Round One Job Referral Platform

At Round One we’ve noticed that even when
qualified candidates like yourself apply for jobs that are a perfect fit, your
application gets lost in all the clutter. We’ve developed an innovative solution
that is the easiest and most effective way to get noticed in your dream company
with an employee referral and this is How it Works! Select the company and role you are interested in, Now, choose from a list of verified
employees from a particular department who are interested in referring suitable candidates. Send a referral request to the
employee so they can review your profile. Once they accept your request, you can
speak with them over the phone so that they can clarify any doubts they have
about you. Finally, if the employee finds you to be a good fit for the firm he or she
recommends your application to the HR department. We found that earning
this referral increases your chances of Getting Hired by 10 times! Click on the Get Started button to earn a referral via Round One using Your Merit, and Our Contacts.
Good Luck!

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13 thoughts on “Round One Job Referral Platform

  1. i guess they used xtranormal free video making software to make this video. bdw there is option to select indian accent too.felt ashamed? !!!;/ not impressed.Do something original. helps branding u know

  2. Hi, I am meena . I have rich experience in secretarial/administrative and customer oriented functions. Please help me to get into a good organisation.

  3. I am an ex-serviceman from Indian Army and was in clerical job for 30 years.  Now am searching for clerical jobs in Delhi/NCR. 

  4. I want to register, but can not make on line payment. What is the other way to make the payment of Rs.70/- Please let me know . I am in USA at present

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