Hey YouTube, it’s Tia! Welcome back to my channel! In today’s video
we’re going to be talking about rude Italian habits Habits that are generally accepted in Italy
that would be considered rude in America When I first came here, Italians would do these things and I would get like grossed out or offended because I’m like, what the – But actually here these things aren’t considered as rude And sometimes the things that we do instead
in America would be considered rude So I’ve got three Italian habits
that we Americans would consider rude But are totally normal in Italy So the first “rude” Italian habit
is blowing your nose in public All of my Italian friends walk around ready
with a packet of tissues in their pockets which is something that I’ve never seen in America and it’s something that
I still haven’t been able to get myself to do People always ask me if I have a tissue
and I’m like I’m sorry, I don’t I’m American; I don’t walk around with tissues You should though, because if you need a tissue,
it’s very handy to always have one In Italy, the correct thing to do is- When you blow your nose- When you have to blow your nose, just blow it You can blow it anywhere you want If you’re in class, if you’re on the metro,
if you need to blow your nose, you blow your nose Strangely enough,
in America people don’t really blow their nose in public If anything, if you need to blow your nose,
people usually like excuse themselves They go to the bathroom to blow their nose Or if they’re in class,
people go to the back of class to blow their nose Blowing your nose in front of people
is just seen as a really gross thing to do And in America what I would always do
and what most people would do is kinda sniffle You just inhale and try to get your stuff in But guess what?
In Italy, that is seen as disgusting. Go figure! Sniffling and trying to spare people the sight of you blowing your nose would be considered rude here Less rude, and more disgusting If an Italian blows their nose in front of you,
they’re actually not being rude, they’re not being weird You’re going to be seen as the weird one
for being upset about it If you go to the store and you get change Like you give a twenty for something that costs fifteen and you get five euros back Italians will not give you
the money back in your hand, typically and not handing someone money in their hand is something that is seen as so rude in America I remember when I first started working,
when I got my first service job One of the first things they teach you is, like, yeah When you hand somebody their change,
you hand it in their hand because it’s seen as really, really rude
to just put the money on the counter and make the person scramble to pick it up So in Italy, that is the norm and when I first got here I honestly thought
people were doing it to me because I was black I’m like, did that person not hand me the money
in my hand because I’m black? Is this something- Are they racists?
Why are they so rude? But then I found out after telling the story to other- After it happening a few times
and me getting really hurt by it I ended up talking to my friends about it
and they’re like, “No! “In Italy, that’s not seen as rude.
Actually, that’s the courteous thing to do and it would be rude
to hand you the money in your hand.” In America, we’re not touchy-feely at all, I feel and Italians usually tend to be more close and okay with people touching them,
making contact with people So it’s interesting to me, this thing with the money In America it’s okay to touch people
and give them the money but in Italy it’s not okay and it’s seen as rude In Italy the courteous thing to do is for the cashier or whoever’s handing you the change to put it- Usually there’s a plate that is between the cashier and the person where the change is supposed to go So they’ll put it on that thing and you take your change That’s the most correct thing to do in Italy If you come to Italy and, you know, you’re shopping or doing anything that involves money and somebody doesn’t hand you your change back
in your hand, they’re not trying to be rude That’s just the way things are done here It’s just the exact opposite as it is in America Italians sometimes- Well not sometimes, quite often- When you’re in a conversation with an Italian person,
it’s not considered rude to interrupt people That’s just how they speak You’ll be having a conversation, you’ll make your point and then the other person will have their point
and they’ll just hop in And what you’re supposed to do is
just interrupt them as well and it goes back and forth like that
and that’s the normal rhythm of a conversation here Whereas in America it would be seen
as completely rude to cut somebody off and to interrupt somebody while they’re speaking Yeah, and so it’s been really hard for me
because I’ll be in like these group conversations and people will bounce off back and forth really fast, saying everything that comes to their mind and I’ll be like making my point You guys know how I make my points
if you watch my videos I usually have a long, elaborated, thought out explanation for something that I’m about to say and right in the middle of this beautiful explanation,
somebody just like cuts me off and says theirs and, I mean, I dunno,
it’s something that I’m still getting used to It’s just a habit that
I haven’t been able to acquire yet, here What will happen when I’m in a conversation in the real world is I’ll make my point, somebody will interrupt
and then I’ll be quiet for the rest of the conversation because I’m trying to find
a break in the conversation to make my point but there will never be a break
in that Italian conversation You have to just jump in and say it
because that’s how things are done here I don’t- It’s- These habits are kind of hard for me explain because I’m not saying, obviously,
that Italians are rude for doing them I’m saying that the cultures are different Habits are different This is how it’s done in Italy, that’s completely
not the way things are done in America and so, coming from a different social context,
you might find it rude, but it’s not actually rude I feel like, especially in certain social social situations people think that I’m super quiet
or I don’t want to participate in the conversation but the actuality is just I can’t because, I dunno Even because Italian is not my first language I can’t just like interrupt somebody
while they’re speaking Italian and getting all fast For us, manners is waiting for your turn to speak and also allowing people to have the chance to speak Asking “What do you think?” “What’s your opinion?” Giving that open for dialogue Whereas in Italy it’s kind of just like And it’s just something to get used to,
it’s something that’s different for us It’s not- Now that I live here,
I see that it’s not that people are trying to be mean It’s just the way things are done Now that I see it’s just like “Oh, ok, I get it,” It just a different way of approaching things It was definitely something-
It’s something that I’m still adjusting to Those are just three Italian habits
that I’ve come across while living here that would be considered totally rude in America but they’re totally normal here What do you guys think? Do you guys think that I’m right on these? Do you think I’m wrong on these? What are some habits that you’ve noticed living here that you would consider rude in your country,
but they’re actually normal here in Italy? And Italians, what are some habits
that foreigners have that are totally rude here? Maybe you discovered in their country
that’s just how they do it I’d love to start a conversation in the comments section and see what you guys all think As always, remember to like and subscribe
if you haven’t already And I’ll see you guys in my next one

