Rokket Dragons! May 2018! Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Profile!

– [Paul] Hey, what’s up you guys? You’re watching Team APS. Paul here. In today’s video, I am finally
profiling my Rokket Dragons, a deck that I have been
really excited about since its release. Unfortunately, it hasn’t
gotten all of the support cards I feel it needs to be really playable, but I found a build
that I think is usable, still really works pretty well, so I’m going to show it, explain it. And yeah, as for Rokkets themselves, I mean it is still a really
fun deck to get into, I think that the biggest barrier to entry would probably be the
Borreload Dragon itself. Hopefully, when that gets reprinted, it’ll be a little bit easier to get. Also, be sure to give the video
a thumbs-up and subscribe, I’ve got lots of deck profiles on the way, so you’ll want to hit
the notification bell so you’ll know exactly
when they all show up. Alright, also, this is
recorded pre-Ban List, so if anything in this
profile needs to change, I will probably go ahead and update it. So, okay, first thing’s first. We’ve got triple Magnarokket Dragon. He’s easily the best Rokket when you can trigger his effect. So, what does that effect entail? How do these guys work? When the Rokket monsters get destroyed, in the End Phase, they’ll
summon another Rokket monster from the deck with a different name. That’s by battle, that’s by card effect, but, if they get targeted by the effect of a Link Monster, they can
activate their own effects, blow themselves up, and take a piece of your opponent with them in some form. So like, he for example,
will send a monster on the Field to the Graveyard, and other ones might send a Spell or Trap, or destroy everything in their column, things like that. Now, what’s cool about
him is that his effect actually does not target. So, that’s extremely useful for dealing with a lot of the monsters these days that are just like “oh,
it can’t be targeted.” It just sends the monster to the grave. So, you can avoid a lot of floating, a lot of protection effects that way. It’s also got pretty good stats. Highest Attack of the Rokkets, 1800. Pretty good. And then we’ve got our Autorokket dragon. Autorokket’s another really useful one. It’s just got like, basic stats, but the good news is
that it can send a Spell or Trap on the field to the graveyard, so, there are certain Spells and Traps that you’ll want to get rid of, and this helps with that. And, then we’ve got triple
Anesthrokket Dragon. So, Anesthrokket Dragon
actually lets you basically debilitate an opponent’s monster, it has its effects negated
and it’s unable to attack. Also, this guy’s got really,
really, really high Defense. So, if you ever have Boot
Sector Launch in the field, you can actually wall out
with like, these guys. Um, pretty handy. All there is to say about that. And then we’ve got one Shellrokket. Its effect is extremely useful because when it gets
destroyed by, you know, like a Link Monster targeting it, it’ll actually destroy a monster in its same column, and then the monsters adjacent to that, so you kind of get like a T-zone effect. So, in the right situations, this can actually pop three cards and that’s extremely extremely strong. And also, it has pretty good defense. Then there’s Magnarokket Dragon, who destroys everything in its column, just straight through. So, you’ll want to use him
if your opponent’s got, like, ideally if they
have an Extra Deck monster and then also a monster behind that, and then also a Spell or Trap behind that. You can actually blow up three whole cards which is huge. It doesn’t happen much, but when it does, it’s pretty good. And it has the second
highest Attack at 1700. What’s cool about these Rokkets is that even when they
aren’t getting their effects, they are at least still floating, and this deck capitalizes a lot on their floating abilities. Their ability to recoup advantage
is pretty helpful, so… This is the count I decided to go with. It’s easy, you could
run more Rokket monsters and have more, like, I guess, longevity and grind game, but games don’t usually
last that long, so, a little hard to justify. Next, we’ve got two copies of Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm and its search target,
Supreme King Gate Zero. So, we’re using this for a
couple of reasons, actually. First of all, because you can pitch it with Dragon Ravine and Foolish
Burial and Dragon Shrine. We’re actually not running
Ravine, just Shrine. But anyway, when you pitch it, you can Special Summon it
for free from the grave, and search this. You’re not actually doing any
Pendulum stuff in this deck. The main idea here is that
this is a free Special Summon, which this deck really needs to be able to make Borreload Dragon and some other Link Monsters quickly. You’ll want to have, you know, some sort of a free summon there. And Gate Zero actually comes into play with a combo that I’ll
show you guys a bit later involving Meteorburst
and some other things. We’ve got Destrudo himself, a very helpful card for a lot of things. For this deck, it’s going to be a part of your Gate Zero combo, that, like I said, I’ll show it towards the
end, so look out for that. But, yeah, it can be
pitched by the same cards that you would use to pitch your Darkwurm. The Foolish Burial, the Dragon Shrine, and it becomes, you
know, a Level 7 Synchro. Astrograph Sorcerer. Only one copy, this deck’s not really focused
