Entrepreneurship Talk – Sam Liang: Why differs from others?

Why are you doing voice
and speech recognition? Yes, what makes ours stand out? Well, if you want to do a startup,
you have to do something unique. And there’s no way for you to do something
exactly the same as the large guys. There’s just zero chance for you to succeed
if you compete against them head up. We decided to do this, but we targeted
a totally different market, a totally different use case. When you use Siri or Alexa, you say a hot
word like “Hey, Siri!” or “Hey, Alexa!” to wake up the robot. That’s great, I mean, it has its use case. But if you think about how many times
do you talk to Alexa every day. However, talking is one of the most common
ways for people to communicate. Everybody talk several hours a day. What if I can record my whole life,
what will happen? What – can I search for things
I’ve heard in my college years, even in my high school years? What did my mom tell me
when I was in high school? When you met your first girlfriend,
what did they say? That will be interesting. And also for business, I have a lot of meetings
with venture capitalists, with potential customers, with job candidates. I found myself forget things all the time. So I realized that actually such a product
will be really useful. But then on top of that, the AI can actually
analyze all the things I say and analyze all the things I heard, and give me some insights,
give me some suggestions, give me some reminders, as well. So that’s why we built this. The Otter is a product you can use on your
iPhone, on your Android for free. You can also use it in a web browser
by just going to

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