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  1. Today, we're talking about habits that are totally normal in Italy but would be considered rude to an American (and vice versa). What are some “rude” habits you've noticed around the world, what were your initial reactions? I Se volete aiutarmi con i sottotitoli, ecco il link: https://bit.ly/2IerqQZ 🙂

  2. I appreciate this video. This is the stuff you don't learn in the grammar book. We are all effected by our culture. This is the stuff that just makes you crazy! Good job, Tia!

  3. I'm American, and I find myself scrambling a bit when change is placed in my hand, like I'm being rushed out of the line.

  4. She is offensive…..different countries have different customs and habits ! That does not make them "rude" !

  5. L'Italia è piccola, soprattutto per un cittadino americano! Pero' non bisogna generalizzare, le differenze di comportamento ci sono anche a livello provinciale!

  6. My grandma would say:"soffiati il naso e smetti di tirare su come le capre" people here would offer you a tissue since sniffling is nasty.

  7. Omg once, i went on a trip and we could bring money, i went to the shop took my money out and placed it on the counter, my teacher got so angry at me and said. thats RuDe im like

    Sorry BiaTcH

  8. Ok now I’m scared to go to America. How am I supposed to do without blowing my nose in public? What if I have a cold? How am I supposed to do? 🙈🙈🙈🙈😱😱😱😱😱

  9. Cosa dire…è difficile abituarsi ad altre culture, per alcuni è come imparare a camminare con le mani e non più con i piedi, personalmente ho appresso tante cose degli italiani che al inizio mi sembravano parecchio trogloditi ma ci si abitua piano piano e perfino cambi completamente la tua visione quello che era negativo al inizio finisci per farlo e li prendi gusto, pero l'invasione della privacy per parte dei parenti del marito è una cosa che proprio non sono riuscita a digerire, anche alla mancanza di fantasia e spontaneità, forse sono troppo al nord! Chissà, nessuno è perfetto…

