S. Korea earns new international standard recognitions for two high-tech materials

New methods devised by Korean scientists to
evalulate the properties of two high-tech materials…. have been recognized as international
standards. Graphene and silver nanoparticles have been
identified as key substances in future technologies. Our SEO Eunkyung has more. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
announced on Tuesday… that new methods developed by local scientists,… of defining and evaluating
properties of graphene and silver nanoparticles,… have been accepted as international standards. The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
proposed two new methods to the International Organization for Standardization, an international
standard-setting body… after a five-year review and verification process. Graphene is a single, thin layer of graphite,…
the soft, flaky material used in pencil lead. Stronger than steel and thinner than paper,…
the nanomaterial can be used to produce a range of high-tech goods,… including high-speed
semiconductor devices, displays and secondary batteries. Silver nanoparticles are microscopic grains
of silver… between 1 nanometer and 100 nanometer in size. One nanometer is equivalent to one-billionth
of a meter. The substance is used to manufacture solar
cells, textiles and displays. This achievement is especially notable, as
Korea was competing against the world leaders in this discipline,… such as the United
States, the United Kingdom and Japan. Japan is also known to have devised new standards…
to measure and evaluate the properties of silver nanoparticles… in direct competition
with Korea. SEO Eunkyung, Arirang News.

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