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20 thoughts on “Sam Altman: “The Winding Path of Progress” | Talks at Google

  1. Tags* for those with interest but no time:

    2:31 net positive impact in world = impact maximization/regret minimization
    9:13 unconscious bias
    13:44 non obvious underrated skills = Determination, Independent Thought
    20:36 upside of AI – will solve human suffering in the next few decades
    21:54 cryptocurrency
    27:30 optimistic future, progress is not a perfectly exponential curve
    30:10 tech brings people together, equality
    30:42 economic justice is social justice
    30:56 United Slate, vision of success
    36:43 tech person running for office
    38:36 achieve happiness, read about it
    40:15 YC continuity, growth
    42:25 universal basic income, if everyone (SV) does jobs = economy grows, eliminate poverty
    44:39 piece of advice, do not get sucked in life/path, do what you must
    50:42 Sam’s plan, will continue with YC, help people
    52:18 Sam, the talent allocator versus capital allocator
    55:03 privileges that led to Sam’s life now
    56:29 biases in products can be alleviated by diverse teams
    57:18 compute > data
    58:00 spiritual needs
    1:00:01 Sam supports Open AI insight so that there can be appropriate measures for regs

    Thanks for sharing the talk!

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  3. I like Sam but he won't be so popular when his comments about Silicon Valley reach the public. But….he is right in his assessment of SV. It's days are numbered!!

  4. Love Sam! Great talk. Turning down most (free) partnership proposals – 99.999% secret to sustaining and eliminating time waste/frustration.

  5. Truly great video — inspired me to start investing and share my knowledge from McKinsey 🙂

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