Roadster Designer and Media Bashing Tesla + Q&A for Nov 27th, 2017 – Teslanomics LIVE!

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I want to talk about today– let me just make sure, I’ll switch over so you
guys can see my screen. Ba-bam. Uh-oh, let me fix my browser. Yeah this happens. That’s not the one. Believe it or not, I still haven’t mastered
live streaming. (chuckles) Let’s do this one more
time, let’s do the browser. There it is. Hey browser, hi, here you
are, here’s the story. Now let’s go full screen there. Ba-bam and we’re good. All right. There you go, so you should
be able to see that now. I am streaming in 720 which
is a bit lower resolution but hopefully makes it
bit smoother experience for you guys on your end. So first and foremost, the
story about the Tesla Semi. Tesla becoming their own first customer. Let me read you a little bit from this. This comes from to us from
Electrek and they write, “While orders for the Tesla
Semi truck are piling up, Tesla’s VP of Truck
programs, Jerome Guillen,” sorry if I mispronounced it, “confirmed that Tesla will
be it’s own first customer “and it will be shipping things, cargo, “between the Fremont plant,
where they make the cars, “and the battery factory in Nevada,” the Gigafactory just outside of Reno,” which really isn’t that far. I don’t know if you
know the distance here. I think they have a map on the page here. Yeah, it’s about a 4 hour drive. You kind of have to go over the mountains which is kind of tough I guess, but other than that it’s
really pretty straightforward. Now during the presentation– So Jerome gave a presentation about this, I believe in Netherlands. He said specifically that, “Tesla will be the first
customer for the truck. “We will use our own truck to carry cargo “in the US between our
different facilities. “We have an assembly
facility in California, “the Gigafactory in Nevada, “so we’ll use our trucks to
carry things in between.” No surprises here. I think
this is a great move for Tesla. Obviously this is gonna benefit them when it comes to testing things out and working out all the kinks, and that will then make
the other customers have an even better
product and experience. Probably they’ll figure
out different challenges that they have, with maybe certain routes, or certain types of routes, then that could lead
to over-the-air updates to make improvements to the
Semis and everything like that, resulting in a much better
product for everyone else, and furthering their chance of really disrupting that market. Now Tesla did talk at the presentation about the true cost of ownership, and last week, I put out a
video of this last Saturday. I apologize for publishing it so late. It took a long, long time. As I mentioned, I had to rebuild my whole computer setup here. I lost a bunch of footage.
Really, really tough. Plus, you know, it was
Thanksgiving in the US, so there’s that. So all that stuff said, I
just did a video on this, you can take a look and see what I had for the total operating costs
versus what Tesla reports. I think it’s compelling. Now this one right here that
you’re seeing on the screen is the convoy option where
you have multiple trucks that are tracking it
that don’t have drivers, and also are benefiting from things like fuel savings from the drafting, or platooning technology as they call it. All those things said,
there’s a lot to learn here, and this is no big surprise, but it is exciting to see
that this is happening. Not to mention that other
companies like WalMart have announced that they already have placed orders for them. I think that we’re gonna see
adoption of this grow slowly. The news right now is pretty hot about it, lots of people are talking about it. Lots of speculation, lots of things, but it will probably
be a few more quarters before we really see real numbers of this. First off they’re not
even making it until 2019, so I expect that the news about this will kind of quiet down
in the near future. I do apologize. I am cold, and
I do not have a heater here. I live in San Diego, so
typically it’s pretty warm, but it was pretty chilly today. And I apologize for anyone that lives in a really cold environment. Go ahead and feel free to leave some nasty comments
about that, I’m sure. Okay, next story. This one is so fun. Somebody built a Roadster color picker. I’ll put a link in the description so you can go play with this as well. For those of you that have been
following me for a long time you know that I won a free
Roadster, thanks you you and thanks to everyone
help spread the messages and all the information we use here, and growing this community, which then enabled this whole thing. So thank you so much, but this is so fun. For what I’m getting, it’s
gonna be this guy here. I want black on black.
