Ryzen 3000 Could be an Overclocking BEAST!

today in the news AMD goes over 4000 and
Raja Kaduri throw some shade with some guys um snows and this is your boot
sequence let’s get started with AMD looks like these n to Architecture won’t
stop impressing us yuri bubbly the resident Ryzen memory guru from tech
power up has been looking into the bios releases and found some technical info
about zen too and it’s clear that AMD has been working hard on the memory
controller it was found that in these n2 bios the memory frequencies
go all the way up the DVR for 5000 now you might say snows rise in 2000 can run
at 4000 megahertz I’ve seen you before somewhere sure but that is definitely on
the upper limit and usually runs on a single channel does this mean that ddr4
5000 will be stable on Ryzen 3000 with dual channel not necessarily I mean we
don’t even have memory modules that go that fast in ddr4 so this is kind of a
placeholder of some sort but it does indicate an intent of high clocks on
that memory side on top of that AMD is definitely taking some steps to avoid
instability you see when you overclock Ram on a Ryzen system the interconnect
or Infinity fabric also gets an OC so 4000 megahertz RAM on Ryzen will have a
4000 megahertz infinity fabric and that’s where some shenanigans can take
place in Zen ends and plus like latency problems stuttering and overall
instability so AMD implemented a 1/2 divider mode to split the Infinity
fabric speed to half of what the ddr4 overclocked is it seems like a dumb move
why would you want to slow down the CPUs interconnect to speed up the RAM
well I think that it might have some advantages but they’re definitely
unknown to us right now a lot of things have this sort of double-edged sword in
computers you can buy faster Ram but sometimes the timing takes a huge hit
and vice versa you see what I mean anyways knowing that AMD has been
working hard on the memory controller does inspire confidence in Zen too and
especially X 570 since there is a high likelihood that those features will be
exclusive to the new platform with the first gen Zen and he really dropped the
ball on memory compatibility I mean I’ve personally tested three or
four kits of memory before I settled on one because my kit that was in my Intel
machine didn’t work with Ryzen so it’s gonna be nice to see that improve moving
on we have Raja Kaduri who seemed to have thrown some shade at AMD going
through the investor meeting PC games and found quite the interesting quote
from the new blue team graphics architect he said in reference to AMD
that they have two architecture no memory or interconnect strategy that he
knows of and the size of the developer ecosystem is tiny
in fact without Intel’s invaluable software contribution they have no
software ecosystem that’s meaningful down that’s harsh but the thing is Raja
worked extensively on a.m. he’s interconnect the Infinity fabric he was
even quoted as saying infinity fabric allows us to join different engines
together on a dime much easier than before it also enables some really low
latency and high bandwidth interconnects this is important to tie together
different IPS efficiently and quickly it forms the basis of all of our future
Asics designs I mean he says interconnects right there that slide
that Intel showed is also quite interesting the interconnect on Intel
side is layer 3 after the processing type and the memory but AM DS current
implementation also has AF tied to its cores and memory anyways I thought that
was a pretty shady move let’s move on moving on it looks like Nvidia is
getting sued for patent infringement by a company called expiry and Vidya and
Xperia have been in talks for several years about Nvidia licensing some
patents but they couldn’t reach an agreement and expiry two sided to sue
this has to do with some semiconductor packaging and interconnects technology
IPS oddly enough this isn’t the first time expiry goes after giants both
Broadcom and Samsung have been targeted in the past over three of
same patents and they settled with Xperia for an undisclosed amount with a
multi-year patent license this kinda reminds me of that patent troll episode
on Silicon Valley if you haven’t watch the show please do yourself a favor and
start it alright so what did you guys think of today’s stories do you think
that AMD has their priorities straight is experienced role was Raja Raja throw
a little too much shade let me know in the comments I’ll be there all day
responding to your questions that concludes the for today hopefully you’ve
enjoyed as usual you can click right here to see the latest video right here
to subscribe to the channel it would be greatly appreciated stay frosty and I’ll
see you guys on the next one by the way I bit my tongue so hard it’s hard to
pronounce some words take care

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47 thoughts on “Ryzen 3000 Could be an Overclocking BEAST!

  1. Only losers buy AMD… Real people buy 4 times more expensive, slower monolithic Intel CPUs…duh

  2. You're really giving me confusing information here, so let's settle it once and for all, is the DDR4 speed you were talking about is 4000 or 5000??? Plus, how do you know it's DDR4? DDR5 is said to normally have these speeds.

  3. I'm glad I did not but the memory for my ryzen 3600x or 3700x upgrade i was going to get 3200mhz cl14 $178.00 2×8=16gb on Amazon yes I know I can get 3200mhz cl15 for $118.00 2×6 =16gb thank God. I'm just going to wait for ryzen 3600x or 3700x videos and information before I buy the parts.

  4. Raja koduri…..why are you angry?…….or what do you know about ZEN 2 and RADEON NAVI….we don't know?

  5. I can't waiiiit, aahhhh!

    I thought about getting a Samsung B-die kit now for my Ryzen 3rd Gen rig (since B-die production ended in January and they're getting increasingly rare), but I guess it's better to wait for first tests on what kind of memory suits Ryzen 3rd Gen best.

    Memory is kind of a concern for me. Maybe because I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to memory. I'll need 32 GB and really don't want to spend a fortune. I know fast RAM was a must have in case of Zen/+, but with the new chiplet design, memory might become a much less important factor… right?

