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birds are a majestic sight feathered
creatures of extraordinary beauty but in certain environments where people and
birds intersect birds can present a safety issue at airports for example
birds colliding with airplane windshields and engines have caused a
number of accidents and at landfills birds can become aggressive and
dangerous as a result so 28 year old Nico Nijenhuis of the Netherlands has
come up with a way to clear dangerous flocks temporarily from certain
environments and his solution involves the use of bigger birds natural
predators but Nico isn’t using real birds he’s come up with a way to use
robotic Birds or Robirds the Robirds are designed to mimic birds of prey a way to
harmlessly chase unwanted birds from sensitive areas welcome Nico thanks for joining us hi Mo I’m happy to be here how many Robirds have you already developed and what are their different uses so
currently we have developed two types of Robirds the first one is a falcon and
the second one is an eagle the falcon has got a span of about 1 meter and 12
centimeters and the eagle has a span of close to two meters the bodies
of the Robirds are strong and light made of a composite nylon and glass
fiber and the wings are made of a flexible foam in nature there’s actually
two things needed to trigger the instinct of birds to feel that they are
confronted with a predator the first thing is the silhouette it needs to look
like a predator the second thing is also very important it needs to move like
predators the Robirds while still a work in progress are so sophisticated they’ve
already passed the ultimate test actual birds think the Robirds are
real birds the goals for this year are executing successful trials at several
airports in Europe and also in other areas like agriculture currently pilot
operated from the ground Nico hopes Robirds will be soon able to fly autonomously and ultimately keep humans and those
flocks safe well best of luck Nico thank you Mo

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