Obsidian black metallic. Here was the one, the
midnight silver metallic, that you saw at the event. There was the red one,
which looked like this, which I do love, and the fact that this
is really aggressive– You know, this car
deserves a color like that. Normally I would never buy
a car in a color like this, but something about this just deep, dark, Batmobile-like black really calls to me, so I think this is the
color I’m gonna go with. And here was the color that I mentioned that were a separate one kind
of behind this glass barricade that you could see as well. Some of these other
colors are interesting. Like I don’t really like the green here. The light blue, eh, maybe. I don’t know. I’m kind of short on all
these different colors. The red I think is nice, and
I like the deep black there, the obsidian black metal. So anyways, put a link to
the description down below. Hope you guys enjoy that. Now let’s talk about Tesla
breaking some laws of physics with their new battery tech. And this comes to us from Tom Randall who writes a lot about Tesla on Bloomberg. He is a great writer and
I really love his work. This is a great article. I
really like this article. The thing about it is that he talks about there are a few different
claims that they made, and those claims seem to defy
the kind of laws of physics in the stuff we currently know. Let me just read you
a little quip from it. They write, “These
claims are so far beyond “current industry standards
for electric vehicles “that they would require “either advances in battery technology “or a new understanding of
how batteries are put to use, “said Sam Jaffe, battery analyst
for Kieran Energy Research “in Boulder, Colorado. “In some cases, experts suspect
that Tesla might be banking “on technology improvements between now “and the time when the new vehicles “are actually ready for delivery.” Now Jaffe says, “I don’t
think they’re lying. “I just think that they left something out “of the public reveal “that would explain how
these numbers work.” And let me talk about that for a second. I agree that there may be some details– certainly there were details left out– but there may be some things that they have prototyped
but aren’t production ready, but I really think it would be dangerous if there was like a new technology that they don’t even know about yet which they plan on using here, because that would just be
completely reckless of them, I would say. So I think that they do have a lot of these things already figured out, and maybe they’re just
in the prototype phase, and then the challenge
will be how to make them in the mass market scale. Some of those claims,
if you’re unfamiliar, was that the truck will be able to haul 80,000 pounds for 500 miles. So, that’s quite a ways. Another one that it would
recharge 400 miles in 30 minutes. Now this one would require a
large– the new megachargers. Megachargers! Love that name. But even using the current technology wouldn’t really be possible. So they would have to have
some new advancement here. Elon has tweeted about
this before, no surprise. I would not be surprised
also if this then later, this same technology later came to new Model S, X, potentially Model 3s, that would allow it to charge even faster. No big surprise there. (coughs) Excuse me. Sorry. The guaranteed charging rate of seven centers per kilowatt hour I see as being completely possible because what they have is
a complete closed circuit. They don’t need the grid whatsoever. Now they can do this
with solar, Powerpacks, and then the megachargers. So this really is not a shock to me. I know a lot of people
are talking about this, like, “Oh, that’s impossible,” but really I see how
this is totally doable. Now, at seven cents per kilowatt hour, their payback period on the
investment of the megachargers may be quite a while, but if you include that
as basically a part of the infrastructure
needed for these trucks, then the cost of the
trucks or the upfront price of the deposits that
people have already placed will already be paying for this, and if you take into account
the future values of money, then this actually totally makes sense. I don’t think this is a big deal, but some people seem to think that it might be extra difficult. Now, the Roadster having a 620-mile range with a 200 kilowatt hour
battery pack doesn’t actually– Those numbers add up. A current P100D gets something
like 335 miles on range, so if you doubled that then you’re looking at even greater. So 620 mile range with a
200 kilowatt hour pack, not a big deal. The challenge is how do you
fit the batteries in there. Now, the fact that in this article they’re calling it a Tiny
Roadster is interesting to me because the Roadster was not very tiny. Now, it was low to the ground, but the footprint of the
vehicle was quite large. I would say it was just
as big as a Model S. Now, also not having a trunk, if you were to fill up all of
the trunk space in the Model S and the frunk with batteries, you would probably get another
60 kilowatt hours in there. So this actually, I don’t
think is that big of a deal. I am, fingers crossed, hoping for though a major breakthrough
that makes it possible because that would mean
that the S and the X will have major advances as well, which I’ve been thinking
about for a long time, so I think that is very, very likely. All of these things put