on Astrograph in any way, but because your Rokkets are always gonna be self-destructing, I felt that it would be good
to have Astrograph Sorcerer, you can keep recouping some
advantage, and it’s Level 7, so it can help overlay
into a Galaxy Tomahawk, which, spoiler, is part
of the combo at the end. I’ll put this on this side. And, then we’ve got Red-Eyes
Darkness Metal Dragon, all of your Rokkets are
Dark, Dragon monsters, so you can banish them,
and then summon this guy, and he will be able to
summon your Rokkets back. It’s all there really is to it. Getting free Rokkets back is cool. Armageddon Knight, it’s
another way to pitch Destrudo, another way to pitch Darkwurm, either one that you need at the time. Handy. And then, the hand traps that
everybody knows and loves. Triple Ash Blossom and double Ghost Ogre. Any combination of hand
traps would work fine, sucks that this card’s
still expensive, but, if you didn’t want to run
hand traps in this deck, you could replace these guys with probably just more Rokket monsters, and maybe cards like Book of Moon, or other similar disruptors. Um, they don’t do much
else other than that, but they are Tuners, and sometimes they can be what
makes your Meteorburst play, instead of (mumbling), so that’s neat. And then, onto the Spells. We have triple Quick Launch, so, this special summons a
Rokket Monster from your deck, but it can’t attack, and it
gets destroyed in the End Phase, which will trigger its effect. So, this is handy because
it actually gives you an easier outlet to
make some Link Monsters. You know, you get free
material from the deck, it’s like an Emergency Teleport, and, in a worst-case scenario,
it can be defense for you. The monster dies in the End Phase, which means it will float, so… This is all-around a really
good card, I run three copies, ’cause it comes in handy, unlike the two copies of Squib Draw, I’m only running two, because, even though it’s a Quick-Play spell, which is really rare for a draw card to be a Quick-Play spell,
you do have to lose a Rokket in the process, and sometimes
you really want your Rokkets on the field as defense,
or as Link Material, or just to use with Borreload’s effect, so, the opportunities to
use this are somewhat slim, but getting the two draws
and destroying the Rokket for its search in the End
Phase is still really handy. And, this deck’s not… It doesn’t have the most draw power, so this helps with that. Two Boot Sector Launch. This is one of those Field
Spells that I actually… I’m not running Terraforming with it, mostly because, when you draw it, it’s helpful,
when you don’t, you’ll live. It lets you summon two
Rokkets from your hand, which can quickly set up a Link Monster, and that’s cool, it
preserves your Normal Summon. And also, when your opponent has more monsters on the field than you do, you can summon Rokkets
with different names from your Graveyard, up to the surplus. So, that’s actually a really good way to get back into the game. If you can ever keep
this Field Spell around, it’s actually great for
retaining a lot of advantage, especially because, if your opponent has several monsters, and you use some Rokket Monsters
to make Borreload Dragon, you know, that might take four monsters, but
because you have this, you can use it to recoup a lot
of the lost card advantage. So, very handy, and it gives your Rokkets a little 300 boost. Not a huge deal, but, 300 Defense on things like Anesthrokket and stuff makes 2500 Defense very good. And, some of your more offensive
ones become, like, 2100. And then, we’ve got Foolish
Burial and Dragon Shrine, to pitch our Destrudo and our Darkwurm. Not much more to say about those cards. Um, then, two copies of Scapegoat. Like I said, we are just desperate
to make Borreload Dragon, however we can get it. So, Scapegoat is handy for that. It can also make other Link Monsters. You’ll need to use, of course,
Link Spider and things, because Borreload takes Effect Monsters. So, Konami didn’t give it to us easy. Got to work for everything in this deck. One copy of Allure. Um, you could probably up
this to two if you wanted to, I’m just running one, because I don’t really care to banish that many of my monsters. And, I usually only need
to see the draw once. This deck’s more consistent
than you’d think, so I didn’t want to overload
on these types of cards. Then we’ve got Monster Reborn. You know, getting back Link
Monsters is pretty cool. And, for the Traps, a surprise, there are actually Traps in
here, triple Torrential Tribute. This is like Rokket’s ace
in the hole Trap card, in my opinion. You can, you know… If you have, like, one or
two Rokkets on the field, you can have your opponent overextend, and then you just use Torrential
Tribute, kill everything, and then at the End Phase,
your Rokkets will float. You can also trigger Astrograph, and those types of cards, so, you’ll definitely want to use this, because it makes it easy
to grind with your opponent when they’re losing resources
and you’re gaining them. And finally, two copies
of Call of the Haunted. Um, it revives monsters. That’s all there really
is to say about it. You need Link Materials,
and this does a good job of getting those back, so, yeah. And that’s it for the Main
Deck, now for the Side… Not side, Extra. Um… (chuckling lightly) This is gonna be pathetic. One Borreload Dragon, because I only have one Borreload Dragon. Um, I’m poor. This card’s expensive. If anyone wants to be
