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I’m Jeroen, co-founder of Salesflare. Salesflare is an easy to use, intelligent CRM that basically automates
most of the work you’d normally have to do in CRM systems As you probably know there
are a lot of existing CRM systems How is Salesflare better? It’s exactly the
combination of the ease of use Let’s say it’s like as easy to use as Pipedrive but it’s way more automated So the time you’d usually be spending filling out
your CRM Or sending follow-up emails, which is a new feature we just released This is all taken away by our system So I would imagine, I mean, in some of these sales situations You know, the stakes are pretty high You don’t want to send the
wrong email, or the wrong email at the wrong time How do you make sure that the
system, you know, isn’t making any mistakes? It’s all based on filters If you set the filters correctly, then no mistakes should happen The rest of the data automation, really, it’s based on suggestions So a lot of systems try to
automate something purely with computers And that doesn’t work, because computers
make mistakes But the computers actually make suggestions to the users Like: “Do you know this guy?” And a salesperson just need to click “Yes” Instead of spending all the time creating the person and then adding data and everything It’s just one click, but it makes life so much easier So for sales also, I mean, at least in some fields You spend very little time
in the office. A lot of times you’re out doing meetings Does Salesflare also work on mobile? We have a mobile app that works on Android and iPhone And it actually has all the functionality of the desktop app Which is also something different with a lot CRMs out there They make, like, a limited version From our app, you can even set up the automated email campaigns Cool, well thanks so much for joining us! More on

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