together lead to there is a potential major breakthrough
in the battery technology. To be determined, right. We don’t have any details of it right now, but I think we’re gonna
see something pretty soon. All right, now for my short, and the short is the
thing that I am against, or the thing I don’t like. The thing that I think is kind of bogus. And this week it’s all
about the negative press coming out about Tesla. There are a couple of articles I want to call out specifically here. This all follows the
technology hype cycle. If you’re on my email list
you got an image of that and some more detail recently. So you guys already know, but for those of you that
aren’t on the email list, what’s going on here is
technologies when they come out, they have this insane amount of hype. The Model 3 for example, just
nuts. Nuts amount of hype. Then reality starts to set in, and you kind of go through this what they call the trough
of disillusionment. You kind of go in this low cycle of negative press starting to roll in and really the hype starting to wipe away. And then you kind of have
this long tail ascension into kind of a realization of how groundbreaking
these technologies are. Think about the iPhone, for example. When it first came out, Apple and Apple fans were just blown away, it was just the most
amazing thing in the world. And a lot of other people
were calling them out saying, “Look, that things suck. “It doesn’t do this, doesn’t
do this, doesn’t do this,” whatever. And so after it got here– Again, Steve Balmer saying, “Oh, business users will never want this, “it doesn’t have a keyboard,” et cetera. Well, there was a big trough, there was a big down cycle there where people were really short on it. And then guess what? As
it started to come up, people really think of the iPhone as a game changer in technology. I think it has its limitations and all those kinds of things, we can talk about those in the future. But I think that’s what
we’re starting to see here. So this article from Chicago Tribune says, I’ll just give you the one quip
here and then we’ll move on, is that, “The push for
driverless and electric trucks “evidenced by the recent gaudy rollout “of the Tesla Semi trailer
truck is a fool’s errand. “These ‘innovations’ are akin “to improving 8-track and cassette tapes “in a world of streaming services.” I think the point they’re
trying to make here is that these things suck, and we should really be
focusing on someone else, and blah blah blah. But, you know, the wording
here is so disrespectful, and so lame, and such a low blow. I really think it tarnishes
any kind of credibility that this brand had. So with that we’re gonna move right on because they don’t deserve
another second there. Now this one, with TechCrunch,
is a bit different. And this is one that I’m
seeing a lot more of. Is that basically the shorts, the people that are against Tesla, that think it’s gonna, I
dunno, fall over tomorrow, also the same people, again, that said the iPhone wasn’t gonna work, and that electric cars aren’t happening, and all those kind of things. You know, the coal
industry kind of people, which I assume this guy is here. Is writing about this saying that, and I’ll just quote from the article here. “Jim Channels summarized all
of these reasons why nicely. “If you wouldn’t be short
a multi-billion dollar “loss-making enterprise
in a cyclical business “with a leveraged balanced
sheet, questionable accounting, “and every executive leaving, run by a CEO “with a questionable
relationship with the truth, “what would you be short? “It sort of ticks all the boxes. “A lot of people think bankruptcy
looms in Tesla’s future. “Of course, Tesla bears have
been saying this for years “and they’ve consistently been wrong. “But this time, are they right?” Here’s the thing. The mantra is grow or die. So profitability, and I hear questions
about this all the time. “Oh, this company, they’re not
profitable,” this and that. Right, yeah, for the steam
engines of the world, and the GMs, and the companies
that have been around for hundreds of years,
profitability is important. People live on these things in terms of dividends and all that. Now, when you have basically
a fledgling auto maker– Tesla hasn’t been around nearly as long as any of the others– and if you think about it they’re one of the only two US auto makers who haven’t declared
bankruptcy, them and Ford. It behooves them to grow as
fast as humanly possible, which means spending more money on growth tactics and growth strategies like building out things for the Model 3, developing new battery technology, all these kind of things, they must do those things
in order to stay afloat, in order to really compete, because they haven’t made it yet. Unlike these other companies that have been around
for hundreds of years and they’re kind of too big to fail, Tesla is still in that phase. As Elon had put it before, the likelihood that they’ll
be around in five years is much stronger now than
it had been previously. I think that obviously
Tesla, on the long run here, is gonna make a huge impact on our world. I still question whether or not some of their advancements
such as the Model 3 will actually be the thing, right? If you think about the iPhone, the iPhone is not the thing. It may have something
like 40% of the US market, but worldwide it has around
