Robots + Terrarium = Robotarium

(electronic futuristic music) – First, we call it a
robaquarium cause we felt like it was an aquarium for
robots when you looked in and then we realized
that there’s no water, so it’s a terrarium, hence the robotarium. So this is the robotarium
which is a remotely accessible swarm robotics lab where
people from all over the world can upload code and run
experiments remotely on our glorious swarm of robots. What people will see when
they walk by are robots doing stuff, so large teams
of robots either on the ground or in the air, assembling
shapes or covering areas, or pretending to be cars in traffic or tractors out on a field,
but they may also see, to be honest, really bad experiments because that’s research, too,
and finding out that something doesn’t work is as valuable
as finding out what works. So when you’re doing robotics,
it takes a lot of resources to actually get to a point
where you have a SHARP world-class research facility,
so there are lots of people with really good ideas that can’t actually put them on real platforms;
this is solving that. If you have a good
idea, you should be able to run your idea and
test it on real robots. This is going to be a model
for how one will think about research instrumentation broadly, and Georgia Tech gets
to be on the forefront actually leading the charge
for the next revolution or the next wave of what research
labs could and should be. You don’t have to be a
professor at Georgia Tech or MIT or Berkeley or any of the
other big universities to actually be able to
do world-class research. You don’t even have to be a professor, you can be a Girl Scout
troop or a middle school kid and now all of a sudden
you can do things for real on a SHARP research
platform, so the fact that we can reach so many people
makes me very, very excited.

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