and you know if we can help people sort of save money and share cars in a way that made sense then you know we told me before it a bit of it a bit of an interesting market and absolute it out it’s insane out there yeah so almost like starts to you is hard well unselect start we’re actually just in the process of getting into the US now okay we’re setting up a couple sales offices on the adaptive front we are actually looking at the Middle East as uh as a market that we will probably have to play in tune healthcare down there is there’s a lot of a lot of countries that are really starting to invest money in infrastructure so it’s it’s an opportunity for us that if we can convince some of the the benefit that mobile brings to the institution and we can definitely make a play down there so thank you guys for your time and we really appreciate it and we hope to see you guys soon with more success doors from both sides and look forward to seeing you in bay area soon yeah for sure next time are great thank you guys have a great day thank you but my chairs

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