15% of the smartphone market, meaning 85% of the world
that has a smartphone, they do not have an iPhone. 85%. However, every smartphone in the world looks just like an iPhone,
it looks exactly the same. Why? Because they were the ones that brought the pieces together to create a product that did
capture everyone’s imagination and then everyone else has been
playing catch up since then. I think now Apple, and
it’s really not a debate, is years behind. Even with the iPhone X, they’re years behind other phone makers. But the point is that while Apple has succeeded tremendously with this, they are not the dominant player. So many other companies have
much larger market shares. So the same is true here. Whether or not with the
Model 3 itself, for example, really their kind of iPhone type product, is the thing that then
the whole world wants, there are likely gonna be
some strong competitors. And really because they
are so sought after and so many people want their products, it is gonna shift the market towards their style of car making. Really high tech, really
minimalist, that kind of a thing. So when I see articles like this, and there are many others that
have been out there recently, it really gets me upset because people are just completely
missing the point here, and really pandering to the shorts, and the people that want
us to have this short-term, short-sighted thinking, where executive compensation
is tied to quarterly earnings, so we like lay off thousands
of people to look better so I can make more money. The whole notion here of like
maximize shareholder value is a big fallacy that’s been
disproved a lot of ways. So these articles really piss me off, and it really makes me upset
because they just don’t get it. I really can’t wait for Tesla, I guess, to continue to prove them wrong. And so that is my short for the week. Let me know what you think
in the comments down below. I’m sure many of you disagree with me, and I would like to understand why, so please leave me a
comment if you have one on that whole notion. Now let’s move on to the long, and this is the thing I’m
long on, the think I like, and that, this week, is that Tesla is working
with Apple and others to sustainably secure all
of the cobalt they use, which is a big part of batteries, for the Tesla cars as well as
for things like the phones, laptops, basically all the things– not all, but a good
chunk of what you have, anything that’s a lithium-ion battery. Now I’ll read a little
bit here from the article and they state that, “Some
estimates say that more than 1/3 “of all cars in the world
could be electric in 2020.” I think that’s strong, but yeah. I’m sorry, in 20 years. “But as demand and interest “for an obscure mineral increases, “car manufacturers are
presented with a new challenge: “acquiring enough in time
to make electric vehicles.” Now I’ve already talked
about lithium before. Lithium we’re actually totally fine with, and in fact, an MIT
study that just came out said there may be some
short-term bottlenecks, but even when it comes
to cobalt and lithium, totally fine, we have
plenty to actually make. But the question is
about the supply chain. “60% of the world’s cobalt
comes from the Congo, “where children often do
much of the hard labor. “Because of that, Apple and Tesla “are among companies refusing to use “what they term ‘unethical
cobalt’ in their batteries. “In 2014 the spokesperson for Tesla “promised to only use cobalt
mined in North America.” Now that is almost impossible, because the mining
operations in North America really, really don’t provide
enough of what they need. The idea, though, that
companies like this are getting together to do something that
they believe in ethically, I am really long on, I like to see companies
do these kind of things. Now, I don’t think that they’ll be able to get it totally from North America, so they’ll still have to
get it from the Congo, but I hope that they will
be able to build a system that guarantees these operations are done in a more sustainable way and also a way that
doesn’t exploit child labor and violate other humans right, which all over the world
has been happening, really, I don’t know, since
humans have been around. But the question I still
have is whether or not it’s possible for a
system like this to exist. And what I mean by that
is diamonds, for example, are notoriously difficult
to tell the source of. There have been some crazy videos. There’s a guy that did
one on Brilliant Earth, which is a diamond
manufacturer which always has– they full-on send out certificates saying this is ethically sourced,
it’s conflict-free, et cetera, and he went and tried to track it down and it turns out tracking a
diamond to be conflict-free is damn near impossible. So I love the idea of
what they’re doing here. The optimist in me hopes
that they can realize it, but I’m also skeptical on whether
or not its truly possible. So my long here is that
companies like this are getting together to do something which I think is the right thing to do, and then on the other hand, I’m still kind of holding out that we need to make sure that
there is some accountability. So there we go, that’s
my long for the week. I’d love to know what
you think about this. I’ve had a lot of questions
about this in the past. I haven’t talked about cobalt,