a kind, generous soul, yeah, I could use another one. But, if you’re running this deck, run two Borreload Dragons if you somehow have two Borreload Dragons. Anyways, it’s the boss
monster of the deck. It has the Quick Effect that lets you target a monster and reduce
its Attack and Defense by 500, which you can use with your Rokkets. The cool part about this interaction, and the thing that most people
don’t know about the Rokkets, and why they need Booster Dragon, but I’ll digress, is Borreload
Dragon’s effect can’t be… Your opponent can’t
activate cards or effects in response to his, so that ensures that you’re able to use your Rokket’s effect to destroy themselves, and
then get their extra effect. Otherwise, your opponent will be able to just chain to Borreload, which would make your
Rokkets miss the timing and activate their effect, so, his wording is actually
really helpful, in this case. And, also, of course, you can
snatch monsters, you know, the usual Borreload things. Opens your zones, looks awesome, he’s also here on the mat, so, yeah. Get more Borreloads, if you can. Unlike me. Qliphort Genius. It takes two machine monsters. It’s gonna be valuable in
our Galaxy Tomahawk combo that I’ll show you here in a sec. Underclock Taker, this actually can trigger Rokket Monsters’ effects, because it does target them, although, like I said with Borreload, if your opponent can’t
interrupt this in any way by responding to it, your
Rokkets will miss timing, but once in a blue moon,
things will actually work out. Um, Triple Burst Dragon. Just a Link Monster. Twin Triangle Dragon, so this
is actually kind of useful. You can use its effect, and
get a Level 5 or higher monster back from your grave, which
can be something like Red MD, if that happens to be in there, or a few other things, but that usually comes to mind. Um, Proxy Dragon, just kind of Scapegoat type of stuff. Topologic Bomber Dragon,
probably shouldn’t be in here, but you know, when you only
have one Borreload like me, things get tough. Saryuja Skull Dread. You’ll have plenty of
different named monsters, so this is pretty handy. Clean out your hands. Two Link Spiders,
because, well, Scapegoat, things like that. You actually don’t need
Link Kuriboh in here, because the Tomahawk combo actually involves making tokens too, and they’re, like, Machines,
and I think Level 7, so, it’s better to just
have two Link Spiders. Anyway, we’ve got some
Synchros, Black Rose Dragon, just to nuke the board, maybe
trigger a Rokket or two, Odd-Eyes Meteorburst,
part of a useful combo that I’m gonna show in a sec. And then, some XYZ Monsters. We’ve got Tornado Dragon, and Bagooska, they’re just Rank 4’s. And, Galaxy Tomahawk, so, real quick, let’s
talk about this combo that I’ve been alluding
to this whole time. Well, it involves actually quite a few different monsters, really. Um, all of these guys. So, your goal here is to special summon your
Darkwurm in some fashion, however you can get that to happen, and then use it to search your Gate Zero. You put Gate Zero on the scale
after you summon Darkwurm, and now you just need a Tuner. The ideal Tuner here is Destrudo. So you summon Destrudo and
decrease this guy’s level by four, so now you can
make a Level 7 Synchro. So, you synch these two
away, and they’re gonna make Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon, Meteorburst Dragon’s
effect can Special Summon your Gate Zero from the scale. Now, you have two Level 7 monsters, and what you want to do is, overlay these guys into Galaxy Tomahawk, I guess in defense position, though it’s not really that important. So, what Galaxy Tomahawk does, is, you can detach its materials to summon as many Galaxy Tomahawk tokens,
or whatever they’re called, to your field as possible,
so, you know, you’ll use that, and you’ll get lots of tokens. These guys are Machines, and all that. Yeah, I’ve got like four or five. Anyway, so you get these guys, and now, you have to use Galaxy Tomahawk, and one of your tokens
to make Qliphort Genius, it takes two Machines, so, that’s handy, and it extends your zones. Then you’re gonna be using the
rest of these tokens to make your copies of, if I still have them here, copies of Link Spiders, and then finally, you will use Link Spiders,
and Qliphort Genius, to make the namesake, Borreload Dragon. It’s a very long, kind
of convoluted combo, but it does work, and so, you know. It’s a pretty safe way of
getting this monster out. It actually is rather low commitment, if you have these guys, this won’t even take a Normal Summon, it just takes a lot of steps. Alright, anyway, that’s
it for the deck profile. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. I think Rokkets are a cool deck, I think they still need some more support before they can truly shine, but, as it is now, I
don’t mind playing it. It’s pretty fun to use,
especially with friends. Hopefully when Booster Dragons release, this deck will get a lot better, and I’ll be able to do a deck profile that’s perhaps a bit more competitive. Anyway, that’s it for the
video, hope you guys liked it, give it a thumbs up, subscribe. Hit the notifications bell. Leave comments with
feedback about this deck. I’d like to know how I can change it, what you guys are running, all that stuff. Alright, I’ve gone on long enough, so I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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47 thoughts on “Rokket Dragons! May 2018! Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Profile!