  10. Ragazzi, non lo dico assolutamente per cattiveria ma dopo aver notato che la ragazza del video (una bellissima nera tra l'altro) portava un ciondolino in metallo rappresentante il continente africano mi sono chiesto se PER CASO ci fosse una europea al posto suo con una simile bigiotteria a forma dell'Europa…. Sicuramente ne verrebbe fuori qualche cretino a sparare delle cazzate contro gli oppressori razzisti e altre scemenze tipiche della pattuglia del web…. A che punto stiamo arrivando… Per diverse volte ho ascoltato dei commenti assurdi proprio in questo livello quindi non sto esagerando… Che mondo stronzo…. Oggi se uno indossa una maglietta con ad esempio la frase "100% europeo" viene praticamente condannato a ergastolo a passo che (e ne ho già viste parecchie) delle simili "100% nero" viene considerata una icona della resistenza delle minoranze etniche e bla bla bla….

  11. I don’t know if I was unlucky so far but in my office in New York I noticed American people, especially young girls, tend not to say “Good morning”. They just sit at their desks without saying anything to the people already in the office. Maybe they are not rude and they just don’t want to bother the others in their minds?

    For the change in Italy at the cash registers I guess that yes we Italians are touchy with friends and family but in other places we want to look professional instead of friendly so we don’t give money in the hand of “strangers”.

  12. Io non voglio dire niente, ma lei come fa a essere esperta dei comportamenti degli italiani? Comunque qui interrompere uno che parla e considerato molto maleducato

  13. Idk what america u been to but out of my 28 yrs living in america I know for a fact we walk around with tissue in our pockets and blowing our nose out in public all day long. Any american wld find it rude u sniffing ur snot back in ur nose thats why some of them wld be like can u pls blow ur nose or hand u tissue. Handing the cash in the hand that is false statement when u go to the bank not all banks hand u ur cash in ur hand, not all stores hand u ur cash back in ur hand, not even all ppl hand u ur cash back in ur hand and that happens a lot here in america. I work at a retail store and most of my customers dnt hand me the cash in my hand they set it on the table and its not a rule of thumb to do it nor is it rude at all at least i dnt think so the one thing that is very rude is when it is thrown. The only ppl that wld say its rude is a person who prefers to have things put in their hand or a blind person. Other that yea no. Talking when somebody else is talking definitely happens here in america and definitely in politics as well, debates, arguments, even regular conversations. All the stuff u say u never seen or it never happens in america it happens here a lot. So yea. Nice video tho.

  14. Si…quello che dici e’ giusto, solo due considerazioni..a “tirare su col naso” rischi una bella sinusite e interrompere un discorso..si..si fa ma non e’ comunque cortese..io tendo a non farlo…ciao !!,

  15. 3:40 I have another idea of that…. I think probably is because by putting the change in the tray you can actually count the coins only by taking them … instead of stopping the line to see if the cashier has done his job well…

  16. Im also an Italian
    A rude thing for Italian if you don’t burp after eating the food they made for you they think it’s really rude and it insults the cooks feeling.

  17. Ma vaffanculo noi ci soffiamo il naso per non ingogliare il moccolo come fanno gli americani

  18. I love how when black people can't explain situations the first thing that pops out in mind is : wow did that happen because im black. Like enough

  19. Money is very dirty,not a joke, you have to know money changes many hands during the day!! so it is a good thing do not touch the money,, i know,americans love money,so it's very hard do not touch it))))

  20. Italians are the most civilized and refined people in the world, they created civilization. Just because their culture is different from yours doesn't mean it's rude. Americans are low class compared to Italians and belong in the toilet 🚽.

  21. where has Tia been living? North Americans blow their nose in public even if they are eating at a restaurant! Is disgusting!