I’ve talked about lithium, so there you go. Now in global news, this
is a time for an applause. Norway is ditching the
heavily-criticized Tesla tax. And let me talk about
this a little bit here. “Norway, considered an
electric vehicle pioneer, “has been mulling a new tax
on the emission-free vehicles. “Since the government’s
proposed one-off fee “is based on the vehicle’s weight, “it quickly starting being
called the Tesla tax. “This refers to the fact that
Tesla’s relatively heavy cars “are the only vehicles
qualifying in the highest class “which would lead to an $8,800
or a 70,000 Norwegian Krone “one-off fee according to the NRK “and other Norwegian media. “The motivation behind the fee was that “heavy electric vehicles
take a toll on the roads. “Their proposal has faced heavy criticism “and now the Norwegian government “has decided to ditch the proposal “having failed to garner enough support “from the supporting political
parties in parliament,” reports SVD? Sorry. I
can’t pronounce that. “The proposal got fierce resistance “from the environmental movement, Belana, “and the Norwegian EV Association “who said it arrives just
when zero-emission vehicles “are becoming the new norm in Norway.” So congratulations to the folks that were able to get this repealed. I think that, yeah, this seemed ridiculous
when I first saw it. A lot of people sent this to me, and so thank you for
calling it to my attention. Norway continues to be the leader. They don’t have the
most electric vehicles– it’s a smaller country relatively. They do have the most per capita. But hopefully other countries
are gonna look at them and follow whatever
model they come up with to pay for those things, because
that certainly is a thing. For example in California,
I think after 2020, all electric vehicles will
have $100 per year fee, which is basically a pay for the roads, because you’re no longer
paying the gas tax, which just went up by like 30
cents or something crazy here. Gas taxes continue to rise, which is good, because that means that
more electric vehicles– more people are going to go electric. As batteries become cheaper, and electronic cars become
cheaper and have longer ranges, they become more of a normal car, I think we’re really gonna
see the transition here. 20 years is a long way out. I think within five, five
to 10 years we’ll see a big shift in countries
like the United States, not to mention other countries like China which have been pushing ahead
for the past several years and are really, really being aggressive with what they offer. So cheers to Norway for
doing the right thing, and I really can’t wait to hear what other types of
systems you come up with and ways that we can learn
from whatever model you build. All right, that is all I
have for the news today, but now I’m gonna take a
look and let’s do some Q&A. If you are on Crowdcast– Let me stop sharing my screen whenever I figure out how to do that. Yep, there we go. And once I stop sharing my screen you have this infinity
effect, which is cool. I’m gonna go over to ask a question, we’re gonna go full screen. Maybe sure to go vote so that way only the most
popular questions get answered. I’ll try, I should be able
to get to all of them. But this is an example of
the community-driven Q&A, which I absolutely
love, far more than I do the just random stuff that
happens inside of YouTube. So if you guys wanna be a part of this make sure to go to, get on the email list, and then next week you’ll be able to join. It looks like we had
about 193 people join now, so almost 100. Okay, first question. Joe Grande. “I saw a Bjorn Nyland YouTube video “where he claims his Tesla X battery “lost about a third of its charge “sitting in the airport
parking lot for a week. “What can you tell us about
this phantom power loss?” That totally is possible depending on the weather conditions. Also the wind appears to be a factor. I did a video about this recently. There’s a company out there called Tezlab, T-E-Z-L-A-B, and you can
see some videos I did or just Google them and you’ll find them. They have an app which actually tracks your phantom drain for you. It’s kind of like having
a FitBit for your Tesla. So if you have a Tesla and you’re interested in this stuff, and tracking it, go get that. You can have the email report sent to you. You can also have it on your phone. I would show you, but
I just got a new phone, I haven’t set it up yet. So yeah, there you go. But yeah, that’s totally possible depending on some of the conditions. A third? I mean yeah, that’s doable. I know mine if it just sits there maybe in about a week
it will lose not a lot, but I’m also in a garage in
a very temperate climate. So yeah. Thanks for the question, Joe. All right next we have
a question from Walt. Walt asks, “Since the
Tesla computer is wired “to the Internet for updates,
mapping, radio, et cetera, “is there a monthly charge
for cell service like a phone? “Also if the car is
attached to the Internet “through AT&T or whatever cell service, “what about places like where I live “on the northern coast of California “where there’s little or no cell service? “How does that affect the car if at all?” Yeah, great question. I know with my Model S, they’re giving it to
us free for four years. I’m not quite sure about the Model 3, if those details are out yet. I’m actually assuming they might be because now people are getting invites. Through the S and the X
