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Hey everyone welcome back to Tech Talk
thanks for tuning in. I am here with JM Porup who will be attending the RSA
Conference and we’re gonna be talking all things RSA what to expect what he’s
looking forward to, so stick around. Alright JM thank you so much for coming
always appreciate it so you are attending the RSA Conference when is it
what what is it about what’s gonna be going on tell me about it well sure so
RSA is one of the oldest information security conferences out there in San
Francisco at the Moscone Center March 4th through 8th and a couple weeks I’ll
be covering the events if you’ve got stories find me and talk to me nice so
what are some tips this is your first time going yeah you know I’ve been
covering information security for a very long time but I have until now not been
to RSA personally that is true so as a first time RSA Conference goer
what are some important tips for first time ever conference goers wear
comfortable shoes I guess this isn’t a time to break out some heels not the
time you know if you’re gonna be getting in your 10,000 steps on a concrete floor
in a very large convention hall you know maybe no heels maybe just just saying
make sense so whoo let’s dive into as to what to actually expect at the
conference what are gonna be some popular things to
look for on the floor and then also some exhibits some sessions sure so there’s a
lot going on at RSA and there’s more than any one person could conceivably do
everything or see everything so it really depends on what you’re after you
know as a general rule most of the talks at RSA will be informative but not
necessarily groundbreaking so if you’re a fairly experienced security Pro you
know your time is probably best spent networking and not sitting through too
many talks if there’s particular talks or particular speakers you really
want to see make sure you reserve a seat using our essays online scheduler as
popular talks can fill up and if you were hoping to be in a particular talk
you should plan for that there’s in addition there’s the IOT village and the
ICS village if you’re if you’re curious about ot or ICS security there are some
very smart people who will happily let you hack a virtual water treatment
facility or pretend to hack the energy grid and learn something new in the
process and of course the the innovation sandbox is a is a pretty popular part of
our essay as startups pitch there hopefully but usually not game-changing
cybersecurity ideas great so are there any specific vendors or sessions that
you personally are looking forward to anything that in your opinion is just a
cannot miss well in terms of vendors you know I’ll leave buyers to make their own
judgments RSA the conference floor is full of pretty much every major and most
minor security vendors on the planet so if you’re at RSA because you’re shopping
you know Hegel you know and I and every organization is different so is it eight
to call out any particular vendor for my money I’m particularly interested in to
see Bruce Schneier Public Interest technologist track on Thursday the idea
behind this brand new track never before run at RSA before is an attempt to bring
security professionals to the place that lawyers are in terms of doing pro bono
work they say that 20% of the Harvard Law
School graduates 20% go into public interest law they’re their you know
public defenders or their they’re working for not-for-profits or they’re
giving back to society whereas the the percentage of you know computer science
graduates doing that kind of thing is basically zero and and that’s
not because you know programmers are somehow more money-grubbing than lawyers
that does seem to be a probably not true but more a lack of opportunities you
know how can senior technologists with skills you know go to work on Capitol
Hill and help shape better technology policy or go work for Human Rights Watch
and you know give something back how can larger companies support
sabbaticals for senior security employees or give them ten twenty
percent time to do something that’s not directly assisting the corporate bottom
line and also you know one of the arguments Neyers made and I’ve read an
article about this for CSO is that this is also a net win for corporations
because once a you know an employee has gone off and done this kind of pro bono
work they bring that experience back into the enterprise and that can be very
valuable yeah of course absolutely so shifting gears a little bit you talked
about this you touch on this very briefly a miniature ago the innovation
sandbox so that’s gonna be how many startups a few I believe there’s a a
final shortlist of 10 but I could be mistaken about that there’s a pitching
process that goes on for quite some time before the actual conference so they’re
gonna be cybersecurity startups yeah and they are going to they’re sort of
highlighted at this conference if you are evaluating the tech from a start-up
what should you be looking for if you’re a corporate buy or looking well you know
I would say that for most organizations today they’re still struggling to get
the basics right by and large the that’s a blanket statement and startups today
are you know they’re startups they remain unproven and and they should be
taken with a large grain of salt you know it may
they offer a niche solution that’s a game-changer for your organization and
and that may well be the case but you should do your due diligence and make
sure that they can actually deliver bang for what will probably be a very high
buck there’s also of course a networking aspect to these conferences if you’re
going as a cybersecurity professional and you’re looking to network what are
some tips that you have for them have enough business cards and you know say
you’re pleased and thank yous there you go networking 101 what you mentioned the
IOT village and the ICS villages now this is sort of a fixture of security
conferences having the ability to hack stuff I mean these are new just a couple
years old and they’re independently organized apart from RSA you’ll find ICS
village in Vegas at Def Con as well and the idea is that the organizers want to
raise awareness about the security issues for instance ICS systems among IT
security professionals who may have never touched you know sort of
operational equipment in a factory or water treatment facility wonderful so
there’s gonna be a lot going on looking forward to seeing your coverage of it
what can we be sure to hear from you what kind of stuff do you think that
you’re going to be covering what can our viewers look for online at CSO well I
mean there will be a fair amount of pre RSA coverage of things that that look
interesting and and during the event it really depends on on what happens
there’s a lot of noise and relatively low signal and you know I will do my
best to try and find the Nuggets and the ore as it were sure a lot of noise
probably gonna be some announcements like everybody’s gonna announce Minh but
not all of its relevant to the industry at large
sure well if it is relevant to us if it’s relevant to our readers we will
make sure to be covering it on CS online be sure to look out for articles from JM
JM thank you so much for your time and good luck at RSA
hope it’s a great time Julie yep we’ll do it yours Thanks
and thank you so much for watching if you like this video be sure to give it a
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