  1. Thanks for watching as always guys! Give it a Thumbs Up if you liked the video and Share it! Shout out to Duel Entertainment for the inspiration, as well!
    P.S. Who wants to donate to the "Get Paul a 2nd Borreload Dragon" fund? 😭 LOL JK

  2. Look up Revolvers deck in Vrains, his Rokket build was able to pull off an extra link in one turn all you need to replace are the spells and traps to fit your preference; the monster line up he used impressed me for seeming like something a IRL yugioh player might do (no meme like pointless monsters).
    By the way He extra linked using only Link 4 monsters (if I remember right), I say check it out and see if you agree that it was a pretty realistic deck out side of trap count.

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  6. I think maybe using jar of avarice as a draw card as well as the ability to recycle rokkets I get it’s slow but it can recycle during either players turn as well as the +1

  7. Have you not thought of running gateway dragon? It’s basically Dark Lvl4 dragon Goblindbergh

  8. say, Paul, would you say Red is still kinda viable? Because while it's mainly a Synchro deck, it's mostly based on getting one big Dragon out and potentially reviving some of then (using Bane for example)

  9. I personally prefer Armageddon Knight in this built because what you can do is mill Destrudo then summon him back and go for Yazi Evil Of The Yang Zing then pop it and 1 card on the opponents side then use Yazis eff to summon Mare Mare and use Mare Mares eff to summon 3 tokens and go for Borreload.Really consistant 1 card combo for a link 4.

  10. A card that you should really look forward to is Borrel Regenerator which will be in the Booster Set following Flames of Destruction. It's basically a monster reborn equip spell that nets you a draw if the equipped rokket gets destroyed.

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    I also only run 2 squib draw and boot sector launch in my casual, revolver-based Rokket deck

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    idk or give it away. i havent decided whether i'm actually gonna play or just buy some for nostalia reasons

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