it’s four years for free. Potentially longer, they
seemed kind of fuzzy on how that will all work. But yeah, it does have issues if you’re in an area where
there’s not great signal. I don’t know which provider
it uses, it’s not clear, but yeah, I mean, it
has little bars in there and it kind of does its own thing. Yeah, it works awesome as far as my experience has been. I don’t know if I’ve been
to the town you’re in. I’ve driven all up and down the coast, and it generally works really well, but there are some times
when it loses signal. I live in an area too
where cell signal is great but I’m on a hill. San Diego is kind of hilly
and canyons and stuff all over so there are times when it’s hard, when it doesn’t have a great signal. But overall it’s worked well for me. And by the way if you have
an older car like I do, you can even upgrade that
to the 4G connection. Mine is only 3G, which works well, but I may do the upgrade to the 4G so stay tuned for that. Thanks for the question. Norm asks, “Do you think the Roadster 2.0 “has new battery tech or
simply two 100D battery packs “stacked one above the other?” That’s a good question. I think that there’s
some advancements here, which those advancements
could be the casing and kind of how they fit together, or it could be something
about the battery cells, or whatever. But yeah, I think there’s definitely some battery advancements there. The question is kind
of how insane are they or is it just some clever
little innovations, or are we talking major step forward. We’ll see as more stuff comes out. Because of this though, I think a lot of people are
speculating, and rightly so, that we will likely see some major updates to the S and the X battery capabilities, which really I think they
have to do very soon. Yeah, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for the question, Norm. Let me go to Walt again. “Has there been any word yet “if Elon has come through with his mention “of something special for
early reservation holders?” I haven’t seen it, I really haven’t. And the fact that people are
already ordering their cars and I haven’t seen it there, yeah, might be a question whether
or not it comes in later as like a software update
or something like that. Yeah, stay tuned, we’ll find out. Thanks for the question. Thejediwill1 asks,
“What do you think about “the recent comments by Bob Lutz “about Tesla going broke
and losing enterprise?” Are these new? I feel like he’s been
saying this for six years. Bob Lutz is a funny guy,
that’s all I have to say. I enjoy watching him because
it’s always comedic to me. Yeah, don’t really have
a comment on it though. He’s wrong, he’s been wrong. If history shows anything, that this guy doesn’t know
what he’s talking about. So yeah, there’s that. Cyrus asks, “Estimate
on how big a solar array “to be able to support the megacharger?” It’s gonna be big, man. It’s gonna be massive, probably, honestly. Man, I can’t even really speculate, but it’s gonna have to be big, especially if you have
multiple trucks coming in. Which is fine because you’ll probably put them out in the middle of nowhere, probably build a cafe, like there’s a new one with
a cafe here in California. So yeah, I’m sure it will make it kind of a nice experience for them. But yeah, at the same time,
if you have multiple trucks coming in using it over and over again, it’s gonna be pretty massive I’m sure. Thanks for the question. Vic asks, “Do you think 18 inch wheels “or 19 inch sport wheels
will be the most popular “and is there an option for wider tires “on the rear versus the front tires?” I don’t think there is out of the box. I’m sure aftermarket companies like Unplugged Performance
in LA will be doing it, doing things like that. Which ones are gonna be the most popular? I think I did a video on this, and I forget what the answer was. But I think the aero wheels actually will be the most popular, especially now that you know
you can remove the hubcap and you don’t have this hideous-looking thing on the outside. That’s what I’m getting, but I’m also gonna probably swap them
out for some lighter ones, because it’s amazing what you can do to reduce the weight on the car by putting in lighter rims. So yeah, stay tuned for that. Once I get my Model 3 we’re gonna do some fun stuff with it. Yeah, it’s gonna be a blast. I’ve got some friends up in LA, we’re just gonna go trick this thing out and have fun with it. So stay tuned for that. Gary, how’s it going? Thanks
for joining me yet again. Your question is, “There is
a long range premium upgrade “Model 3 listed on CL for
Connecticut for $65,000 “by an early reservation holder. “The holder will config
to the buyer’s wishes “and sell the car to the
buyer when delivered. “The ad says delivery by Christmas. “What do you think? Good buy?” It depends. $65,000 is really not
that crazy of a price, considering the scarcity of it. And yeah, I think the long
range premium upgrade, you’re already looking in the 50s, so with taxes and everything else, yeah, it’s not a bad deal. Yeah, I don’t know if it’s a good buy, but I would say that’s not insane. If it were double that price
I would say that’s crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if
somebody bought it even then. Yeah, that’s an interesting question. Yeah, I’m curious. If you
