Road tour celebrates startup companies in Iowa

The Rise of the Rest road trip rolled into central Iowa today on its journey celebrating entrepreneurship! And America Online co-founder Steve Case is riding along. KCCI’s Marcus McIntosh is LIVE in the newsroom with more. Earlier this week, the bus trip rolled through Madison, Wisconsin and Minneapolis. Today, Case spent time with local start-ups… one of which has expanded to both coasts. The rise of the rest road trip bus spent the morning rolling around Central Iowa. On board—AOL, AMERICA On Line, Co founder Steve Case. Case and the road trip are promoting start up business and entrepreneurship as part. Case hi- lighting Des Moines start ups is an easy decision.============DES MOINES AND CENTRAL IOWA IN PARTICULAR HAS GOOD MOMENTUM. PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO RECOGNIZE THE CENTRAL ROLL THAT START UPS PLAY IN JOB GROWTH.======One of the stops on the start up crawl this morning…Dwolla an e-commerce company started here in Des Moines that provides an online payment system and mobile payments network. A company that is proud to be considered part of the start up boom…a boom for Dwolla that continues to explode.================WE ARE A PART OF THAT. WE ARE NOT JUST AN IOWA BASED COMPANY. WE HAVE OFFICES IN NEW YORK AND SAN FRANCISCO.=================Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds got a chance to meet Case this morning. She says the road trip is proof positive that start ups can not only be successful in iowa but those business can also thrive.========================I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE ENTREPRENURIA L ECO SYSTEM THAT WE ARE SEEING ACROSS THE STATE…AND WE’VE REALLY SEEN THAT GROW AND EXPLODE OVER THE LAST 4 YEARS.================That is why Case and the Tour made a stop in Central Iowa. He says today is just a start…he says it is important to shine a spotlight on start ups that is bright enough for the entire country so see.==============IF WE ARE GOING TO REMAIN THE MOST INNOVATIVE ENTREPRUNERAI L NATION IN THE WORLD WE NEED TO BACK OUR ENTREPRENUER EVERYWHERE NOT JUST NON THE COAST. The tour continues tomorrow and Friday with stops in Kansas City and St. Louis. There’s a pitch competition at each stop… the winner will earn a 100-thousand dollar investment from Case; So the tour both highlights start- ups and helps at least one get

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