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In todays video I’m going to be sharing
with you a brand new Commander deck tech I’ve been having a lot of fun with recently! It’s Ruhan of the Fomori, with Jeskai Vehicles,
and I absolutely love it! Alright there, cheers for tuning in!
I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama, A channel all about Magic the Gathering,
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phase! Ruhan is a fantastically fun commander in
Jeskai colours, and great for piloting a vehicles deck as he’s got enough power to crew anything
we want. Being able to tap him down before combat takes out the random attack, which
can be really handy, but it’s also fun sometimes to roll the dice and see where he swings. So the deck is running a ton of vehicles,
and creatures and spells that support the strategy! Into the creatures first and a couple of great
ways to crew our vehicles. Oketra and Kefnet, the indestructible gods
from Amonkhet are super useful. They have stipulations on when they can attack
or block, but that doesn’t matter when we’re turning them sideways to crew, and the indestructibility
is awesome against boardwipes. They’re both mana sinks too, oketra making
1/1 tokens, and Kefnet drawing us cards. We couldn’t have a vehicles deck without
this next pair, Depala and Veteran Motorist. Both are really cheap, can pilot most things,
and the ability to dig for more vehicles with Depala is great. Sram, Senior Edificer makes an appearance
giving us some card draw, and the Deadeye Quartermaster allows us to tutor out a vehicle
or a piece of equipment, whatever we might need more at the time, and to round out the
specific vehicle stuff, Aeronaut Admiral gives all our vehicles flying! Next up we’re going to want to profit from
all the artifacts we’re running, and Padeem is just the Vedalken for the job. Hexproof
is super useful, and we will hopefully be drawing a card a turn too!
Jhoira, of the Weatherlight Captain variety gives us a card with each historic spell we
cast, and we’ve already had 6 legendary creatures so this is invaluable.
Teshar also cares about historic stuff, however instead of drawing a card we get to Sun Titan!
And speak of the devil, we’ve got the real Sun Titan here too!
Another great recursion card for this deck is Hanna, Ship’s Navigator. It’s literally
like the Weatherlight crew was made for a vehicles deck. We can bring artifacts and
enchantments back from the dead for 3 mana, regardless of their CMC. Jor Kadeen is a great Boros commander in his
own right, and in this deck he helps smaller ones to crew vehicles, and then makes the
vehicles even bigger, win win! Chief of the Foundry is also in here to buff
our crewed artifacts. Then as a bit of protection is no bad thing,
Ethersworn Shieldmage can be flashed in to prevent damage for a turn, and Aethershield
Artificer bestows indestructible onto one very lucky vehicle for the turn. Rounding out the creatures we’ve got Imperial
Recruiter, which can tutor out about half of our creatures. Vehicles would be a sensible next category
to show you, so here we go. Silent Submersible is the whole reason I built
this as Jeskai rather than just going Boros Depala.
You might think that’s totally ridiculous, but if you’ve got a pet card, you’ll appreciate
the feeling. And to be honest it’s not as bad as it first looks.
It’s super easy to crew, and get it down early you can start nibbling away at opponents
drawing those cards. In a similar vein, Smuggler’s Copter does
some great work at filtering out our dead draws. Parhelion was another major part of the deckbuilding
dream I had. Being Boros through and through I knew I needed
this is an EDH deck, and you can see it in action in the gameplay part of the video a
little later. You’d be surprised just how effective the
3 damage for a Skysovereign can be each turn when it attacks. It can be dealt to literally
any creature or planeswalker, so you can be attacking one person and blowing someone else’s
stuff up! The great thing about vehicles is that they
often appear unassuming. Take Conqueror’s Galleon for example. A2/10 blocker is great,
but when you can super easily flip it it’s card draw on a land, which is so rad. Peacewalker Colossus is a neat trick, by eliminating
the need to actually crew vehicles, and can be activated multiple times a turn, just not
on itself. And of course the Weatherlight is in here,
to go with Jhoira and Hanna. With the amount of historics we’re running you’re bound
to hit at least one with each dig. Cultivator’s caravan is an often overlooked
mana rock, doubling up as a 5/5 beater, And Heart of Kiran also has a crew of 3, but
we can use planewalker loyalty if we’re in a bind, but it’s not ideal, and I’m
only running a couple of walkers. Mizzium tank is the third vehicle to come
out of War of the Spark, and has been doing wonders in my Feather deck, and is a good
fit here too. Being able to turn it into an artfact creature at instant speed makes it
really versatile as a surprise blocker, but the trample means it’s cool on offense too. Fleetwheel Cruiser can be useful in a pinch,
coming in as a 5/3 hasty creature, and I just had to include Consulate Dreadnought for it’s
throwback to one of my favourite ever cards, the Phyrexian Dreadnought.
