Robot for picking Vegetables in Indoor Farms

A startup named “Root AI” is working on developing
a Robot for picking vegetables in Indoor farms. According to Techcrunch report, Root AI has
just raised $2.3 million to bring its first line of robotic harvesting and farm optimization
technologies to market. Indoor farms offer huge yield advantages over
traditional farms and they reduce the water requirements. And, the Global Warming increases need for
the Indoor farms. So, in future there will be more Indoor farms
though currenly Indoorm farming is available in less area. The vision systems of the Robot can “see”
fruits and understand whether they’re ripe and ready to pick even in highly cluttered
and complicated growing environments. Robot’s Grippers can reach deep into tangled
vines and pluck a single ripe fruit without leaving a mark. Moving around inside of a plant requires more
than just a gentle touch. the sensors of the Robot see the world in
full 3D and can use this information to plan just the right path to the target. Indoor farming represents a massive leap in
progress toward true agricultural independence, sustainability, and efficiency. At a modern greenhouse, reclamation of water,
digitally controlled light, nutrients, and atmosphere mean that over 20x the amount of
crop per acre can be produced with 90% less water than traditional methods.

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