Hi, we decided to dye my hair today. I will color my hair for the first time in my life. I’m too scared to damage my hair. But I trust this guy and I know he wouldn’t get my hair damaged. I don’t know what will happen. *intro music* I have nothing shaped in my mind. Sackolik: I’m sure, the rest is not important.
Yenal: That’s all that matters right. Sackolik: We are planning for a week.
Yenal: I am so excited. Sackolik: But you also you’re a little hesitant bro, you know… Yenal: About color…
Sackolik: Yes, you’re a hesitant about color. Sackolik: But Yenal has fallen into my clutches, there’s nothing to do now. So, right now I’m really excited, I’m nervous. Let’s get started then. I’m not going to the hairdressers for a while by the way. Sackolik: you couldn’t get used to it, right? Yenal:Yes, I cut my hair myself at home Sackolik: I think you’re stressed.
Yenal: Yeah I’m excited. I’m so happy. Sackolik: Unbelievable! Thank God I get my hair dyed! What is that powder? Sackolik: That powder, Chinese magic. Sackolik: Chinese magic. How do we get the color with that powder? Is that the powder of color? for your hair, the case is… Normally I could paint your hair only with red dye. But it would be dark. By the way, I accidentally told what the color would be. Well, won’t we brighten my hair with yellow at first? I’m doing the yellow color now. That powder makes it yellow. My hair will be yellow first. You really don’t know anything. Friends, could you write comments yellow penis?
(a turkish joke made for blondes.) Are you ready? Yes! I’m ready! Are you ready? I’m not ready yet, maybe later I’ll dye it. Whose hair were painted in this studio? I’ll put sensors to the names of the people I don’t like. I’ll say one thing, I started. Peek-a-boo! Look, there is the yellow penis. Yellow penis right there. This is white. But it will be yellow soon. My head itchy, can I scratch? Go for it, you can do whatever you want. Can I move my head like wherever i want? Of course! you are a human being, too! How much do these bulbs cost? It does cost a lot of money? I don’t think so. Indeed, never thought about it before. It is open from morning till night. I think I’m the first person to ask how much spent electric the bulbs. Exactly, why are you asking all the weird questions? How long is that piece of hair! This is pretty long. The longest part of your hair Wow. Damn, I apologize to all of you You’ve messed me up me bro. Going for the firsts! After how many years are you doing this moves! (jokes) I’ve done almost never do that move! Nice, nice! If it touches my ear,will my ear be yellow? What is this? Squeegee? I’m dying your hair with squeegee. Its smells very pretty. here, let me puff it if it smells nice! Sackolik: Are you still excited?
Yenal: Yes, I’m still excited. I’m very excited right now! Look at my hair dude. Cool. (turkish joke) Wow, it’s going to be yellow. I wonder how the result will be. I’m posting a story on instagram like that. Now, we’re going to wash my hair, I’m very excited. Will this fit my ass? (means neck) Are you allright? (surprised) Yenal: What happened?
Sackolik: Water has been cut off… ı swear there is no water Has the water arrived?? yes it has… ıs there a storage or sth? now that the water in town is cut, we are connected to the artesian Sackolik: It’s cold but, is it ok?
Yenal: No problem. I don’t wash my hair with warm water. Its creating dandruff from what i hear . Yenal: Is that true?
Sackolik: No thats not true. It will give damage to your scalp but if only you do very very hot. Wtf. You’re blonde. If I don’t dye this, will it always look this way? Yep, but when the red is washed away, this is gone, too, so it’ll have to be painted again. Yenal: Can I look to mirror?
Sackolik: Okay, lets look. Batushoww: Yellow rasta looks cool by the way. Sackolik: Looks beautiful now. Batushoww: It’s color would look like this if I had dreadlocks (because he is blonde.) I am like this for the first time in my life. ı wear sth like that on my head for the first time. wow, man! I am pretty when ı am bald,too. some kind of confidence has arrived to me! (jokes) (jokes) Allright! wtf!?! Sackolik: Don’t take the Hello Kitty box! Yenal: what is this?? hahhaha Batushoww: that belongs to me wow! what is this? I look like… Sackolik: you look like kneaded çiğköfte(local food) Will sth happen if I touch it? sackolik: No, nothing will happen. It’s still your hair! only the color is