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  1. Read your comments, answering some common questions:
    (1) companies that I run (I am co-founder, my husband is the CEO) –,, our companies operate online
    (2) social media is a huge part of our business, we run six channels on YouTube with a 2M+ community
    (3) yes, all of my work is in my laptop and messengers – I have a team that deals with daily operations, as a co-founder I am more focused on strategy and marketing

    Feel free to ask more questions

  2. How do you trust people you hire? Which is the best platform to do that, especially hiring people for the legal department of your company?

  3. Hi Marina, pretty busy day:) Waking at 8am is not so early, everybody advises to start waking up at 4am:))))) What do you think about this? Like your videos and thank you so much for sharing your life:)

  4. Try drinking almond milk it's WAYY better and tastier than cow milk. Also vegan cheese is AMAZING you need to try it.

  5. This video is very nice and I am a starter and trying to do something new post more videos and we all support you and also try some videos to starters how to make ideas true that will help all and u will get more supporters

  6. That’s a beautiful house to work from. Nice routine, personally I love to take breaks and switch to other tasks occasionally that helps me get more productive. Having a balanced life should be top-most. Nice video 👍.

  7. Yep no dairy for three years! no gluten for 6 mo. I feel 1000% better. You are right though, dairy is addicting because one of its compounds casein binds to the same site as morphine in the brain. PRETTY SCARY! I have a ton of food recommendations so reach out if you have questions. I'm getting ready to launch a blog and give away a top 50 plant-based foods list. Totally here to help if needed. I also have some experience with functional medicine testing and MD recommendations if needed too! Lastly, I recommend malk brand cashew milk as a milk alternative. Milkademia is pretty good too! Reach out if I can help support you! Love your channel. Binged on your entire channel list this weekend! 🙂

  8. Enjoy this behind the scenes view of your life. Would love to know more about how you grew your YT community!

  9. I stoped drinking milk a long time ago now I drink Lactaid which is basically milk without the lactose. I get mine at my local grocery store.

  10. I stopped drinking milk and eating meat, rice and anything flour. Pasta, bread, crackers. I have gone alkaline electric, almond milk is my favorite I don’t eat cheese so I make my cashew or Brazil nut cheese. Blood and starch is bad for us so I changed my way of eating. I have only begun this 4 months ago, and I am feeling really great! I don’t use toothpaste because if you read the label and google fluoride. It is poison for us. That’s why I don’t understand why it’s in our water. I now only drink Spring water. Crystal Geyser.

  11. Going to bed at 10:30pm and wake up at 8am?? How do you sleep that long? LOL I run a very small business and I can't do that but my body physically can't be in bed that long because I will be so so sore in the morning. lol I am super jealous! hahaha Thanks for the video.

  12. I had to cut dairy and gluten too. This was by 25. Now at 31 after many fails… I've given up on dairy and gluten. Every time I return to eating them… all the issues return. So your doctor is right

  13. I think she really emphasized more about what it takes to be that kind of process fit her as that kind of entrepreneurial she really enjoy being !!! Enjoy it the moment pmeee if ur bored 😑

  14. I enjoyed this video very much and really appreciate you for your hard work and very inspirational video for young entrepreneurs

  15. Hello frd
    Silicon valley I have some questions about beusiness I think you can help me so can I know your WhatsApp number or any chat media like Facebook I hope you good reply

  16. I mostly stopped drinking milk. I switched to soy milk :). You'll crave soy milk like dairy milk eventually.

  17. Thank you for uploading this great video, and I learned pretty much from it. I'm a self vloger from China and your video just inspired me a lot. Thanks again.

  18. I honestly cannot belive that you are talking non stop this fast and everything you say is factual and useful.

  19. I enjoyed watching the video. Helped find the balance for myself only starting out now this new life. It looked exciting working with people across the world.

  20. I stop drinking milk in the 3rd grade but if the milk is in cereal then I guess that's the only time I may consume milk like that.

  21. Stealing cow’s breastmilk is cruel and contributes to the murder of her newborn babies. Plus it clogs your body and creates inflammation. It also taste weird… like another species’ breastmilk that’s just not intended for you.

  22. Changed my major 4times so far, because when I see an entrepreneur I wanna be one, if I see a pilot, a personal trainer, a youtubers… I wanna be all of that but meanwhile I’m just sitting here watching what everyone else is doing and dealing with my envy.
    Oh life!

  23. How do you get 1 Million views? Title is about how you run a 50 employees company but all you spoke about was milk, cooking and you like this feel this. Its full of opinions and feeling, not a single strategy. Wish you would be more to the point. What exactly is it that you do?

  24. Tumhari Hai Mithi boli Upar Se naak pe gussa ho jata hai main Tumhara Hona Chahta Hoon bolo Tumhara Dil Kya Karta Hai

  25. After watching your video, I feel like successful people always have busy life in almost every moments. That doesn’t have enough time to chill 😰
    Is it possible to enjoy life half for ourselves and half for the career?
    Though people have different happiness like some are happy with doing all busy life.

  26. I'm sorry but this turned into a cooking video. You didn't get into much detail about running a company. If this is your daily life, you wouldn't even have ONE business by yourself. Feels like click bait to me.

  27. No one suffers from gluten consumption in my country. I think american diet is to blame rather than gluten. Just look at the food coloring of cereal and you know what I mean.

  28. Did you go see a doctor or an acupuncturist?. A doctor (MD, medical doctor) can have a certification to perform acupuncture but being an acupuncturist does not automatically make one a doctor. Also if you suspect having gluten allergy, you need to have that diagnosed through allergy tests by an allergy specialist not an acupuncturist. Gluten does not cause inflammation unless you have gluten sensitivity. Not drinking dairy products may make your body produce less and less lactase (enzyme that breaks down lactose) and you may end up being lactose intolerant.

    Anyways, please seek dietary advices from MDs and dietitians, not acupuncturists.

  29. Glad u r doing well. However, not a good idea / habit to look at work while eating. I see, u are working all the time which u do often. Please, Eating has to be focused. U r young this might be working but there will be a boundary when body gets tired & breakdown soon. I wish u all the best.

  30. Hello I stopped drinking milk at 20 I rarely drink some with my hot cocoa when I do drink the milk I take probiotics.

  31. Hi! I was milk allergic since i was a baby. But still i could not live without milk and cheese in my student period. Since I was 22, i became veggie. AT 23 I became vegan and cut dairy totally (i still call myself flexi, if it's not possible to eat vegan somewhere, i eat dairy but this is almost never). I never felt better since!

  32. I feel her shes in the moment were a lot of stress on her day and what she did is take it more lightly think and solve the prob. This is what shes trying to say here in this video.

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