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Hi! My name is Rustem
and we are now in Vienna, Austria Half a year ago we started developing a new
robot that will change the way you think about education Today our team will present it to you Current methods of teaching programming are boring and uninteresting We set out to change this stereotype, which is already formed early in our childhood We want to show that coding is cool, interesting and not so difficult. Robots are an integral part of our future We aimed at creating a product that will be accessible to everyone who wants to build their own robot and to learn how to program it Our product will help to change the existing approach to education and to prepare younger generations for the technologies of the future. Due to our location in the heart of Europe we have access to laboratories equipped with the most advanced technologies, including 3D printing and laser-cutting. Our robotic kit includes a manual in English, Russian and Kazakh it will help everyone to easily build and program our robot. At the beginning, we plan to sell our robot in Kazakhstan, where we have a network of distributors. In the future we will expand to the international market. This is how our robot looks. It is based on the Arduino open-source platform which allows you to upload code from your computer through a USB cable. You can also connect different sensors to it, such as a temperature sensor, distance sensor, etc. The only limit is your imagination. We have made our robot affordable you can order it from our website for only $99. If every kid has a robot like this, we will have a generation that creates technologies rather than consumes them. And we believe that this is the future…

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10 thoughts on “Robo – Robot for everyone

  1. если вы его сделали сами вы молодцы, проект изначально понравился! Деньги отправляем в Вену нашим патриотам)))))

  2. Бывал в Вене, все очень дорого деньги им пригодятся)

  3. 2 проекта которые достойны победы- это эти молодые люди и ауыл берекесы, блин разделили бы между ними приз, и дали бы дополнительные инвестиции в ауыл берекесы, крутые проекты! Но просто по отношению к этим ребятам, появляется не доверие вернуться ли они в Казахстан. Или все мы просто будем в дальнейшем читать о них в иностранных газетах, с пометкой выходцы из Казахстана и.т.д)

  4. Ребят аж душа радуется! Вы молодцы!!! Спасибо за идеи, энтузиазм, трудолюбие и амбиции!!!

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