Robotic Surgery in Reston, VA

(upbeat music) – The following segment is sponsored by Reston Hospital Center and
StoneSprings Hospital Center. Robotic technology has enhanced
every aspect of our lives, from our homes to our
cars but even our health. It makes things easier,
better and more efficient. Well, two local hospitals
are at the forefront of this and they have embraced the
use of robotic technology to offer better surgical
options for their patients. – Patients are savvy. They know what robotics does. They know what minimally invasive means. – [Female Presenter] Robotic
and minimally invasive surgery are terms that are very familiar with patients at Reston Hospital Center and StoneSprings Hospital
Center in Northern Virginia. These local hospitals are the home to several robotic surgical systems, making them one of the most advanced robotic surgery programs in the region. – I was trained in a time
where everything was open, so everything that I was trained to do is completely different. So, we made big incisions
to do big operations. Now it’s done through small
little keyhole incisions. – [Female Presenter] Dr.
Nicholas Lailas is the Director of the Center for Robotic and
Minimally Invasive Surgery at Reston Hospital Center. He says robotic technology has not only revolutionized the way
surgery is performed, but also the post-operative
care of their patients. – They go home the next day. Their pain medication
requirement is much less. They’re up walking, they’re driving within a couple of days. It’s the same operation but you’re doing it in a way that you’re not damaging all the tissue to get in to be able to
see what you need to do. – [Female Presenter] This
robotic assisted technology allows the surgeons to operate
using the tiniest incision and with greater vision,
precision and control. – StoneSprings hospital
was absolutely amazing. – [Female Presenter]
Jessica was a recent patient at StoneSprings Hospital Center and she shares her experience. – The procedure that I had
here at StoneSprings Hospital was a robotic procedure. It was a lot faster, quicker, you know, ’cause I didn’t even have to stay overnight in the hospital at all. – [Female Presenter] With this technology, the types of procedures
performed robotically has increased, which means
more patients are helped. Everything from general surgery
to complex spine surgery, weight loss surgery,
knee and hip replacement, and a variety of minimally
invasive gynecologic, urologic, esophageal, colorectal
and thoracic procedures can be performed robotically. – What you’re actually able to do is have high-definition vision, which allows you to see what you’re doing, and therefore if you know the anatomy, and know the tissue planes, it makes all the difference in the world. – It’s easier to do complex
surgery with a robot than laparoscopic in my point of view, and a lot of people think that way. And it can also allow us
to do more difficult cases we wouldn’t even have
attempted laparoscopically now we can do that on the robot, with the advantage that then we can offer more minimally invasive
surgery to our patients, which I think is a great thing. – [Female Presenter] Dr
Bernard Cross has been a general surgeon for over 30 years and is a big proponent of
the robotic technology. In 2014, he was invited to
be an epicenter surgeon. That designation is for
a surgeon determined to be in the top 1% of robotic
surgeons in the country. StoneSprings Hospital is
just one of 40 epicenters in the world, and is
the only one of its kind in Northern Virginia. – So that’s pretty gratifying for someone who’s worked hard and put
a lot of effort into this. – [Female Presenter] Reston
Hospital Center has one of the widest arrays of robotic
technology regionally, and is one of only nine
visiting clinician programs in the United States, where
surgeons from around the world come to train on the
latest robotic technology. – Between the two hospitals
we’ve done close to 7000 cases. We have 64 surgeons that are qualified to be at either hospital. So that’s made a true commitment
to the robotics program. – What that offers our
community is surgery that is state-of-the-art, with the latest equipment. I would consider us a
small-market institution, we have a small hospital, but like the Green Bay
Packers, they’re a small market but they still have a good product. We do the same. – [Female Presenter] Isn’t
technology just amazing? Well, for more information,
visit and

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