RUINER is 1980s Cyberpunk Anime Shooter @ PAX East 2017 by Cosplayer Nation

Hey man I’m Benedykt. I’m the Creative Director of Ruiner. And uh, hope you like the demo. Its a top down shooter. Its a very brutal action oriented shooter. It was created in the spirit of 1980s anime,
brutal ones, where you get a lot of dead bodies, cyborgs, androids, and they swear alot. Like Cyber City 808, Akira or Ghost in the
Shell, that sort of thing. Thats our premise for the game. Its about, you’re the guy wearing this mask,
this jacket and this mask. And then, the game begins with you being hacked
by some nasty hacker. And he’s bossing you around, telling you to
kill the BOSS from the Heaven Corporation. In the first mission, in the prologue section,
it ends with you loosing your arm, trying to get to the boss. But you cannot break from the door that’s
cutting you. And that’s when your hacker friend [that’s
her], kicks in and she’s helping you out. Like getting you out of the building, like
you’re being chased by the Heaven security at this point. And then later in the game, the story unfolds
in an interesting way for our character because he’s being used and abused all the time, because
we think that in the future all the technology that’s going to be there will not make us
better but will just help us make offenses of other people. So its pretty bleak. And later in the game, as the story unfolds,
you’re gonna learn what was your involvement in this and why you were there in the first
place, and you find out that she’s not your friend after all. From the gameplay perspective, we are pretty
deep. We started as Hotline Miami & cyberpunk, so
that people would connect with us. Like know what its all about. But we are now having many different mechanisms. The guys from Reikon Games, from our company,
they pretty much did the mechanics pretty deep. We worked on The Witcher before, and so we
got more and more complicated. We got 40 different combinations of the mechanical
arm. And you can combine that with 30 different
weapons. Like flamethrowers, grenade launchers, electric
weapons, all of that sort of arsenal is pretty banannas. You can set traps. You can put everything on fire. Just have fun with it. The game will be out in late June on PC Steam,
Xbox One and PS4. Then there’s the aesthetic part of course,
and the atmosphere is very important to us. Because we want to differentiate it from others
by not only the violent parts, but also the story is pretty intense. Then the soundtrack, we worked with Susumu
Hirasawa for development. He’s done music for Paprika, and Perfect Blue,
and we got this music for the game and we’re very proud of that. The only reason because he’s a fan of the
game. And yeah.

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