different. sackolik: only the color is different. wow, man I’m seeing myself like this for the first time in my life. the dye is flowing from my neck. should I put this towel to my back There is vapor formed on here when laugh, I liked it hahahha (dyes the hair with copper colored dye) Saçkolik: Haven’t you worn eyeglasses, vapor is formed whenever you drink tea with eyeglasses on Now, what have we done so far? We put on the copper , now it’s time for the red one. Saçkolik: Putting the red one on… Yenal: How well did I say! Yenal: How weird is the dying process Saçkolik: Strange, right? I don’t want to be sexist by saying women but…generally they get their hair dye, so… their job is hard I noticed now How tense am I! Saçkolik: Why? Yenal: I don’t know why… Yenal:Am I a person who may not be liked by the hair dresser Saçkolik: No, no way close. Yenal: I am talking and asking so much… Saçkolik: But you are going through this process for the first time. For example, I do this color, the next time, when you come and ask for the same color, if you go to the same psychology like you went through last time, I would call you crazy then. Batushow: I’ll make a close shot, sweet color Saçkolik: Let me make a favor for you, raise your head, Look at the mirror, find your face in the first mirror. Yenal:OMG! I can’t tell how happy I am! I want to scream!!! I am so happy now, I was so scared that it would turn out darker Okay! That’s it! Turn the cam to me Khontkar!!! (a Turkish rapper whose hair is red) ma mannn How happy I am for God’s sake! The main problem is to clarify the hair from the dye Because this is a long lasting dye, look at my wrist Normally, my shampoo doesn’t even go off I put too much shampoo on one day, I thought it would go off itself, so I left it like that. Travelled around with the shampoo for half an hour In the evening, I went out, came home, slept. the next morning I woke up, looked in the mirror and saw whiteness on my head Like.. it was gray the shampoo didn’t come off This color though….My God! Saçkolik Adam, is a real man! hahhaahah Now, we are opening up the hair, I am so excited This man…… Now imagine the Saçkolik Adam (Hairlover Man) song plays… Saçkolik Adam: Yes, let it play! Yenal: Will we get Copyright? Saçkolik: No problem. the one who will send a copyright is me! hahahah …put the song -song- Saçkolik: The song is over Yenal: Yes it is Enough of it for now,if you want to listen to the whole song,… Saçkolik: The link is right there Yenal: I don’t know how to put the link up in the instruction box Saçkolik: Are you kidding?? It is the easiest thing in the World. You don’t save it or sth, just put it up there. Yenal: I am the perfect youtuber Now, we are opening up the hair, I am sooooo fucking excited Saçkolik: Should I open up? Yenal: Go for it! Saçkolik: I want them to see first Yenal: yes, you see first Saçkolik: Wait… hahahha Are you ready? Yenal: yes I am Saçkolik: Don’t be scared. Really, close your eyes, your hair will fall down, you may see. Wait, with the best looking way, are you ready? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… Don’t look, give me the camera, wait, keep your eyes shut 3…2….open! yenal: Well, I don’t know what to say when I open my eyes Batushoww: It looks really nice! Yenal: AAAAAW I’ll tell sth: How beautiful is this color! I’ll eat your poop, put it in my hand 😀 Saçkolik: I can’t see your hand now. Yenal: Would it be better if we went in the roots of my hair Saçkolik: No, that way, we couldn’t be able to catch this contrast Btushow: It is nice this way Yenal: What am ı going to say now? What is this? What the hell is this? I am so fucking happy right now. That is totally the color I wanted. I swear This is THE MAN! Saçkolik: Of course! Yenal: I will put the link of Saçkolik Adam( Hairophilic Man) ‘s channel in the description box below. I can even attach the link to the comment section which I never do… I told it as if it is a big deal yes , I’ll do these. Thank you for watching, and I thank you again (to saçkolik adam) Saçkolik Adam: NP bro. Goodbye! see you! -SAÇKOLİK ADAM SONG-

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  1. Video da tek dikkatimi çeken şey Atatürk’ün o güzel gülümsemesiydi.
    Onun haricinde hayırlı satışlar.

  2. türkiye ortalamasını yükseltecek bi tarzın var sonunda kimsenin ne dediğini takmayıp istediğini yapan bi insan gerçekten iyisin

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