go for it let me know. Tom asks, “Did you browse “through the leaked Model
3 owner’s manual already? “If so, did you find
anything worth mentioning?” No, I haven’t looked it. It was Thanksgiving here,
I had family in town. I’m trying rebuild my computers, get the video out last week. I haven’t had any time
to dig into those things, nor have I had time to really
sift through the configurator, the actual configurator
that people are posting. I still haven’t gotten
my invite, by the way, so I’m still waiting I’m that. I’m kind of surprised by that. But in any event, no,
not yet, but stay tuned. I will be parsing through
that in the coming week or so. Melissa asked, “I reserved my
Model 3 on August 28th, 2017. “My delivery is scheduled for late 2018. “Will I be receiving a 2018 Model 3 “or a 2019 Model 3, or
will there be a choice?” Yeah, I would say once you get
the invite you’ll know more, so as far as right now goes,
just hang tight, I guess. As that delivery ramp goes up I think we’re gonna see thousands of these being delivered, so, it may
be sooner than you think. Hang on to your butt there, it’s gonna be a little wild
right here for a while. Thanks for the question. Walt asks, “What is the premium package “for the Model 3 for,
the $4,000 extra charge?” Yeah, if you go to… Is that it? Let’s see if I guessed right. Hey, there you go. You can go check this out. And then I actually have a thing here which is the premium section. So it’s actually $5,000, and you can see what it is there exactly. So if you go to you can see it. I have all the pricing listed right there. So yeah, enjoy. Pranav asks, “With regenerative braking “the Tesla car will slow
down faster than ICE car. “Do brake lights show up as
one lifts his or her foot “from the acceleration paddle? “I’m thinking it could be
risky if the car behind you “realized the regen brake has applied. “Especially I’ve noticed people
drive too close in Texas,” okay, “at very high speeds on highways.” You know, I actually wonder
this too. I haven’t tested it. I do not think they do, but I agree that maybe they should. You know, I’m gonna go test that because I’ve been wondering this myself and I’ve never actually looked into it. So thanks for the question,
I think that’s a good one. Narcotus asks, “Tesla
themselves said their batteries “cost $145 per kilowatt. “Since a semi needs 1,000 kilowatt hours, “how will they do that?” (coughs) Excuse me, sorry. Still getting over a cough. Yeah, I’m going with a higher breakthrough in the battery tech. The video I posted on Saturday about this covered that exact point. Yeah, so go take a look at
that. Thanks for the question. Another question, “Did you
hear about the Tesla Roadster “hitting zero to 60 in 1.3?” No. I don’t think so man. That’s insane. One of the big questions
about this by the way is whether or not it hits zero to 60 with the one foot of rollout,
which is the Motor Trends spec or from a dead stop, because that really can
make a big difference. Go check out the Engineering
Explained channel. The guys there do a great
job of breaking this down. Thanks for the question. Bernd asks, “What do you think
about the Model S facelift “for the current facelift
in two to three years?” Yeah, I think we’ll get
more with the battery tech. I don’t think we’re gonna
see a facelift in a while. I however am gonna do a facelift on my Model S with my friends up in LA at Unplugged Performance,
so stay tuned for that because I cannot wait. I’m trying to time it at
the same time I get my new Arachnid tires so you can
kind of have a full makeover. So stay tuned. I’m gonna have fun, and
we’re gonna do this– we’re trying to do it soon, I’m just waiting on those tires, so I’m gonna give those
guys a call actually as soon as we’re done here. Thanks for the question. All right, we’ve got a
couple more that came in. Michael asks, “Anyone
know about how many people “other than employees have
got the email to configure?” Man, it seems like
hundreds if not thousands. I don’t know if there’s
an official number. Mike asks, “Do you know anything
about the software glitch “associated with the
latest software update? “I lost my speed and
lane following control.” No, I don’t. Call Tesla
service for that for sure. That seems like a problem. I don’t have autopilot, I
have the drivers edition, so I’m not in that boat at all. All right guys, thank you
all for the questions. I appreciate the time here. If you aren’t on my email list
please go to and get on it. That way you will not miss a single thing. Stay tuned this week, I have a couple other videos coming out including a new kind of series
where I breakdown the cost of certain other items in our world that are really kind of groundbreaking. So stay tuned for that
probably this weekend, maybeish, depending on how soon I get it. And some other things that
I’m posting later this week. And if you guys are unfamiliar, what we try to do is we
try to look at the cost and the data and the economics behind companies like Tesla and others, so that’s really the main thing, so consider subscribing
if you’re new here. And with all of that said, don’t forget, when you free the data,
your mind will follow. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys back here next time. Cheers.

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