  22. Ciao Tia, a volte anche in Italia, per educazione, è scortese soffiarsi il naso in pubblico, vedi in teatro o al ristorante! 😀

  23. In Australia it's a mixture. NO sniffing – so annoying. Just blow the nose. But yes it's polite to place the change into your hand and it's very rude to interrupt.

  24. As a European, I find talking with American very frustrating and boring. Americans talk about nothing like bubble gum wrappers of their childhood. By the way, you use SOOOOOOO many words just to say the same thing….and you go over and over the same idea as you do in your video. It shows an insecurity on the american's behalf of feeling not getting across.

  25. All the points for me,as italian, are rude. Yes, here are normal things but for a lot people sniff your nose in public isnt polite. I hate when in the shops they dont give to me money in my hands and talk overa person remain always a rude habit but for italians is normal. Dont get confused all of them are rude habits and they will remain But italians are "different",.

  26. I was born in Ecuador and know this things about Italy
    Makes me realize that both countries are SO SIMILAR 😂
    I never interrumpted a conversation cuz I don't like it but in Ecuador is also common thing to do

  27. interrupting people is not every Italian. maybe you re among too young and informal of a group. it s called impulsivity.

  28. Italians have trust issues. They give you the remainder in a small plate, so everyone around you could see that the remainder is correct.

  29. About habit number 2:
    I think it's more for very busy shops or where transactions are expected to be quick (like Tabaccherie or bars).
    They put it there so you have time to count the change and put it back to your wallet without rush, in the mean time they serve another customer.
    Here sometimes they put the bills of the change and the coins on top, sliding it all on your hand. Still quick!

  30. The fact they can't adapt ? can't accept anything different ? anything that is not typical Italian ? Sh/t culture.

  31. you are very nice, but honeslty I think that you don't know enough abuot italians to talk about. for example, for an italian your video is rude, the way you talk and move your hands are rude, the way you look is not elegant enough, and anything to say abuot the way yoy dress, I don't like it… is rude. bye.

  32. In Italy is considered unpolite to interrupt people, but i think that when can’t stand the other person’s point of view we get really bothered by what he is talkin about and the reply just come out of our mouth by itself. However when people has this kind of behaviour with me i get really annoyed.

  33. In Germany sniffing is also considered disgusting, while blowing your nose is totally acceptable… there is a tendency but not an obligation to turn around while blowing your nose…

  34. I am from Europe, but I live in the US, and I hear people sniffle all the time at the office, and it’s not only disgusting but so annoying… but about the money thing— it’s really a typical I think in most parts of Europe to put down the money instead of giving it to the customer; I don’t like it at all, and I prefer the way here in the US, that they give it to my hand. 🙂

  35. I’m Italian and I could stop laughing at this video cus all of my family does this except for me 😂😂

  36. Tia, essere interrotta mentre parlo é una delle cose che odio di più, lo dico da italiana! Infatti lo faccio spesso notare alle persone e quando le interrompo, mi scuso e le faccio continuare, ma mi dà ancora un fastidio enorme essere interrotta mentre parlo, é maleducazione!

  37. Lovely video Tia, the comments you generated (both in Italian and English) are incredibly entertaining as well.

  38. You don't carry tissues??? I guess you would rather let your nose mucus drip all over your face and whatever else than blow your nose which you seem to find rude!! Please

  39. oh gosh why r u judging the Italians they can do anything they want to do,the Italians could be judging u the Americans of what they do but they don't because they r kind people so leave them alone.

