Robots Star at TechCrunch Event on Cal Campus

SERVING FOOD.. AND EVEN HOLDING CONVERSATIONS. KPIX 5s MARY LEE EXPLAINS: IT WON’T BE LONG BEFORE WE SEE THEM IN ACTION. (Show close up video of the robot) Music ding Robot: I’m in multi media smart hub that loves to help you Meet Septaer, a robot with a lot of personality, thanks to artificial intelligence. Robot: Tell me about yourself? Mary: My name is Mary. I’m a reporter with KPIX Channel 5 and I am excited to be here talking with you! Music ding! Robot: hello mary! you have great depth! I am excited too Sot Steve Favis, Taechyon Robotics CTO & Founder ” He can move around the home and recognize faces and stuff like that. we can talk to it just like any smart device.” Septaer is just one of several robots showcased at Tech Crunch Sessions: Robotics event at UCBerkeley. A thousand people are here to see tech companies from around the world demo their products. Organizers say robots and artificial intelligence are the future. Sot Brian Heater, TechCrunch Hardware Editor “we’ve been talking about robots forever. we have had Rosie the robot in the Jetsons and Star Wars but all of this is actually happening right now. we’ve made tremendous leaps in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence and we’re actually starting to see these things come into fruition” Sot Mary Lee, UC Berkeley We been here all day covering the coolest and latest robotics company and I gotta say I’m a little hungry. It would be nice to have some lunch and right on cue this is one smart robot! this is Penny the robot with bear robotics, delivering me a burrito! thanks Penny! Sot There was like, Ooooooh Ahhhh, what’s this? John Ha, Bear Robotics CEO and Founder , was a Google Engineer who started his own restaurant. It was his idea to design robot waiters, using artificial Intelligence! Sot John Ha, Bear Robotics CEO & Founder The robot can understand the environment and can draw a map of the restaurant. When the server has to go to a table, it defines a safe route moving around strollers and babies and can stop and reroute and can deliver food to the table. Developers say it won’t be long before you see these revolutionary robots out in the your community, your work and even your home. At UCBerkeley Mary Lee KPIX. TOSS TO METEOROLOGIST PAUL DEANNO (((weather)))

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