Finally Ballista Charger brings up the rear, pinging off 1/1 tokens like a boss! Spells are up next, and some bombs to start
with, quite literally. Boardwipes of all shapes find a home here,
as our un-crewed vehicles won’t get hurt! Martial Coup is perhaps the greatest of them
all, as it wipes the board then gives us a handful of Soldiers to start crewing again
immediately. Blasphemous Act, Austere Command, and Supreme
Verdict all do their thing, and settle the wreckage is in here just in case things go
really wrong. As a 4 mana instant it’s tutorable by a classic bit of Boros equipment coming
later. It is a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency type card though as the ramp your opponent
gets is quite big. I’ve included Iroas and Thassa in the spells
section rather than creatures as it’s quite hard to get them online as creatures with
so many artifacts keeping our devotion down. Menace is brilliant, scrying is brilliant,
unblockable is brilliant! Now for the super annoying combo of smothering
tithe and Rhystic Studies. Get one online and you’re a mild annoyance, get both out
and you will earn the ire of the table, be warned! Swords to Plowshares blows something up, Wear/Tear
blows stuff up, Dovin’s Veto stops things even needing to blown up, while Unbreakable
Formation and Ghostly flicker stop our stuff getting blown up! Built to Last also gives a vehicle indestructible
for the turn, and it’s red counterpart Built to Smash gives one trample. Enlightened Tutor and Mystical Tutor are standard
tutor includes here, enough said so lets move on to the planeswalkers! Elspeth of the Knight-Errant variety kicks
us off, and it’s literally all about chasing that ultimate to give all our vehicles indestructible.
Tezzet from M19 churns out thopters, draws us cards and turns into a ridiculous tutor
with his ultimate. Saheeli Rai can tutor three artifacts straight
on to the battlefield with her ultimate, and Nahiri can do a third of that with hers, but
the -2 is where it’s at, destroying stuff! Finally a couple of miscilaneous spells, Open
the Vaults gives everyone back their dead artifacts so use wisely. Then Sphinx’s Rev
is some epic card draw. To be fair it could possibly be replaced with Azor, who has this
ability built in! We do have other artifacts in here besides
vehicles, so here they are! Sol Ring, Jeskai Banner, Boros Signet, and
the Azorius one are all standard mana rocks. Fountain of Ichor is also a rock, but can
be turned into a creature post boardwipe to jump in a vehicle.
Solemn Simulacrum is a standard include, as is Sunforger in any deck running these colours.
We’ve seen tons of spells we can un-attach it to grab, or just a 4 power boost is great.
It falling off a vehicle when it goes back to just being an artifact doesn’t count
as un-attaching though. Treasure Map provides us with three bouts
of scrying and then it becomes really versatile. Technically ramp, we can use the treasure
as mana sources, but also sac them to keep drawing cards, and if we have it flipped with
our smothering tithe in play we get a ton of value! Finally there’s mirage mirror, just an all
round great Commander staple! And so we reach the final section of the deck,
the mana base, and as always this is very budget dependent for which dual lands you
run, and if you can fit fetches in. Command Tower and Spire of Industry are the
tri-colour lands. I’m running Prismatic Vista as my only fetch.
For duals I’ve picked clifftop retreat, sulfur falls, glacial fortress and Sea of
Clouds. Inventors Fair for tutoring, Buried Ruin and
Academy Ruins for some recursion. I’m running all three of the Mirrodin artifact
lands, they help keep the artifact count up. Then there’s some spicy tech with man-lands!
These steer clear of boardwipes, then can come alive to crew vehicles!
Needle Spires, Wandering Fumarole, Celestial Colonnade and Mutavault. Rounding it out with basics, there’s 6 plains,
7 islands, and 5 mountains. If you want to see the full deck list for
this Ruhan Commander deck tech there’s a link to my decks on Archidekt
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Catch you soon, cheers!

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