  40. in realtà l'educazione vorrebbe che chi si soffia il naso solitamente si gira proprio per non soffiato in faccia alle persone, onestamente sempre meglio che passare ore a "tirar su" col naso perché ti cola e magari non hai la possibilità di appartarti per soffiando, dare il resto su un piattino è abitudine e immagino per contare il resto facendolo vedere al cliente, che poi con calma può recuperare il resto e metterlo nel portafogli. Si nel parlare in gruppo siamo "casinisti" , è forse anche il piacere di comunicare, esprimersi, in qualche modo esce anche in questa situazione il nostro lato passionale, ma se uno non è abituato credo abbia difficoltà

  41. I'm curious do you do other countries about rudeness because in Japan it's rude if you don't slurp your soup or as in America cuz it's rude if you slurp?!

  42. If you need to blow your nose then do it…unless you're in a restaurant. Sneezing is your body's natural way of telling you that it's trying to get rid of a foreign substance that it doesn't like. Sniffling will only exacerbate the problem, and as an American, I find sniffling not only disgusting but annoying as well. True, it may not be "convenient" or even possible for you to step outside or somewhere more private (e.g. if you're on a subway train), but sometimes in life we do what we have to do.

  43. Hi, Tia. I was raised among Italians in a Latin country. Your video has helped me understand that some of my behavior is considered rude in the U.S. I have trouble making friends. I do this interruption thing that you describe. I consider myself to be very polite, but people in the U.S. don't seem to like me too much, no? So, thank you. I want to know more.

  44. YOU GOT A LOT OF FANTASY! Many things that you said are not true!!!
    About nose maybe depends from where, cause when I use to live in LA everyone did on the street. About Italy it's not true what you're saying about the money: a lot of people will give you in the money and is NOT consider rude. You invented it from scratch. Usually the poeple don't give in the hands in the bar, cause the desk make too much space between the waiter and the client, that's why they put on the desk. IT'S CONSIDER SO RUDE TO INTERRUPT A CONVERSATION! wtf!!! Where did you live in Italy?

  45. I hear people sniffling all the time in the U.S. and I offer them a tissue lol. The main difference is that you blow your nose once while the sniffling can go on for minutes if not hours. I find it really annoying, sounds like a snort 🙁 So yeah definitely a really big cultural difference

  46. So you automatically thought 'is it because I'm black?'. Do you see the issues this causes? Leave your paranoid feelings,grow and flourish.

  47. Italians are well mannered civilized polite people it is Americans who are rude and have rude habits. Italian culture is the most advanced in the world.

  48. Many Africans shout loudly when talking in the streets. May be they think they are in the Savana but they are in Italy and they are not in wild places. This is very bad habit of black people

  49. Hi Tia, in my opinion it always depends on who you meet and how this person behaves in public.Blowing one's nose is not a rude habit.If you have a person in front of you,just turn your head and blow it.I think it is a polite way of doing it.Of course,if you have a bad cold,just take a step or two and do what you have to do.I remember a friend of mine from France who was surprised to see the bidet in our bathrooms.Should we be ashamed of washing our genital parts?Most of the people abroad don't even know about its existence but in Italy we feel comfortable knowing that we are clean down there, where the sun never shines.Rude for me is not to use it.(this is just an example).As Italian,abroad in the USA,I was surprised to stay next to a man sitting in his easy chair ,chewing tabacco and spitting inside a pot on the floor of his sitting room.That was quite rude,wasn't it?I would never do it in front of a guest but this happened many other times in different situations in the USA,chewing tobacco and spitting.Last example,and always abroad, in a fine restaurant ,with China people at a table next to ours,burping and farting while eating, but this was normal for them because "keeping something inside"is not good for one's health.As you can see,what is normality for someone can be disgusting for someone else.Are we all different?Yes,we are!Greetings from Italy!

  50. Take off ur wig before talkin' 'bout things u don't know/understand at all. We are not that stereotyped people and actually we're much more educated than americans


  52. Are Italians racist because they didn't hand you money?Well I would definantly say that at least some Italians are racist however I'm also preaty sure there was no racist intent behind it and all that person was doing was following the customs of there culture.

  53. My mothers side of the family is Italian and actually has quite a bit of Italian in her but I actaully think that I have alot more Irish in me than Italian.

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