Entrepreneurship Talk – Demo: the power of voice recognization

You have the power to recognize people’s voice. What do you plan to do with it in the future? Yeah. Recognizing people’s voice is interesting,
because it helps you understand the conversation better. Because if you’re only looking at the sentence,
if you don’t know who said it, you’re missing a lot of information. Because even if it’s the same sentence, if
it’s spoken by the Google’s CEO, who may probably mean a different meaning
than spoken by Apple’s CEO. So in our conversation, people take turns
to ask questions, answer questions, explain things. So if you can recognize who is talking,
it helps you understand the meaning better, because you actually – if you have a lot of
conversations from that person in the history, you can look at what they said in the past. So that helps you understand what he means
by saying the current sentence. And over time, the system can recognize:
Oh, the action items come from a product meeting, right? We already have some prototype; we haven’t
released it yet to recognize action items, decision points, right? When you have a weekly meeting, or a daily
standup, what do we need to do? The product manager always needs to take notes,
but eventually that can be done by Otter or some AI system in the background. You can just search. You can search, you can search by keywords,
you can search by a question, you can search by this speaker name. You can see all the speeches here, you can
you can search for words like “self-driving car”, and you will find all the speeches
that talk about self-driving car. Otherwise, the voice – if you think about
in the human history, how much information is encoded in the voice, but very minimal
amount of voice is actually saved. All the speeches in your life
will be saved somewhere. It will be saved confidentially, and only
the part you want to share can be shared.

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