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80 thoughts on “ROBOT CHIC

  1. how does michelle always make everything look symmetrical??! I would freak out if anything was not symmetrical

  2. i wish asian women appreciated their natural eye shape more because its really beautiful and for some reason it bothers me to see the eyelid tape being used so commonly but I guess its your choice.

  3. You always pull things off so well!! If I wore makeup like any of your tutorials I would look ridiculous cause I can't pull anything off well.

  4. What is the soundtrack of this video called? I loved it, so please tell me! <3 LOved the couple Domelle

  5. this is one of my favourite videos~the whole look and sci-fi feel was amazing her make-up was on point and so was dom (:~they are so cute defo one of my faves <3

  6. I did this look for a teen dance just before my high school graduation.  I had a futuristic type of look that night, and it was so fun to do.  I'm confused as to why so many of your videos are unlisted now.  -.^  I don't understand

  7. I miss u so much please come back to you tube since i was 6 i saw ur videos and loved them i watchthem everyday with out getting bored ur my idol and now that im 13 i really whant u to come back and do more makeup tutorials and other things is sad that u dont do much videos and my little girl soul and my teen soul misses u💔please come back

  8. I dont know who else effort with the cinematography of a make up vid! MISH FOREVS! when i was young I though that kind of video is ramphant, but right now, people just sat in front of a camera on one of their claustrophobic rooms or studios and do some make up looks, review/rage about a product, bring some drama in. I miss your artsy intros, your set up, your ideas etc. You are one of the few people that inspired me when i was young, like high school young. I really wish you make a comeback that will end all the boring, everyday make up vids that really is just a variation of other make up look. I miss your fresh ideas and sweet reminders about make up Haaaay. Full support! Lastly, im hoping that Em will be available here in the Philippines! Much love Mish!

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