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We are continuing Tech News after a long vacation. Watch this video till the end, there’s a special announcement for you. I will teach you everything happening in the ‘world of tech’ in a simpler way. I am your Tech friend Joe 😊 MI Launched a new series of TV. Its name is ‘MI FULL SCREEN TV Pro’. This TV’s special is as the name signifies, it has no Bezzels and is entirely screen only. Xiaomi claims this TV looks very beautiful no matter which angle you view it from. It’s available in three size variants 43 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch. This TVs starting price is 1500 Yuan. This TV which launched in China, not sure if it will launch in India. If it does, I will inform you in a tech news. Some people in Japan uses robots in their daily lives. From cooking to throw garbages robots are used. A person named ‘Hiroshi Ishiguro’ gave a statement. In this he said “I don’t know when, but a future like in Blade Runner will happen soon”. In the movie ‘Blade Runner’ humans and robots coexist side by side. Already they are using AI to make them think and take decisions like an human being. At the same time they are trying to make them look like us. If this continues, do you think it will happen like the movie Terminator? where robots goes to war with human beings? Let me know the comment section down below! Techfact Techfact, in a survey taken in India recently, they have found that women are more active in playing games than men. This survey was conducted by ‘cyber media’. In this they surveyed 2000 smartphones. In this survey typically 86% men and 95% women plays games regularly. In an average a women plays for about 2 hours. And in that the most games which they play are Pubg, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and word puzzles. How long do you typically play games? Let me know in the comment section down below! GoPro is going to announce a new product. For this they posted a teaser video in their social media. From this video it is clear that they are gonna release GoPro Hero 8. Addition to this action camera, they are gonna launch a new 360 degree camera also. This announcement will be official in their YouTube account on October 1st. From ‘Sony Alpha rumours’, has given a new report. In this they confirmed that the successor of A7S2, A7S3 is going to launch very soon. A big problem persisting in Sony’s Mirrorless camera is it’s heating issues. To tackle this in the upcoming mirrorless camera, there is going to be ‘built-in fan’. ‘Built-in fans’ are not new. It’s there in already launched Panasonic S1h. But a feature 4K 120 frames per second which is absent it will be available in Sony. If this is true, this will be a game changing feature. Today’s hot news There’s a big sale going on in Flipkart and Amazon. In Flipkart, big billion days and in Amazon great Indian festival. It started on September 29th and ends on October 4th. In this phones, TVs, laptop, appliances, furniture, clothings and more are available in great discounts. In addition to this, for some ATM cards there is extra 10% off. If you are waiting to buy something, definitely use this offer to purchase. For your budget, if you are confused about buying a phone or any electronic devices let me know in the comment section down below, I surely try to help you for your purchase. Friends, a small announcement. In our Tech channel we have reached ‘800 subscribers’, soon we are gonna reach ‘1000 subscribers’. To celebrate this, I am preparing a special video for you. Additionally, I will also conduct a small giveaway, so stay tuned for that! Friends if you like this video, give ‘thumbs up’. ‘share it’ with your friends who loves tech. If you want to see this video daily, do ‘subscribe’ and don’t forget to click the ‘bell’ icon next to it. we will meet in another episode I am your Tech friend Joe 😊

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