Runway Startup: Biotia

One in 25 people who check into a hospital get an infection, and one
in nine of those people actually die from that infection. I’m Dr. Niamh O’Hara. I am one of the co-founders
and the CEO of Biotia. I was in the Runway Program
at Jacobs Institute. Hospitals currently use culturing to identify microbial species. That’s technology from the 1800s. At Biotia, we use DNA sequencing and AI software that we’ve built, and the application is
working with hospitals to treat and control infectious disease. Hospitals tend to use technology that they’re comfortable
and familiar with, and change very slowly. So being at Jacobs Institute allowed us this really long runway
to start those pilots and engagements with hospitals. I found people at Jacobs
Institute and the community there that have these very pure intentions, that they’re trying to build products that affect change in the world, and it isn’t always just
about the bottom line.

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