    There are kits from good manufacturers with (I guess) decent specs for very good prices. Like right now I could get 32GB G.Skill Aegis DDR4-3000 DIMM CL16 Dual Kit for only 130€. Of course there are B-die kits for twice that price and more, but I wonder how much better they'll perform with Ryzen 3rd Gen. If a 260€ kit gets me only a few percent increased performance, then I'd much rather use that money and get the 3700X instead of the 3600X.

  6. actually i am kinda anticipated on the ryzen 5/7nm EUV with DDR5 support APUs, the large bandwidth of DDR5 will handle large graphics texture nicely 😀

  7. Even Intel relies on software such as Linux that they don't produce themselves, and Kudori is merely stating well known facts, no matter how crass. What he doesn't mention is that even Microsoft has been investing in Linux, because it simply doesn't make any sense to develop a cheezy version of Windows for a supercomputer, and within ten years a $1,500.oo desktop should be capable of roughly 160tf or the estimated requirements to run a Star Trek holodeck. AMD is following this same trend, and counting on the next gen PC architecture revolving around AI and higher bandwidth capacities that increasingly require Linux kernels.

  8. I hear the word "interconnect" being thrown around a lot in this video, what actually is the interconnect? I am very novice when it comes to the nitty gritty of computers, so any help would be appreciated!

  9. I liked how you explained some stuff regarding RAM and also some of your experiences, you should do that more often nit just news very fast 🙂

  10. I suspect the high RAM speed combined with a half frequency infinity fabric option is necessary for CPUs with 12 or 16 cores….they need the RAM band but those frequencies won't work stably in the interconnect?

  11. In one of AdoredTV's videos, he covers a paper from TSMC that suggests that the maximum frequency of CPU logic is determined by the L1 cache. If the memory control on the I/O die (which is supposed to be GloFo 14nm) is able to hit 5000MHz, and TSMC's 7nm is as incredible as suggested by AMD, I think it may be likely that the 72mm Zen 2 chiplet is capable of 5GHz as well. I was doing some napkin math, and assuming Zen 2 has no IPC gain (which it likely will due to a beefed up cache hierarchy), the 8 core demo from CES would have been running at roughly 4.5GHz. Given that Lisa Su had said that the demo chip was "not final clock speeds", and other various bits of information on Zen 2, and TSMC'S 7nm, I think it's likely that Ryzen 3000 will behave as a more competent overclocker than Zen/Zen+.

  12. DDR 4, 4000Mhz OC? Drool drool, no no…do not interupt me, let me dream about AMD. How "wierd", Raja throw "some shade" right now, when AMD will launch Zen 2 CPUs, how patetic is that.

  13. Roger, AMD called they said decided they want to you to pay royalties on their 64bit architecture you are using or go back to your worthless i64.

  14. Look, when Roger was at AMD, he said things that painted AMD in a very positive light. Then he got raided + head-hunted by Intel. Now he says things that paint Intel in a very positive light. Does anybody find this surprising? Nothing about this is even slightly surprising. Some of the things he said then, and some of the things he's saying now, seem to contradict. Hello, of course they do! He's changed teams.
    Intel have a standard about truth. Look at "See how they're now gluing their processors together." when chiplets and substrates and construct type packages were less than 12 months away on their own release schedule.
    Now let's look at marketing and sales figures and market share reports. Who paid Dell to take boxes and cases of their CPUs, and build them into systems and ship them? Who got fined millions of dollars for doing it? Who didn't just deliver CPUs to a major builder at cheap, didn't just deliver them for free, but actually paid Dell about fifty bucks for every computer with an Intel Inside they shipped? And then who spend billions on marketing that pointed out their huge delivery number from Dell? The sheer scale of dishonesty, from Intel, over decades, has got to be remembered. These people are (when placed in real competition) terminal pathological liars. They have a history of being that and doing that which goes back to about 1970, it predates the IT revolution by a decade.
    Intel & Microsoft. They're both nice, admirable, honourable companies, as long as they're not under any threat or pressure at all…

  15. Didn't Zen and Zen+ have a constant divider for IF frequency? I mean, divider isn't a new feature of Zen 2.
    I think what the setting means with Zen 2, is that it allows to toggle the divider on and off. It would allow running slower RAM without punishing Infinite Fabric.

  16. 4ghz ram overclock = 4ghz if oc? Snows, stop making this crap if you dont know how infinity fabric, or DDR works for that matter….. sigh

  17. Disliked, I feel your just telling old news you’ve gathered from other channels over the past 24hrs

  18. Intel has been able to support well over 5000 for a while now. It doesnt mean it will RUN. In fact the fastest clock so far hasnt even came close.

  19. zen2 dont impress us then zen2 bullshit leaks from bullshiters !!! i remember that similar leaks and bullshits was with Zen+ cpu-s and 5,1ghz with 12 core 12nm zen+ before release and then in reality it was at best 4,3ghz with ryzen 2xxx cpu-s

  20. reality probably will be that zen2 will have higher ipc then coffelake for around 7-10% but max oclocks will be around 4,5-4,6ghz and combining with each other you will get that 8/16 zen2 cpu on 4,5-4,6ghz will be like i7 9900k at 5ghz

  21. All Modern 64 bit PC apps use a coding platform called …. AMD64.
    There is no Intel64… Intel has to thank AMD for introducing the same… In freaking 2005 or something

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